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0838, 05 Jan 22

Faith in Science

If the repeated and consistent failure of climate scientists to accurately predict the impact of climate change hasn’t made you skeptical about their doomsday lamentations, perhaps the utter politicization of the scientists involved in the COVID response will educate you. That is not to say that there isn’t real science happening in both situations, but it is being overwhelmed by politicians, cultural missionaries, and opportunists. Real science is skeptical and questioning.

The planet has already warmed an average of about 1.1 degrees Celsius compared with temperatures before the Industrial Revolution. If temperatures continue to rise past 1.5 degrees Celsius, the likelihood of increasingly deadly wildfires, floods, heat waves and other disasters becomes unavoidable, scientists have warned. Countries must immediately and drastically reduce greenhouse gases caused by burning oil, gas and coal if the world is to avert the most catastrophic effects, experts have said.


0838, 05 January 2022


  1. Merlin

    Cultural missionaries. I like that description. Did you craft that one yourself?

  2. Jason

    I just love how blinded and hypocritical the climate change group is….

    Critical Thinker : “Hey we had record cold temps all last winter, how does that jive with +1.1 C?”
    Climate Change Sheep : “OMG, that’s WEATHER, that’s NOT CLIMATE YOU IDIOT!”

    Then a tornado in Kentucky in December

    Climate Change Sheep : “See that storm is proof that the climate is CHANGING and getting WARMER!”
    Critical Thinker – to self : I’m just going to shut up because you sheep are obnoxious and can’t comprehend what you’re selling yourselves.

    They’re doing the same thing with Covid.

    Social Distance, Lock Down, Stay Home, Flatten the Curve, Get your Vaccine, Get your Booster, Get your Card Stamped…. and yet Covid is worse than ever. And yet these people want MOAR!!! MOAR BOOSTERS, 5 months apart, two masks, don’t offer health care to UnVaxxed, horse dewormer, SCIENCE!

  3. Mar

    But Jasin, they are fun to watch. Kind of like watching chimps at the zoo except the chimps are more educated.

  4. Owen

    “Cultural missionaries” … as far as I know, I made that up. Seemed to fit. But I read a lot and who knows where things seep into my addled brain?

  5. Merlin

    Our domestic aviation weather forecasting is pretty much the global gold standard… and it only projects reliably for a maximum of four hours on a good day. That’s with massive realtime data collection and dissemination by some of our best and brightest. On a bad day that forecasting window shrinks considerably to not much more than realtime weather avoidance. The science of forecasting weather is difficult even when reliable data is at their fingertips. Science has been studying the El Nino/La Nina phenomenon since the Forties and still can’t translate their current observations into reliable near term forecasting. Nature is unpredictable and uncontrollable.

    Predicting changes in climate are currently predicated on the extrapolation of precious little climate science and an immense amount of unproven theory. As con games go it’s a pretty good one. They can’t prove their theories are correct… and nobody will live long enough to prove them wrong unless they’re Al Gore stupid and actually apply near term dates to their predicted events.

  6. Jason

    I have full faith in this science. Just like I did when I was told “If you get the vaccine you won’t get Covid, and you won’t get sick, and you won’t end up in the hospital”, and when I was told “Two week to flatten the curve”, and when I was told “Masks don’t work”, and when I was told “6 feet apart”, and when I was told “It’s not transmitted by air”, and it “Wasn’t Gain of Function”, and it was “Impossible to be a lab leak”, and it was “Some poor Han eating a raw bat”. This has been two years of scientific premature ejaculation and then a sorry without even offering to clean it up. The politicization of it is 100% the fault of the Democrats and the Liberal MSM… and their lap dogs echoing it loud and proud.

  7. Tuerqas

    Every 100,000 years or so the earth goes through some level of Ice age. And every 72 years the Earth’s axis shifts one degree…but that has nothing to do with climate change or any weather near the poles!!!!!
    The next ice age based on history, should be anywhere between 1900 and 3400 AD. Climate alarmists were probably more accurate when they were predicting the next ice age to be imminent in the late seventies.

  8. MjM

    Tuerqas sez: “Every 100,000 years…”

    One thing never mentioned, and which I think is the most important factor in climate/weather, is the effects of magnetism.

    Though wildly sporadic, on average every 300,000 years the magnetic North and South poles flip. The flip it self isn’t an issue, it the craziness that occurs in the buildup. During these flips (and shorter lived excursions) multiple magnetic “poles” can exist at the same time due to the weakening of the entire magnetosphere prior to/just after the actual flip. The last flip is calced to have occurred about 780,00 years ago (tic toc, baby), and while Earths magnetic field is thought to be the strongest it has been in ten centuries it’s lost 10% of it’s strength in the last two.

    But aside from ancient history, since 1904 the magnetic North pole has traveled N/NW nearly 1500 miles – a little more than the distance from Duluth, MN to Baton Rouge, LA – from east of Cambridge Bay in Canada, north past the geodetic North pole (where Santa lives), crossing the International Date line, and is now heading South towards Siberia. Since about 1994 the speed of it’s travel has increased from 10miles/year to never before seen 55 miles/year. Meanwhile, magnetic South is still moving along at about 6 miles/year but it too has moved 1000 miles since 1904. The effect of this is confused birds, constant adjustment of GPS systems, …. and changing weather patterns.

    Why? Because cracks in the magnetic field allow the sun (particles) to blast through and creates atmospheric pressure differences (see: wind) and as the magnetic field moves so too do those cracks.

    IOW, what’s going on inside mommy earth is far more important than a few additional 10’s/per million particles of CO2.

  9. Jason

    MjM its just a matter of time until we have Magnetism Offset Taxes. The poles drifting must be the result of Man!

  10. Jason

    Here’s more faith in science!

    RI would rather allow people who were Woke-Poked and are currently currently Covid positive to work in healthcare, than to hire the workers they fired who did not get vaccinated.

    >Wendelken added that a vaccinated person who tests positive for COVID-19 has a lower viral load compared to an unvaccinated person who contracts COVID-19.

    “That means the likelihood of transmission is much less,” Wendelken said.

    And yet, back in August, Faucci, the highest paid individual in the United States Government said this.

    “What we learned that’s new, John, in answer to your question, is that when you look at the level of virus in the nasopharynx of people who are vaccinated who get breakthrough infections, it’s really quite high and equivalent to the level of virus in the nasopharynx of unvaccinated people who get infected,” Fauci said.

    SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh a Leroy is a coward.

  11. Jason

    Moar science!

    DR. Gottlieb just 5 days ago…

    >”Cloth masks aren’t going to provide a lot of protection, that’s the bottom line. This is an airborne illness. We now understand that, and a cloth mask is not going to protect you from a virus that spreads through airborne transmission. It could protect better through droplet transmission, something like the flu, but not something like this coronavirus.”

  12. MjM

    Jason wins Today’s Internet: “ Magnetism Offset Taxes.”

    All those electrobuggy makers will not be happy.

    And don’t laugh. The slight shifting of the geodetic poles has actually been blamed on the weight of water from melting sea ice.

    Think about that for a moment. Then laugh.

  13. Tuerqas

    “Think about that for a moment. Then laugh.”

    That was exactly what I did. Had to process it for a bit to increase my world view of contempt for scientists going for political capital. The old cracker jack doctorate scientists strike again covered widely by liberal media, of course. So have we been responsible for the pole shifts for all 5 billion years? I guess it could make more sense if they believed that the world was only 6.000 years old, but, checking my records…nope, wrong crowd.

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