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2006, 26 Jan 22

Spotify Removes Neil Young

I guess we know who has more market power at the moment.

Spotify has begun removing music by Neil Young after the rock star called for the streaming platform to choose between him and podcaster Joe Rogan.

Accusing him of Covid misinformation, Young told Spotify this week: “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.”


Rogan has been criticised for interviewing an infectious disease specialist who opposes Covid-19 vaccines for children.

Spotify said it “regrets” the move and hopes he returns to the platform soon.




He also thanked his record label, Warner Brothers-owned Reprise Records, for supporting his decision, saying that around 60% of all of his streamed music comes from Spotify listeners.


“Thank you Warner Brothers for standing with me and taking the hit – losing 60% of my worldwide streaming income in the name of Truth,” he wrote online.


2006, 26 January 2022


  1. jonnyv

    This particular spat doesn’t seem to show anything about Market Power. Young asked his label to remove him from Spotify as long as Rogan is on there. They complied and Spotify removed him. Even Spotify said they hope he returns. This wasn’t a power play by Spotify.

    I don’t image that Young needs the money anyway. And while I never really got into his music, I respect him standing up for his beliefs.

  2. Jason

    Spin it jv, keep on spinning.

    >Young asked his label to remove him from Spotify as long as Rogan is on there.

    No, he said “Remove Joe Rogan or Remove Me”. Spotify made it’s choice, in an economical free market choice. Quite refreshing to see, instead of the liberal big tech companies and their censoring nannies. Like the uber-mod for Reddit and his/her/they dog walking 10 hours a week while controlling the discussion and optics of r/antiwork. Good to see a uber-liberal retard out themselves… Leroy does it every time he/she posts here.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Radical intolerant leftist gets what he deserves.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Seems more like Young got what he asked for. Intolerance surely isn’t limited to those on the left. You of all people would know that, k.

  5. Tuerqas

    Minor details, Joe Rogan has also interviewed strong supporters of the vaccine. The podcast with Sanjay Gupta was excellent in my opinion. People who dismiss/criticize Joe Rogan before they listen to him (or support him before they listen to him) are just ignorant fools. And Le Roi, intolerance is certainly everywhere and in everyone outside of Jesus Christ, but Liberals have made it an institution, just like they have institutionalized racism. But ‘other people do it too’ is your tagline isn’t it. Funny how you can ridicule everyone else for using the ‘Others are doing it too” (even if we aren’t using it), and yet you continue to prove that that is your only defense of any liberal fault.

    One could argue that Joe Rogan has had the most honest discussions on Covid, as he is perfectly willing to discuss it with anyone. That Gupta podcast affirmed my decision to get the vaccine even as I still believe that these mandates have the hidden agenda to put other less sanctioned materials into the human body in the future. Anyone who doesn’t believe that Governments are fully capable of committing a Fireflyesque crime upon its citizens are just hopelessly stupid.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    “but Liberals have made it an institution, just like they have institutionalized racism.”

    Didn’t know you do a comedy routine. You better get a better writer.

  7. Merlin

    A Firefly reference. Tuerqas wins.

  8. Merlin

    Young’s strict devotion to the preservation of his intellectual property must have slipped a bit last year at this time when he sold a 50% stake covering copyright and income interests in his 1,180 song catalog to an investment company for $150 million. Heh.

  9. Mar

    “but Liberals have made it an institution, just like they have institutionalized racism.”
    Umm, which cities have the highest number of murders if people of color.
    Democrat cities.
    Which school districts have the worst public schools?
    Democrats run cities.
    Who says you ain’t black unless you are a Democrat? Senile Joe and liberals.
    Who thinks that people of color are not able to get ID cards? Liberals.
    Who calls Clarence Thomas and other prominent Black people Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas? Liberals.
    If you were not such a troll, Queen Lying Karen Le Roi, I’d say you are the one with a comedy routine that would be a good show at a comedy club, but alas, you are an uneducated troll and if you dare to step a foot our of your front door, the cops would take you straight to Mendota.

  10. Jason

    Which party leader just stated on National Television “I have not met with any candidate, I have not reviewed any candidate, I will nominate the best candidate after soliciting advice from the Senate, and many parties. Oh and it will be a person of a specific sex and a specific skin color”. By definition, that’s racist, oh and sexist.

  11. dad29

    intolerance is certainly everywhere

    And for good reasons!!! Only EVIL can be ‘tolerated’ in the strict sense of the word. When one chooses to be “intolerant” one rejects the evil.

    For the sake of comity, one can ‘tolerate’ a homosexual neighbor’s ……..ahhhh……….activities. But one does not have a moral obligation to do so; quite the opposite. One should tell the neighbor that what he/she is doing is a grave evil.

    We tolerate LeeeeeeeeRoy only because he never fails to make us laugh, for example.

  12. MjM

    JV don’t know much about industry: “This particular spat doesn’t seem to show anything about Market Power”

    The “spat” is Young’s creation. And it certainly shows he doesn’t have much market power.

    JV don’t know much economy: “This wasn’t a power play by Spotify”

    Spotify was forced to choose by Young’s inanity. They chose wisely. Young’s catalog has just over 6 million listeners per month. Rogan’s podcast is estimated at 11 million listeners per episode, four (sometimes five) days a week. 300 million+ vs 6. It was a no brainer.

    And besides, Spotify’s biz plan was already moving away from digital music, as the return from it is minuscule. They have been scooping up podcasters and podcast companies for the last couple years.

    Even inking a deal with Obozo and Mooshell.

  13. Mar

    And another singer Joni Mitchell canceled herself from Spotify, taking her 5 fans with her.

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