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2007, 19 Mar 22

Front Line Generals

I wondered why the Russian Generals were in the line of fire.

Russia is believed to be sending its generals to the front line of its war in Ukraine in a bid to bolster low morale among troops.


According to Western officials, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has “largely stalled on all fronts”, with Russia making “minimal progress” and suffering heavy losses.


The Russian President is said to be frustrated at the lack of progress, which has seen his troops fail to seize any major cities despite heavy bombardment of them.


On Thursday Ukrainian officials claimed a fourth Russian general has been killed during fighting in the city of Mariupol.


2007, 19 March 2022


  1. Mar

    Oh come on man, this is just fake Ukrainian propaganda news as some people would believe.
    But it also looks they got another general and admiral.
    Maybe they think they are a George Patton.

  2. Mar

    Listening to Senile Joe just now, he is slurring his words. Maybe he tipped a few before going on stage or it’s senility.

  3. Mar

    Senile Joe is really itching for a war with Rusdia.
    First, he basically dared Russia to invade Ukraine.
    Then he is giving billions of dollar to Ukraine.
    Then he insults Putin many times and now he says we might use nukes as a first strike option.
    I guess, when you suck at the polls, a good old war with Russia might increase your poll numbers

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