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0904, 30 Jan 22

MPS Board President Supports School Choice

At least, that’s how I read this.

Milwaukee School Board President Bob Peterson said the proposal would be a disastrous disruption for families who depend on MPS for education, meals and other support.


“It’s reminiscent of the previous failed attempts to take over the Milwaukee Public Schools and it’s destined to be a losing proposition,” Peterson said.


Peterson said a district that covers the full city allows for maximal flexibility for families to choose the type of school that best suits their children, even if it’s miles away, including Montessori schools, language immersion schools and other specialized schools.

If it is a benefit for families to be able to choose the type of school that best suits their children, then why would that principle be bound by geographic or economic restraints?

School Choice for all.


0904, 30 January 2022


  1. Merlin

    I’m pretty sure Peterson has a very different definition of choice than you do. Same words and phrases, yet a different language altogether.

  2. Mar

    They had Choice when I taught in MPS in the 1990s-2000.
    The basketball players went to Vincent and the criminals went to North Division, the 2 schools I taught at.

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