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1923, 05 Dec 21

Staff Flees Harris’ Abuse

This is my shocked face.

‘It’s clear that you’re not working with somebody who is willing to do the prep and the work,’ a former colleague told the Washington Post.


‘With Kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence.


‘So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully and it’s not really clear why.’  Harris’s staffers




Gin Duran, a Harris aide who quit after working with her for five months, said there’s a reason her office is experience an exodus.


‘One of the things we’ve said in our little text groups among each other is what is the common denominator through all this and it’s her,’ Duran told the Post. ‘Who are the next talented people you’re going to bring in and burn through and then have (them) pretend they’re retiring for positive reasons.’



1923, 05 December 2021


  1. Mar

    Also, from the article: “It’s clear that you’re not working with somebody who is willing to do the prep and the work,’ a former colleague told the Washington Post.
    “With Kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence.”
    These are not conservatives saying this, liberals are saying this about her.
    If they the liberals are saying this, you know it’s much worse than it is being reported.

  2. Merlin

    Are we supposed to believe that Harris has an intellect, demeanor, and work ethic inferior to Joe Biden’s? Dementia Joe is doing just swell but Kamala’s got to go? All of a sudden Democrats can’t tolerate monsters with ovaries? Some of us weren’t born yesterday.

    More likely is that Biden’s “Use By” date is rapidly approaching and Harris still refuses to play nice with Joe’s handlers. If she were as willing a puppet as Biden this wouldn’t be happening. Kicking Harris to the curb has become time sensitive and this smear campaign has an air of desperation to it. We’re about to find out if she has the political close combat skills to force an internal power shift. I hope she does.

  3. Mar

    Well, Merlin, she knows how to satisfy certain high powered politicians of the male persuasion.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    “All of a sudden Democrats can’t tolerate monsters with ovaries?”

    But it is OK for modern day “republicans” to tolerate narcissistic morons with testicles. Take your pick as there are a number of them with R behind their name.

  5. Mar

    Are you talking about yourself, Karen Le Roi?

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    And once again mar is baffled and confused by the written word. M

  7. Mar

    Well, lying Katen Le Roi, you are a narcissistic moron, but whether you have testicle is debatable.
    Still waiting to hear about your military service and the bad things I have called or said about Johnny.

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    There you go again, projecting your faults onto others.

  9. Mar

    By you lack of substance, you finally admit that you are a lying, perverted Karen.
    Now, you can go seek help.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Nope, that never happened. You are just making stuff up again in a futile attempt to hide your endless mistakes.

  11. Mar

    I already proved you are habitual liar beyond a doubt.
    You support a Pervert judge. And I proved you are a coward and toothless Karen.
    Prove me wrong.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    The only thing you have ever “proved” is that you are a small-minded and petty cretinous buffoon without a shred of integrity, intimidated by any and all with greater intelligence and experience than you.

    Have a great Christmas Season and a Happy New Year.

  13. Mar

    You’re so funny, Karen Le Roi when say such hateful things.
    I bet you passed in your diaper when you wrote that.
    Or are Senile Joe Biden and have someone write some things and the and then stuff you add are your tall tales and lies?

  14. Mar

    Should be “pissed in you disper”.

  15. Tuerqas

    Le Roi: “All of a sudden Democrats can’t tolerate monsters with ovaries?”
    But it is OK for modern day “republicans” to tolerate narcissistic morons with testicles. Take your pick as there are a number of them with R behind their name.

    You mean like Anthony Weiner, the textbook definition of a political narcissistic moron actually showing his testicles to the public? No wait, that was a D behind his name…you mean like 80% of the men who get their women pregnant who then get abortions? No, they vote D…
    Looks like there are a number of them with Ds behind their name too, so no real distinction exists between Rs and Ds here. Which makes your comment pointless once again. Not a lie, though, just a half-assed truth. So you can brag about improvement in that area, I guess.

  16. Mar


  17. Le Roi du Nord

    I agree T, weiner is an example of one with a D after his name. Just as gaetz, cruz, trump (Sr. and Jr.) , brooks, desantis, rojo, flynn, bannon, stone, et al are examples of those with a R. The difference is that he isn’t in a position of influence anymore. Heck, R’s even have their own “monsters with ovaries” like taylor-greene, boebert, and our home grown kleefisch. It sure isn’t related to party or gender, so I pointed that out to merlin.

    You have a great Christmas as well.

  18. Merlin

    My point about the current propaganda effort at demonizing Harris is that it’s coming from the Dem’s own circular firing squad. She was the party’s princess-in-waiting just a year ago, supposedly just the perfect pea for China Joe’s pod. Dems only recently came to discover that she’s a raging tyrant? And that somehow disqualifies her? Nah. Doesn’t square even a little bit.

  19. Tuerqas

    The other difference, Le Roi, is that to anyone fully programmed such as yourself, almost every R is a “narcissistic moron with testicles” unless they are “narcissistic morons with ovaries”.
    You have said you don’t resort to name calling yet you continually resort to calling just about EVERYONE who is, supports or votes for Rs names, so I would question just about every name you listed. We see every day how non-liberals are libeled based upon half truths (or less) in the lib
    and/or anti-social media. And that is where you get all your news.

    Finally, as Merlin pointed out, you ignored or missed the entire point of his comment purely in order to fire back a politically motivated insult, exactly as you (like most every lib) always do.

  20. Le Roi du Nord


    True, at this point in time “almost every R is a “narcissistic moron with testicles” unless they are “narcissistic morons with ovaries”, but there are some that aren’t, and if given the opportunity I may vote for them. Heck, I even voted for an R in the 2016 presidential primary, and have voted R in other elections in the past, and no doubt will in the future.

    I haven’t said I “don’t resort to name calling”, but I have said that I have never, ever called anyone: stupid, pervert, murderer, gay, nazi, communist, socialist, etc. If you want to make claims about me get your facts right. Otherwise you just sound like mar, k, j, and others that don’t know what they are talking about and are proud to display that lack of knowledge for all to see.

    “And that is where you get all your news”. And that is utter nonsense.

    So you think that referring to the current VP, a D, a female, and a minority, as ” monsters with ovaries”, wasn’t a political statement?

    Once again we can agree to disagree. I’m sure that will get others here all riled up.

  21. Mar

    You forgot me calling you hateful.
    You are so full of hate Lying Le Le Roi that you don’t even make sense most of the time.
    And you show your disrespect in other ways. You don’t spell out people’s names nor capitalize their names most of the time. You just are a very disrespect full person.

  22. Tuerqas

    In order: if you can say that most Rs are narcissistic morons without including that most politicians are the same, you have proved my point that your opinion is untrustworthy because you are fully programmed by the sources you read.
    As you are a complete liberal on just about every topic brought up here to date, admitting you voted in the Republican primary just proves your propensity for dishonesty, something we are all familiar with. Party primaries are designed to get the best and most representative person on the ballot of that party. Unless you are saying that you would have voted for your R candidate had they made the ballot over the D, you were just voting for the person you thought was least electable. Not something to be proud of, imo.
    You have indeed said you do not resort to name calling. You used to say it all the time back when you also constantly said you did not hate or even dislike Mar. One of the first times I said you were lying, in fact, was when you said ‘I do not call people names’. If your name calling had always just been pre-faced with “I won’t call you these seven names listed above, you would have been laughed at just as much, or maybe more, but you would have been called a liar a lot less. (And I would not bet against a full search of this and any other blogs finding that you had called Rittenhouse a murderer or Mar stupid). Do you really believe I could not find a quote from you saying you do not call people names? I am not the one showing the lack of knowledge here.

    “And that is where you get all your news”. And that is utter nonsense.
    Provably false. Rojo, for instance, has consistently talked the talk and walked the walk of being a principled (old meaning) conservative. He is representing people that are not represented anymore and whose views are simply lied about and misrepresented all the time in liberal media outlets. Had you ever done any honest
    research, calling Ron Johnson narcissistic or a moron is just plain provably false and stupid.

    Once again, Merlin was pointing out that DEMOCRATS called the VP a monster with ovaries. You never addressed that, you keep repeating that the phrase was a political statement, but you keep using it as if a Republican said it. They didn’t, except to repeat in order to analyze (not blindly agree like libs do). Keep up on your lib news outlets, the VP is out right now. If you were relevant to the post and commentary, you would be calling the Ds that called her a monster names, not anybody here. (Now I WOULD believe that you have never called a liberal a name, just look at your list. Whatever else they are, Rs are never called communists or socialists and the pervert judge was an excellent example).

    Once again you agree to give up, not much mystery why.

  23. Le Roi du Nord


    Looks like you are exactly what you claim I am. So not only do I disagree with you, I’ll call you out as dishonest as well . Guess you are drinking at the same polluted well as mar et al. I had a better opinion of you, but I’ll admit I was mistaken.

    And you have a great Holiday Season.

  24. Mar

    Oh, and I forgot, Lying Le Roi cries like a little baby with gas that Tuerqas made false claims, but Lying Le Roi constantly lies about I say. For instance I am waiting for Le Roi 5o say what the bad things I have said about Johnny. I waiting for him to say what I said aboutthe election, especially in Arizona, I am still waiting for him to explain his mitary experience. As a veteran, I kind of get ticked off about people Lying that they served in the military when they haven’t..
    I am still waiting for him to state his educational experiences, especially since he challenged me to comparer education experiences.
    And then all the lies he has said and then deny he said the lies.
    So, keep on crying like a baby, Lying Le Roi, but I will call you out and make fun of you until you stop your hateful behavior and lying.

  25. Tuerqas

    And what is that? References please? (You call people out by showing how they are what you say). Am I dishonest, stupid, did Republicans call the VP a monster? And explain how I am what I claim you are because so far you just sound like a drooling idiot.

    I did not vote in the D primary (or the R primary) so a dishonesty comparison there is false. I do not read one sided news outlets or listen exclusively to one side of the political news outlets like CNN or Fox. I never said I do not call people what they are, I will call a pervert a pervert and an idiot stupid. How am I like what I claim you are? Can you be a tiny bit more specific and explanatory?

    And I hope you have a fine holiday season as well.

  26. Jason

    Tuerqas – still playing Pigeon Chess with Leroy… I feel sorry for you actually.

    Pigeon Chess… even the Grand Master will always lose while playing a game of chess with a pigeon. The pigeon will just knock the pieces over, strut around like they won, and shit all over the board.

    I gave up long ago and that’s why the only times I do respond to Leroy is when he’s actually proven me wrong by underestimating his stupidity. He does it ALL THE TIME!

  27. Merlin

    Jason ain’t wrong. The altered reality bots successfully hijack threads way too often.

  28. Tuerqas

    Yeah, but without a lib there is little other discussion on many topics. I used to be able to have actual intelligent conversations with liberals, but that is all gone, I guess. And most of my startups with Le Roi begin with me picking apart his lib lies, which used to be a lot more satisfying, but is still something to do…

    Don’t feel sorry, I do it for fun more than anything else today, as libs seem to have lost the ability to learn, perceive, think, etc. I still do it to remind myself of the futility to talk to liberals about anything their ‘experts’ have instructed them on, at least when not in person. In person I could have forced Le Roi to discuss the monster with ovaries issue, and at least gotten somewhere for a little while until his next programming.

  29. Mar

    If we had intelligent liberals, and Johnny and sometimes Pat are intelligent, that would be nice if they commented more. Even jjf would contribute some decent comments at times.
    But Tuerqas, we don’t always agree and we have had some good debates.
    Lying Le Roi is just a lying hateful troll and really not worthy of response, but I
    Just give back to him what he does

  30. Tuerqas

    Mar, that is why I specifically said ‘many topics’. There are still many other topics where the conservatives here can agree, disagree, qualify and discuss:).

  31. Jason

    Leroy, do you want to guess if John Griffin has a D behind his name?

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