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2045, 01 Jan 22

Governments Rationing Healthcare Based on Race

These are the actions of an apartheid government. It is also what happens when we surrender our healthcare to government.

The agency responded the same day, the Post reports, and informed Nasti that they  are prioritizing neighborhoods flagged by the city’s Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity – which has identified 31 underserved neighborhoods to receive preferential COVID treatment from the city.


The task force said names were picked based on a DOHMH analysis of ‘health status, living conditions, social inequities, occupation and COVID-19 Wave 1 impact,’ though it did not release the methodology the agency uses to weigh the different factors.


The latest revelation comes as reports surfaced that non-white people are receiving priority from the state Health Department to receive monoclonal antibody treatments and Pfizer’s new pills because of nationwide shortages.


A representative from the Health Department defended the priority given to minority communities because they have ‘borne the brunt of this pandemic due to structural racism’ and that tests were being distributed through community-based organizations in the selected neighborhoods.


According to city data, blacks and African Americans have had 12,808 residents per 100,000 people test positive for the virus since the pandemic began, Hispanics have had 15,309 residents per 100,000 people test positive for the virus and white people have had 13,095 residents per 100,000 test positive.


2045, 01 January 2022


  1. Mar

    So, instead of the sickest people, they are giving the meds based on zip code.
    NYC is a crap hole 3rd world city.
    I do hope that the new can change things for the better. Mayor Putz was a disaster for NYC.

  2. jsr

    Mar, it’s even worse. They test based on where you live (non-racially-diverse area? No test for you!). They treat based on race (second part of the article).

  3. Tuerqas

    So does that means blacks are being discriminated against the hardest? They had the lowest infection rate per the data provided above…

  4. Mar

    Interesting, Tuerqas, especially since Blacks have the lowest vaccination rates.

  5. Tuerqas

    “Minnesota is “de-prioritizing” whites for monoclonal antibody treatments.”

    You have to love using ‘de-prioritizing’ instead ‘discriminating against’. The liberal dictionary is just so much fatter than mine.

    Gotta keep the voting blocs healthy…

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