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1307, 06 Mar 22

Average Gas Prices Top $4 for First Time in a Decade

Hmmm… who was the president in 2011? There might be policy choices driving this. Might…

As of Sunday afternoon, the national average of a regular gallon of gas is $4.009, according to the American Automobile Association. That’s up 8 cents from Saturday and up 40 cents from last week. The national average also comes a day earlier than what analysts expected.


The average cost is also the highest since May 2011, when the average was $4.96, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.


1307, 06 March 2022


  1. Mar

    100% Senile Joe and the Democrats fault.
    They made the choice to cut back on drilling and franking and instead they b want to depend on supposed alternative energy.
    It shows that liberalism is a failed policy and really, it shows that liberals are very stupid.

  2. jonnyv

    I love it when Owen tries to play politics and blame. Prices were this high in 2008 as well, when Bush was president. The President doesn’t dictate the price of oil. Nor can he affect the price more than nickels and dimes a gallon here in the US (short of global catastrophe’s and war). If you think that President of the US can affect worldwide gas prices so significantly, I have a bridge to sell you. Oh, and do you remember why it was high in 2011? Middle East political turmoil. Trump wasn’t the reason the prices were low (Covid was), and Biden isn’t the reason the price of gas is high.

    The fracking that Mar talked about was mostly ended during the Trump administration because crude was so cheap that it literally wasn’t WORTH it to frack. All Joe Biden did was put a suspension on approving additional on federal lands. Oil companies are sitting on 14 million acres that aren’t being touched. And the XL Pipeline wouldn’t significantly affect the price of gas at the pump.

    It was 2019 when the US started importing MORE Russian oil, who was president then? It was in response to sanctions on Venezuela.

    Do you know what else is driving up the price of oil, other than Russian sanctions? More people going back to the workplace and driving more.

    Maybe we should also look at why oil companies keep putting up record profits in the 10’s of BILLIONS a year.

  3. Tuerqas

    Sure, JonnyV, the price of oil was high in 2008, I believe they skyrocketed after the election in November. But if you want to be honest, I don’t think it had anything to do with Bush policies, it stemmed more from anticipation of Obama’s.
    The current crisis can be linked to several Biden policies:
    1) The push away from fossil fuels to renewables that is high in short term costs, but has only long term dividends in the plan to decrease BPD consumption.
    2) The weak foreign policies concerning Russia and other oil producing countries.
    3) The strategic decrease of domestic production (over 13 million BPD in 2019, around 11.8 BPD in recent months). The plan to decrease domestic source production and increase imports had good intentions, but there was obviously no plan to ramp production back up when demand logically increased as Covid restrictions lifted. You can blame Big Oil if you want. that they made little clamor or effort to raise production back up, but with the pipeline halted and a Government fall guy to raise prices dramatically, it should not take a rocket scientist to put that 4 piece jigsaw puzzle together.

    On fracking, thanks to Biden’s plans and the global market, fracking is now very affordable again is expected to double from 15.31 billion barrels to almost 30 billion barrels by 2028 world wide with up to 51% of the US oil domestic and imports coming from fracking. You just don’t hear about it because Dems are in charge. They make a fuss about it for campaigning, but when they are in power it is a non-issue. Oil import increases from Russia increased for very good reasons under Trump which you yourself pointed out and those amounts were still over 45% less oil than was imported from Russia in 2011. What was Obama’s excuse and what is Biden’s?

    More people going back to work (in a clump after the freebies given out finally expired) and driving more is also a clear result of Dem policies.

    As far as oil profits, I would like to be with you on that. I would think Government should have more control of pricing strategic resources…if I trusted Government officials to be more fiscally responsible than private interests. But I don’t.

    “If you think that President of the US can affect worldwide gas prices so significantly, I have a bridge to sell you.”

    You don’t think that with a favorable Legislature they can’t? As just one example, Putin does not invade Ukraine with a Republican President which will be a huge contributor to the worldwide price of oil. Republicans get lots of campaign money from the giant defense machine in the US. If Trump were still President, Putin would not have started his war with Ukraine simply because the world knows that Republicans are a lot more willing to go to war to reward their patrons. If you believe that Putin would have invaded no matter who was President, there is no point in further argument, but keep your bridge from whoever you bought it, you deserve that infrastructure investment.

  4. Jason

    >More people going back to work (in a clump after the freebies given out finally expired) and driving more is also a clear result of Dem policies.

    Just look at Biden’s SOTU and follow up on how it’s time to get back into the office and “fill our great downtowns again”. What an idiot, he and his shitbag handlers can’t understand their cognitive dissonance on Green Earth and Big Cities.

  5. jonnyv

    TUERQAS. I don’t know if Putin would have invaded or not if Trump was still in office, no one does. Trying to predict what a madman will do is a fools errand. But Trump didn’t exactly HELP Ukraine. Not only did he get impeached because he tried to strong arm Zelenskyy into digging up dirt on hunter, he then tried to withhold support as punishment. Putin may not have done it, because he wouldn’t have NEEDED to, not because he was scared of a man who couldn’t point out Ukraine on a map (according to members of his cabinet). Trump was already delegitimizing Ukraine and playing footsie with Putin, as he has been for more than a decade.

    It’s not just R’s that get all that defense money. D’s milk it too, depending on the state.

    I don’t doubt that fracking will continue to expand with the price of crude on the rise. It was only a matter of time.

  6. Merlin

    >What an idiot, he and his shitbag handlers can’t understand their cognitive dissonance on Green Earth and Big Cities.

    They understand. Significantly flattening the economic pyramid is their goal. It’s their sheeple who don’t realize what’s happening. They still seem convinced there’s some benefit awaiting them at the end of the Lefty rainbow.

  7. Tuerqas

    Nope JonnyV no ones does, but the fool’s errand was guessing that Putin would sit idly by while a senile idiot is in the White House. It would also be a fool who calls Putin a madman. He certainly seems to know exactly what he is doing. Trump helping or hurting Ukraine is an irrelevant segue. It has nothing to do with whether Putin would or would not go to war with a stronger, more belligerent US President.
    Btw, if speculation of what foreign rulers are going to do is a fool’s errand, why do we spend billions doing exactly that and then wasting the President’s time with the daily briefings of fools just about every day of the year?

    Reps get the bulk of defense spending donations (an estimated 68-72% last time I looked) and they certainly have the demonstrated reputation to vote yes for war and Dems have the demonstrated reputation to vote no, in general. That is the money shot. So yes, I will agree that Dems will take money from anyone regardless of beliefs or voting record to back up the ‘donation’.

    By the stats, a decade ago fracking produced less than one million barrels of oil a day in the U.S., according to data from the Energy Information Administration. Today it is roughly eight million barrels a day. I don’t see anywhere that even Covid “mostly ended” fracking at any time. It has just been another fake campaign trigger used by Dems during voting season.

  8. Mar

    There goes Johnny V repeating the bullshit lies that liberals put out out.
    Trump was impeached but acquitted in a political stunt by Democrats, especially since it is very clear that Coke Head Hunter was very corrupt, or don’t b
    You believe that his forgotten lap top at computer repair place is just misinformation.
    And, yes, the I resident can affect the price of oil worldwide through executive actions and highly regulate the oil industry. Why do you think we are producing less oil in the US now compared to the last year of President Trump’s term in office?
    And right now, the public would love to save a few dimes a gallon right now.

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    I, too, paid over $4/gal in 2008. And it had nothing to do with “it stemmed more from anticipation of Obama’s”, because Obama hadn’t even been nominated yet. It had more to do with the fiasco that was the bush/cheney warmongering and turmoil in the Persian Gulf.

    Lots of speculation, and not many hard facts regarding why putin didn’t invade during the trump reign. Read the recent interview with John Bolton: he says putin didn’t need to invade, as trump was doing everything he wanted – weakening NATO, and bad-mouthing the EU. If trump would have won a second term, Bolton says he would have pulled out of NATO. And opened the gates to putin.

  10. Jason

    >If trump would have won a second term, Bolton says he would have pulled out of NATO. And opened the gates to putin.

    Does anyone want to try to explain to Bolton that we’re still in NATO and Putin still invaded? His point is stupid and nonsensical.

    And I remember another dummy posting that Trump was single handedly dismantling NATO. Do you remember saying that dumb dumb?

  11. dad29

    Trump was intelligent enough to understand that NATO is 20th century and it’s the 21st. He also understands that he wouldn’t allow Putin to put missiles in Mexico.

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy’s concept of foreign policy is that of a concrete puddler.

    Putin is crazy–like a fox. That’s EXACTLY why he wouldn’t make a run at Ukraine while Trump was in power because Trump, too, was crazy like a fox. Putin was smart enough to know it. LeeeeeeeRoy and JonnyV?
    Not so much.

  12. Mar

    I remember that in 2008, i paid $4 a gallon…2 times.
    It went up to $4 and then right down.
    Today, it hit $4 and it is going to continue to go up due to Biden’s screwed up policies.
    And I don’t think Bush went to our enemies to have them give us more oil.

  13. Merlin

    Using John Bolton as an anti-Trump source is about as weak as it gets. Bolton has a perpetually bruised ego over Trump soliciting his advice and then consistently choosing not to follow it. This is the very same John Bolton that the lefty media has spent decades demonizing as a heartless, soulless warmonger (not altogether unwarranted). Now he’s a trusted fount of diplomatic wisdom because Trump didn’t share his penchant for bombing every foreign irritant into oblivion? Lefties favor Bolton-style diplomacy by JDAM now?

  14. Tuerqas

    “If trump would have won a second term, Bolton says he would have pulled out of NATO. And opened the gates to putin.”

    I didn’t know Bolton was in NATO…Seriously though, I would have liked to have seen Trump get out of NATO in his first term. I have not understood our need to be the unwelcome world police, especially for the wealthy Europeans the last 3 to 4 decades. Pass judgment on us from across the pond on your own dime, hypocrites.

  15. dad29

    T: it’s the MONEY. “Unwelcome cops” require billions in arms to maintain their presence. And–come to think of it–the ‘leaders’ of the “unwelcome cops” are nicely positioned to receive……..ahhh………….favors……..from the ‘leaders’ of the countries in which we are unwelcome.

    But, but, muh DEMOCRACY!! they bleat. We must jam democracy down every throat, they bleat. And to help jam it? YOUR children will fight wars!


  16. Mar

    Personally, I would rather see us get out of the UN than NATO. The UN is a joke and if got up and the NYC, it would be a great thing.
    Convert the UN building into a homeless shelter, there would be fewer criminals and degenerates within the homeless community compared to the UN personnel.
    As fas as NATO goes, Europe needs us more than we need them.
    And like your loser leftys, they take Trump haters as their sources, just what Lying Karen Le Roi does. And they are crazy close insane, just Like Lying Karen Le.

  17. Mar

    “Like most commodities, the fundamental driver of oil’s price is supply and demand in the market.”
    Thank you for making the conservative point, that supply and demand is a major factor in the price of oil and gas.
    And Senile Joe, with his harassment through regulations and big increases in royalties have made Big Oil and others reluctant to go get the oil.
    Thank you Pat, you must be a closet conservative.

  18. Merlin

    Europe has changed dramatically since NATO formed in 1949, particularly since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in ’91 that resulted in the formation of 15 new nations. Three former Soviet Republics became NATO members. Pile on top of that the creation of the EU in ’93 and by the time Trump came along Europe was just one big festival of incestuous political, economic, ethnic, and military relationships. Our influence there was waning long before 2016 and Trump was correct in his assessment that the EU and European NATO members had more than enough political and economic muscle to assume more of the cost of their own defense. Abandonment was never on the table. He was also correct that threatening to squeeze the checkbook would yield a dividend quicker than any of the usual polite diplomatic lip service. They all understood the power of money even when they appeared to be deaf.

  19. dad29

    SUPPLY and demand, Pat? When SUPPLY is constricted, do prices go up, Pat?

    Another big, but currently un-mentioned part of the problem is refinery capacity in the US, which, due to Democrats and the Greens (red on inside) has diminished steadily over the last decade. That’s why we actually import gasoline from some countries, not crude.

    Regardless, we’ll take the spoken promises of Bai-Den going back to the late 1990’s: he wants to eliminate fossil fuels from the US diet entirely. Completely. Wholly. All in favor of Fixing The Climate. It’s a false promise generating a false (and suicidal) solution.

  20. Merlin


    Huh. No mention whatsoever of Warren Buffet being allowed to write national energy policy during Obama 1.0/2.0 that all but outlawed new pipeline construction in favor of restricting new oil transportation to rail… in Buffet’s rail cars on Buffet’s rail lines. Must have slipped their mind, right? This is the very definition of biased reporting. Simply ignore facts that don’t fit the preferred political narrative.

  21. Pat

    “ No mention whatsoever of Warren Buffet being allowed to write national energy policy during Obama 1.0/2.0 that all but outlawed new pipeline construction in favor of restricting new oil transportation to rail”

    I’d be interested in reading about this. Do you have a source you would share please?
    Thanks in advance.

  22. Merlin

    >I’d be interested in reading about this. Do you have a source you would share please?
    Thanks in advance.

    Had you been paying attention a dozen years ago you’d recognize glaring gaps in today’s reporting without someone else having to educate you. The Oracle of Omaha is a stable genius, influence buying, modern day robber baron despite that carefully cultivated aw, shucks! grandfatherly persona he projects. Warren Buffett is a fascinating study. If you’re really interested look into how incredibly successful he has been in leveraging the fossil fuel industry and emerging green energy industry against each other as national energy policy whipsaws between the two political parties. A benefactor to both industries, both political parties, and all entirely legal, I’m sure. Full disclosure… the man has made me a little money over the years.

  23. MjM

    Le Chatte Du Nord is no lawyer, no mathematician, and certainly no geopolic: “It had more to do with the fiasco that was the bush/cheney warmongering and turmoil in the Persian Gulf.”

    It had nothing to do with Bush, numbnutz. In case you didn’t know, Nigeria, Venezuela, Mexico, and Scotland are not in the Persian Gulf region.

    February 2008: Venezuela cuts off oil sales to ExxonMobil attempting to nationalize Exxon’s properties there.
    April 25,2008 : Nigerian union workers strike, ExxonMobil shuts down three fields, 780,000 bls/day
    April 29, 2008 : Scottish oil workers strike, causing closure of the North Forties pipeline that carries 50% of the UK’s North Sea oil production
    May 1, 2008 : Nigerian militant attack oil facilities, 1.36 million bls/day shut down
    April 2008 : Mexican oil exports (world’s 10th largest) drop off a cliff due to 36% (575 million bls/day) decline in output from Mexico’s huge Cantarell field.
    June 19, 2008 : Nigerian militant attack, Shell shuts down 225,000 barrels per day.
    June 20, 2008 : Nigerian militants blow up a pipeline, Chevron shuts down 125,000 barrels per day.

    Oh yes, something did happen in Iraq: March 2008 : saboteurs blow up two main Iraqi oil export pipelines, cutting off 300,000 barrels per day. Just like they did in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2014, 2017…

    … and 1947.

  24. MjM

    Patsy cites an article: “…on President Joe Biden’s first day in office, he revoked Keystone’s permit.”

    And that was the signal to the entire oil producing world that Joe Biden was a simp.

  25. Pat

    Mr. Merlin,
    I searched, “ Warren Buffet allowed to write national energy policy during Obama 1.0/2.0 that all but outlawed new pipeline construction” but was unable to find anything to substantiate what you allege. Is it possible what you said is more of a hunch, or gut feeling?

  26. dad29

    Patsy also tells us that refining is doing OK. Sadly, the chart has no numbers attached. But it’s a VERY good bet that production is LESS than the 20MM bbls/day we consume.

    And in real life, future production prospects are a consideration in pricing, not merely today’s problem with Biden. If Exxon knows that Marathon is bringing on a field which will produce at a cost of $50/bbl, they certainly are not going to price at $60/bbl.

    MJM: Bai-Den is not a ‘simp.’ He is an enemy of the US consumer and currently a moron, too.

  27. Pat


    But you are correct, Biden did revoke the permit.

  28. Pat

    My apologies Dad. Here you go.

    And yes, it is less than what we consume. Would you provide the information that substantiate, “ Another big, but currently un-mentioned part of the problem is refinery capacity in the US, which, due to Democrats and the Greens (red on inside) has diminished steadily over the last decade”.

  29. Merlin

    >Mr. Merlin,
    I searched, “ Warren Buffet allowed to write national energy policy during Obama 1.0/2.0 that all but outlawed new pipeline construction” but was unable to find anything to substantiate what you allege. Is it possible what you said is more of a hunch, or gut feeling?

    Nope. None of this is a secret, but the only people who pay regular attention to it are people whose job is financial/market/investment analysis and the people who pay for access to that analysis. MSM typically doesn’t delve any deeper than Buffett’s quirky persona and their perception of Berkshire Hathaway is rather nebulous. Start with Berkshire’s position in the rail industry pre-2008 and work your way forward.

  30. Pat

    Gotcha. You pay for access for that analysis but can’t share it with anyone.

  31. MjM

    Patsy admits: “But you are correct, Biden did revoke the permit.”

    Of course. BJ promised to kill it months before you voted for him.

    “Biden strongly opposed the Keystone pipeline in the last administration, stood alongside President Obama and Secretary Kerry to reject it in 2015, and will proudly stand in the Roosevelt Room again as President and stop it for good by rescinding the Keystone XL pipeline permit.” – Stef Feldman, Biden campaign policy director, May 17, 2020

    Oh, yes, the Obozo connection. Except it’s not complete. Obozo stomped on it three times.

    Sept 19, 2008 : TransCanada files for a cross-border permit with the U.S. State Department.
    March 2010 : The National Energy Board approves TransCanada’s application for Keystone XL
    April 2010 : U.S. State Department releases a draft environmental impact statement saying Keystone XL would have a limited effect on the environment.
    July 2010 : State Department extends its review of Keystone, saying federal agencies need more time
    March 2011 : State Department announces a further delay
    Aug. 26, 2011 : State Department releases its final environmental assessment, confirms the pipeline would have a limited environmental impact.
    Nov. 10, 2011 : State Department says TC must reroute Keystone XL to avoid an ecologically sensitive region of Nebraska.
    Nov. 14, 2011 : TC agrees to reroute the line.
    Dec 2011 : U.S. legislators pass bill saying President Barack Obama must make a decision on the pipeline’s future in the next 60 days.
    Jan. 18, 2012 : Obama rejects TC’s application
    May 4, 2012 : TC files a new application
    Jan. 29, 2015 : U.S. Senate votes/approves bill to build Keystone XL.
    Feb. 24, 2015 : Obama vetoes the bill.
    Nov. 6, 2015 : Obama rejects TC’s second permit application

    As to the article you cite (SCOTUS) at that point TC had already put everything on hold due to the upcoming presidential election because they knew BJ, if elected, would kill the permit. Indeed, they full-stopped hours before BJ inked his permit kill the day of of his inauguration.

    Its also why gas prices started their meteoric rise….. the day after Babblin’ Joe won the election.

  32. dad29

    Pat, watching what Buffett does should be a natural for ANYONE who wants to make money in the market. So when Buffett owns the major rail-line which would benefit from crude transport, you can be assured he will NOT brook any competition.

    Just like a lot of others (FB….) Buffett employs lots of lobbyists and deploys his donations very well.

  33. Pat

    But still, no one has yet to produce evidence that Buffett wrote the National Energy policy during the Obama administration. Which leads me to believe it’s all opinion versus fact.

  34. Merlin

    >Gotcha. You pay for access for that analysis but can’t share it with anyone.

    Dude, I am not an internet librarian and I’m not going to conduct your remedial education. The information is available online, just not in the easy format of an elementary school teacher’s Wednesday handout. It’s not a three paragraph subject. I pointed you to a base point that will let you pull the threads on your own with little to no political bias. I’ll grant that a dozen plus years is a lot of catching up to do, but that conflation of information will bring you to present day conditions… without anyone else having to tell you what they think.

  35. Pat

    “Dude, I am not an internet librarian and I’m not going to conduct your remedial education.”

    Which is the same as saying, “I made the whole thing up hoping you’d believe me.”

  36. dad29

    Say, Pat!! How’s the Active (oil) Rig count these days? How’s that compare to “during Trump”?

  37. Mar

    I will say this for Pat, she produced links, and not Twitter, and we may disagree with her, at least she has more balls, so to speak, than any liberal who usually shows up here.

  38. Pat

    Average of active oil rigs for 2020 was 436.
    Average of active oil rigs for 2021 was 476.

    The count for 1/2022 was 601.
    The count for the last week of February 2022 was 650.

  39. Pat

    Say, Dad!! How was the U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Rotary Rigs in Operation count during the Obama years compared to the Trump years?

  40. MjM

    Pasty doesn’t understand her own point: “Average of active oil rigs for 2020 was 436.”

    Actually, that’s oil AND gas rigs.

    Average of active rigs for 2016 was 509
    Average of active rigs for 2017 was 795
    Average of active rigs for 2018 was 1031
    Average of active rigs for 2019 was 866

    Gosh, why would the number of operating rigs nose dive in 2020? Can you think of any reason? Any at all?

    Pasty plays silly games: “How was the U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Rotary Rigs in Operation count during the Obama years…?”

    Now do Bush.

  41. Pat

    Active oil rigs in 2020 was 267
    Active oil rigs in 2021 was 480

  42. Pat

    So, what’s the point?

  43. dad29

    The point, Patsy, is called “DEMAND.”

    DEMAND improved once the fake “pandemic” proved to be a fake. So the oil companies did exactly what they are supposed to do: increase the active rigs.

    Of course, that’s on established leaseholds. Bai-Den is eliminating future leaseholds (and some current ones) so output will be reduced, reduced, reduced.

    The Saudis get it. They won’t even answer his pleading for help.

  44. Pat

    Dad, you asked me a question, and I gave you an answer. What didn’t you like about it, or found it to be inaccurate?

  45. Pat


    First you ask me about how much we produce and how much we use. Then you want me to tell you about the comparison of oil rigs Trump versus Biden. Then you scream supply and demand and blame a fake global pandemic. I have no idea where you’re attempting to go with this. So why don’t you just come out and tell us what you thing is happening and back it up with factual documentation from reliable sources. I’m more than willing to hear you out.

  46. Jason

    Hey Pat why are you only using pandemic lock down numbers for your data. Transparently disengenous of you.

  47. Pat

    Because I was asked by Dad for a comparison of rigs for Trump and Biden. Why, I’m not sure. But as Biden only had one year in office to use for a comparison, I chose the last year for Trump and first year for Biden as they would most closely relate to one and other. Now, if you have a better way to make the comparison I’d be more than happy to see what you have to share.

  48. Jason

    Sure you did. You chose the only year when travel was unilaterally restricted, businesses were closed, flights were grounded, and record numbers of office workers worked from home. Really intelligent of you to cherry pick that.

  49. Pat

    How would have you made the comparison?

  50. Pat

    Here is a chart for oil rigs over time. Click on five year overview. You’ll see it was falling the year before the pandemic, crashed in 2020 (Trump’s last year), has been steadily increasing under Biden.
    I’ll let you share your interpretation of what it means with us.

  51. Mar

    One thing people are forgetting is th at between oil rigs and franking sites, we were producing enough to export oil, not importing it.
    Further, Pat, you are hung up on oil rugs but but what about franking sites? Are those included in your numbers?
    Finally, oil pumping from all sites was so successful that the price of oil dropped so much that it wasn’t profitable to operate. Now, it is very profitable, there should have been a huge increase oil rigs and franking sites, but there isn’t.

  52. Mar

    In Nirth Dakota, where there was a oil boom, in 2019, there were 67 oil rigs. Today, there are 23.
    With oil prices rising, you would think there would many more, especially since there is a lit of oil there.

  53. Pat

    Mar, I’m not hung up on rigs. The first time rigs were mentioned was when Dad asked me for a comparison of rig numbers for Trump and Biden. Why he didn’t know what the numbers were, and why he was asking me for them was probably a ploy to ignite a heated debate directed at me over the numbers I provided. Since I answered Dad’s question I’ve been having to defend the numbers by OTHERS who evidently are HUNG UP on rigs.
    If you want to know the number of fracking sites you’ll have to look that up yourself. I’m not going to get HUNG UP on that too.

  54. Mar

    Pat, i appreciate that but what is your main argument, that Biden is doing all he can to increase US oil production in the US?
    If that is the case, then I believe you are wrong.
    If you are saying Biden is doing better than Trump, well, that is unknowable since there are so many different factors in play.

  55. Pat

    I don’t have an argument. I presented factual information requested of me. Everyone can draw their own conclusions.

  56. Mar

    That’s fine. I think this a liberal/Senile Joe Biden self destruction issue. This is what they want and the enjoy the results, which is higher gas and fuel prices and the inflation that will go along with it.
    There really is no other explanation for their lack of inaction.

  57. Pat

    Interesting. What do you think the end game is for the desire by liberal/Senile Joe Biden to have high fuel prices and inflation?

  58. Mar

    Get rid of all gas fired cars and go to electric cars, everything is electric.
    Just look at California. They have basically outlawed gas run lawn mowers, brush cutters etc, putting heavy restrictions on trucks working in California. You know a supposed greener environment.

  59. Mar

    And yet California cannot handle the extra electricity usage.

  60. Tuerqas

    Pat, you don’t have an argument? Then how are you choosing what links to present and why are you doing it? A link of ‘information’ with no context or reason is a waste of everyone else’s time. Go ahead and give your opinions or stop linking pointless (by your own words) articles.

  61. Pat

    Tuerqas, I didn’t say the links are pointless. The articles speak for themselves. If you don’t like them I would suggest you ignore them and move on.

  62. Mar

    Pat, the links are worthless unless you have a point of view you want to present. Or actually facts disputing or corroborating what someone said.
    I do appreciate your effort, though.

  63. Pat

    The pointless conversation was about the rigs. Which is something I instigated. My original links I posted were a contrast to what was originally discussed.

    Generally, in the past, I give an opinion and there are individuals that piss and moan that I provide no evidence for what I say. As I’ve stayed away for sometime now, I thought I try just posting a link, and you can make a decision as to what my opinion is.

  64. Pat

    Sorry, meant to say I didn’t instigate.

  65. Mar

    Umm, Pat,with the exception of Le Roi, we understand what you said and don’t critize other people’s writing.

  66. dad29

    Price of gas rose from $2.25 to $3.45 or so in the FIRST year of Bai-Den. No Russia there.

    The Leftist government is doing exactly what Obama said they would do: force the price of energy to skyrocket. The purpose: to bring the US into recession/depression. Keeps the middle class from financing a revolution, ya’know.

  67. Tuerqas

    Pat, I went through the first several links, but some did not seem to make sense and you gave no clarity so I admit I did stop reading the links when it was the only thing in your comment.
    As a note, I can find contrasting opinions on whether Charles Manson was a murderer or a prophet.
    Just a link without your opinion does lessen your impact, and like Mar, I have appreciated some of your commentary in the past. Oh, and like you, I have noticed that others have pissed and moaned about your opinions in the past:).

  68. MjM

    ~channeling Babblin’ Joe ~ It’s ok, folks. Gas prices to high? Just go out and buy a new $30,000 electric Leaf. Right now. No Joke. *When you buy an electric vehicle, you can go across America on a single tank of gas, figuratively speaking. It’s not gas. You plug it in.

    *actual quote

  69. Jason

    MJM, isn’t the Leaf one of those vehicles that you’re only supposed to charge if it’s 500′ away from anything flammable? One of those vehicles that you should never store in an attached garage? Is it similar to one of those safe and reliable vehicles that caught fire on the transport ship in the middle of the Atlantic and ended with an environmental catastrophe of sinking and releasing all contaminants into the fragile ocean? Is the company that owns the ship facing proportional fines to what would happen if my car fell through the ice?

  70. dad29

    If you want to have fun with a random Virtuous EV Owner, make a remark about how your pal had one of them until it was caught in a thunderstorm. You’ll see that brief “TERROR” in their eyes before they realize tht you may be kidding.

    Then produce the death notice of your pal…..

  71. MjM

    Jason, I named the Nissan Leaf only because it’s the cheapest electric tuna can you can buy (base model runs $27,800).

    I believe you are thinking of the Chevy Bolt, which GM has recalled – all 141,000+ ever made – three times, the last in Nov 2021 which cost GM $2billion. Nice ROI there, eh? BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Tesla have all made recalls due to battery fires.

    Funny thing is, it takes 34 hours to charge the Leaf to full capacity. Unless if course you also shell out $400-600 for a 240v charger and probably another $2,000 to have a an electrician come in, add a 240v circuit to your breaker box (if it can be), run cable to/install outlet in the garage. Oh, and be sure to pay the permit fee and have the inspector OK the job. Then you’ll be able to charge your Leaf in 6 hours.

    And drive for all of 155 miles. If it’s not windy. And not too hot. Or cold.

    Let’s do the math (not Le Chatte math, real math).

    Let’s say you have a midsize car with an 18 gallon tank. You fill up once a week. Gas is $5/gallon (sure looks like it’s gonna be). So you spend $90 a week. That’s $4680/year. Round up to $5,000 (for fishing trips/whatever).

    IOW, you could run your existing family car for six years for just the cost of the cheapest battery toy available. If you compared a low end Tesla, it would be 10 years.


    Over the last few years I have asked a serious question in several blogs/forums/comment sections when I’ve seen a story on EVs that garnered my interest for some reason or other.

    Q: How is your battery performance and range affected by days/weeks of extreme cold.
    A: I have never gotten one. Just hemming and hawing.

    Well, there was one guy who admitted he did see faster battery drain in “really cold weather”. He was from Tennessee. Avg winter temp 35-40.

  72. dad29

    Yes, battery performance in cold (32F or lower) is compromised by about 10-30% depending on the car.

    Now then, when calculating the cost of running EV vs. petro-fueled, remember to take into account the cost of oil changes, which are ZERO in an EV. Figure about $50.00 every 5,000 miles that you do not incur with EV. Of course, replacing the battery at 80-100K miles ($4K-8K depending on the car) must ALSO be figured in–one does not incur that cost with petro-fueled.

    For grocery-getting, an EV is just fine. It will be 20 or maybe 50 years before the electrical infrastructure can support EV’s for everyone, and even then, if you park on the street, you’re probably SOL.

  73. MjM

    Figure about $50.00 every 5,000 miles that you do not incur with EV

    …but offset by the $200-1000 higher annual insurance premiums for EVs. It cost less to insure your average Porsche than your average Tesla.

    And by the time its time to replace your Energizers they are going to be twice that price, if not more (average lithium carbonate price this month is $36,780, up from $9,000 a year ago)

    Here’s a decent article – if missing the insurance thing and from 2020 when ga$ was about half – of same-model comparison:

    I am not against EVs per se. I am against them for the way they are pushed and manufactured under the very same Biden bald-faced “green energy independence” lie.

  74. dad29

    You and I are on the same track. EV’s have value–for SOME consumers.

    Happens to be exactly what the CEO of Stellantis thinks–and said.

  75. Mar

    Electric vehicles are nice if you xan afford them and you have the time to charge them.
    We have 2 charging stations in town. I’ve only seen them used twice and both times the people doing the charging made a picnic out of it whole they were waiting.
    The funniest thing are plans for EV semi trucks. I cannot imagine a trucker waiting an hour or more to charge the batteries. Hell, some get passed off if they take more than 15 minutes to load up on fuel.

  76. dad29

    Wait for the ‘self-driving’ semi trucks! With no driver, who’s going to check on the components of the truck–like the air-brakes and compressor?

    Because safety ‘just happens,’ you see…..

  77. MjM

    Wait for the ‘self-driving’ semi trucks!

    Oh yeah. Can’t wait for 80,000lbs of computer glitch.

    And make pirates great again!

    Step 1) Pull in front, slow down, stop.
    Step 2) Block the back with your human-operated truck.
    Step 2) Transfer contents while computer truck chirps on and on.

  78. dad29

    Oil companies are sitting on 14 million acres that aren’t being touched. And the XL Pipeline wouldn’t significantly affect the price of gas at the pump.

    Sure. They’re just lazy.

    AFTER you obtain the lease, you begin exploration, having filled out all the EPA required paperwork and permits. You haul several million dollars’ worth of instruments, diggers, and miscellaneous support equipment into the lease area.

    IF you find oil in quantity worth pursuing, THEN you get MORE permits, set up about $10 million in equipment, and begin extraction–after you fill out MORE EPA permits (and obtain their blessing.)\

    But wait!! There’s a lawsuit being filed by the South Upchuck Green Weenie Goody-Two-Shoes outfit and the judge awarded them a temporary injunction. There are about 2,200 of those lawsuits currently running on properties leased to oil companies.

    You have a 5-year lease, pal. Best hope Judge Picklefart is a speed-reader.

    Oh–and that Gulf lease you had? Bai-Den just cancelled those, too.

    By the way: the Keystone pipeline would have replaced 100% of the volume of Russian oil we just cut off.

  79. Jason

    >And make pirates great again!

    The green idjuts will just write tough new laws to stop those pirates.

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