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1942, 22 Jan 22

Monkeys On the Loose

This sounds like the beginning of a horror movie.

Jamie Labar was working at the front desk at a Super 8 hotel in Montour County, Pennsylvania, on Friday when she heard that there had been a crash on the highway nearby.


“I thought it was just another car accident because there’s always accidents there,” she said.


But it was not just another accident. The Pennsylvania State Police said that a pickup truck with an enclosed trailer full of 100 monkeys had collided with a dump truck and that four of the monkeys had escaped.


1942, 22 January 2022


  1. dad29

    Nah. Not a horror movie. The monkeys were going to replace the White House staff.

    That’s a feature!!

  2. Mar

    Well, the monkeys are certainly smarter than Senile Joe.
    And Jason, you’re right it seems strange that before they escaped, they weren’t a threat to people but after they escaped, they were??.

  3. Tuerqas

    Great, the next world-wide virus is on the loose.

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