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1810, 11 Jan 22

Tommy Leaves Open Run for Governor

I suspect this is just because Tommy likes for people to be talking about him, but no thanks. And given the results of his last run for Senate, I think that most of Wisconsin is with me.

MADISON, Wis. — Tommy Thompson, who was elected four times as Wisconsin governor and is wrapping up a sting as interim University of Wisconsin System president, said Tuesday that he’s not ruling out another run for governor.


The 80-year-old Republican told WISN-TV that “everything is on the table.”


“I’m not saying it’s in the cards,” Thompson told WISN. “But, I’m physically and mentally capable of doing anything.”


Thompson said he would discuss his future with his family in April. He is resigning as interim UW president on March 18.


1810, 11 January 2022


  1. Merlin

    Yeah, no thanks.

    From the outside it sure looked like Thompson got rolled as the UW System president. The party needs to buy Tommy a country club membership of his choice and a publicist/personal assistant of their choice to ensure his social calendar stays full as a party ambassador of sorts. The atmosphere of civility and collegiality from Tommy’s heyday will not return within his lifetime and I don’t believe for a hot second that Tommy is up for the gutter warfare that has become Wisconsin politics. Fade away slowly, but fade away.

  2. dad29

    “….got rolled…..”

    A friend works in the UW system, in Madistan. He said the same thing last weekend.

    And yes, Tommy should simply fade away, along with all the Pubbies who worship at his feet. Their time is over.

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