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0800, 29 Dec 21

Evers Grants More Pardons than Any Other Modern Governor

Given the crime raging in Wisconsin, I’m not sure this is something to brag about.

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers announced today that he has granted another 30 pardons, bringing his total number of pardons granted to 337 during his first three years in office. Gov. Evers has now granted more pardons during his first three years in office than any governor in contemporary history.


0800, 29 December 2021


  1. Tuerqas

    Well, a pardon restores the immediate right to vote, so if they are still out at the next election cycle and not running to another state, they will vote for Evers. It is one way to buy a vote. And I’ll bet he feels safe from the home invader(s) he pardoned. I wonder how many of them were his former students or children of students.

  2. Merlin

    I had no idea what the requirements were, so I checked. The general recidivism rate for inmates is 77% within five years and 83% within nine years, so you know damned well that the risk-averse Evers has only signed off on the safest of the safe bets. You can find bios on some of them, which may or may not have been fluffed a bit by state propagandists, but they are available.

    *Am I eligible for a pardon?

    You are eligible for a pardon only if all of the following conditions apply to you:

    1. You are seeking a pardon for a Wisconsin felony conviction.
    2. It has been at least five (5) years since you finished any criminal sentence. This means you:
    a. Completed all confinement; and
    b. Com​pleted all supervised release (e.g., probation, parole, or extended supervision).
    3. You do not have any pending criminal cases or charges in any jurisdiction.
    4. You are not currently required to register as a sex offender.

  3. MjM

    Wizard sez: “ You can find bios on some of them, which may or may not have been fluffed a bit by state propagandists..”

    Oh, they’s fluffed up, all right. And you can bet almost every one of theses felons pled to one charge to get other charges dropped.

    This particular fellow caught my eye…

    Matthew Callaway was in his late teens when he sold marijuana to an officer 16 years ago. He resides in Colorado, where he aspires to become a firefighter.

    Fluffy = “late teens”. Actual meaning = “legal adult”.

    So this weed selling felon is currently in his mid 30’s and is just now “aspiring” to do something with his life.

    In Cannabis Colorado.

    Call me suspicious.

  4. Mar

    “where he aspires to become a firefighter.”
    Well, good luck with that.
    First, he is mostly too old to become a full time firefighter unless he has some experience as a volunteer.
    And a background check, even with a pardon, will most likely disqualify him.

  5. Tuerqas

    Maybe ‘becoming a firefighter’ was the fluff. What he actually said is that when he lights up, he only set fire to something in his apartment a couple of times and to date he has put them out every time.

  6. MjM

    Firelighter. (Phony nEvers misread the doc.)

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