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1918, 10 Mar 22

To Combat Rising Food Prices, Wisconsin DNR to Teach How to Hunt Turkey for Food

The more you know.

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) invites adults interested in giving turkey hunting a try to sign up for our next Hunt for Food course starting on March 22.


Led by volunteer instructors with help from DNR staff, the multi-session program includes a virtual introductory classroom session followed by in-person, hands-on instructive field days in preparation for a weekend of mentored turkey hunting.


The course gives adults an opportunity to get a jump-start on learning to hunt, a life skill that provides a unique and meaningful connection to Wisconsin’s wildlife and the outdoors.


The in-person Hunt For Food turkey hunting course will take place in south central Wisconsin at various locations in Dane, Iowa, Columbia and Sauk Counties. Additional Hunt for Food courses will be added at a later date. Check Go Wild regularly for future course options. 

Of course, with the price of ammo and fuel, it might not be such a bargain.


1918, 10 March 2022


  1. dad29

    You can find a nice, fat, flock on Town Line Road between Big Bend and Vernon near the Girl Scout activity center. Bring your bird-shot.

  2. Mar

    You can’t swing a dead cat around Wisconsin Raouds and area without finding a turkey, pheasant or other wild birds, including pigeons to shoot cook and eat.
    Unlike where I live in Arizona, where we have pigeons, ravens larger than turkeys and humming birds.. not very good eating.

  3. Mar

    Wisconsin Rapids, should be.

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