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1930, 17 Jan 22

The Sachet Economy

Coming to America

The appearance of the sanitary pads in these small packs was “mind-boggling”, according to women’s health activist Dr Chioma Nwakanma.

They do not represent convenience but rather a more difficult choice as some women are no longer able to afford to cover their whole period.

“Even when it was an eight-pack it was sometimes not enough, so now people buy the sachet and start picking what day to use it,” Dr Nwakanma told the BBC.



With annual inflation peaking at 18% in March last year, and food inflation reaching 23%, this rise in the cost of living has created what is being termed by some as a “sachet economy”


In addition to sanitary pads, everything from baby food to cooking oil to breakfast cereal can now be bought in smaller portions, which are more affordable as the dramatic price increases have outstripped wage rises.


1930, 17 January 2022

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  1. Jason

    I’ve heard it called ”shrinkflation” in the past.

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