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0847, 23 Feb 22

Metaverse is Cesspool of Human Degeneracy

In other words, it’s just like the real world only people get to hide behind their avatars.

Some apps in the virtual-reality metaverse are “dangerous by design”, the NSPCC has warned in response to a BBC News investigation.

A researcher posing as a 13-year-old girl witnessed grooming, sexual material, racist insults and a rape threat in the virtual-reality world.


The children’s charity said it was “shocked and angry” at the findings.


Head of online child safety policy Andy Burrows added the investigation had found “a toxic combination of risks”.


The BBC News researcher – using an app with a minimum age rating of 13 – visited virtual-reality rooms where avatars were simulating sex. She was shown sex toys and condoms, and approached by numerous adult men.


The metaverse is the name given to games and experiences accessed by people wearing virtual reality headsets. The technology, previously confined to gaming, could be adapted for use in many other areas – from work to play, concerts to cinema trips.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks it could be the future of the internet – so much so, he recently rebranded Facebook as Meta, with the company investing billions developing its Oculus Quest headset.


0847, 23 February 2022


  1. Mar

    Damn, Lying Karen Le Roi gets around.
    Why should we be surprised?
    Public schools are full of perverts.
    Same with many Churches.
    And health care workers.
    And some cops and firefighters
    And we have had a few Pervert president’s, including Clinton, Trump, Kennedy, Biden and I am sure of others

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