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1923, 11 Feb 22

Court Disallows Drop Boxes for April Election



That means that after Tuesday’s primary, drop boxes located outside of local election clerks’ offices will be illegal and no one other than the voter will be allowed to return an absentee ballot.

Remember that this is not about whether drop boxes are good or not. They may be in certain cases. This is about whether election officials can make up the rules for themselves instead of following the laws passed by the legislature. If the liberals want drop boxes, I suggest that they propose a bill so we can have a proper public debate.


1923, 11 February 2022


  1. Jason

    It’s embarrassing that this has to go through the court systems. It’s not allowed in the state statutes… It should have been rejected with prejudice before even scheduling a hearing date.

  2. Mar

    Whoa, this has to be a racist decision. I mean how can we expect minorities and women to follow the same rules as those uppity white privilege bigots? Next thing those white conservatives on the Wisconsin Supreme Court will expect women and people of color to actually prove who they are with an ID.
    Shame on them white racists.

  3. Merlin

    Dead Democrat voters will be very disappointed with this decision.

  4. Tuerqas

    And the spirits say: “We need absentee ba-a-llot bo-o-o-oxes. We must vote De-e-mo-o-o cra-a-a-t!”

  5. Jason

    Like clockwork, Madison mayor decries this ruling as RACIST. What a moron, the city full of morons deserves her.

  6. Merlin

    What are the odds Dane and Milwaukee counties ignore the ruling and collect from those boxes anyway? Like with voting in the parks all they have to do is quickly combine them with other ballots and then, magically, they can’t be separated without invalidating all. Can’t do that…

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