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1000, 22 Feb 22

Wisconsin Sees Rapid Decline In Union Membership

When given a choice, the majority of people chose to not join a union.

New data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show nearly all states have seen a decline in the concentration of their workforce that is unionized over the last 20 years, but none more so than Wisconsin.


In 2000, 17.8% of all employed Wisconsinites were members of a union – the 10th-highest concentration in the country. By 2021, that number fell to just 7.9%, putting Wisconsin at 28th among states and below the national average of 10.3%. The 9.9 percentage point drop since 2000 for Wisconsin was the largest nationwide by nearly three percentage points, and substantially more than the national drop of 3.1 percentage points (see Figure 1).


The 55.6% decline in the rate of union membership in Wisconsin over the same time period ranked second-highest in the country, behind only South Carolina


1000, 22 February 2022

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  1. Mar

    Who would want to join a union when much of the union dues goes to support the lavish lifestyle and corruption of union leaders.

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