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2025, 01 Dec 21

Court “Loses” Transcript of Waukesha Parade Killer’s Bail Hearing

Great reporting from Wisconsin Right Now.

Milwaukee County’s court system is unable to produce a recording or transcript of the controversial Darrell Brooks bail hearing that resulted in the Waukesha parade suspect going free just 10 days before the attack, Wisconsin Right Now has exclusively learned. The recording doesn’t exist due to either technical issues or human error, the district court administrator tells WRN.


Indeed, other than a short paragraph on the Wisconsin online court website, the county can produce no transcript or other record of what was said at the hearing at all.


That’s even though the hearing has earned the Milwaukee County District Attorney, John Chisholm, and a court commissioner, Cedric Cornwall, a raft of negative national headlines. Brooks’ $1,000 bail in the pending felony case has sparked renewed criticism of the “bail reform” movement nationwide (read our story rounding up court system failures in the Brooks’ case here).


We requested a transcript or recording of the hearing because we believed the public deserves to know what rationale officials gave for Brooks’ low bail.


2025, 01 December 2021


  1. MjM


    The recording doesn’t exist due to either technical issues or human error, …

    The recording doesn’t exist due to human intervention.


  2. Jason

    Like with a cloth or something?

    Who here thinks that Terry Doughty is going to surprise himself with a suicide in an Epstein style very soon?

  3. Mar

    I just wonder how many other trials and hearings have been lost.
    Plus, isn’t there video tape of the hearing. Most, if not all courts have a video tape system nowadays. You have redundancy and more redundancy. In case 1 system fails.

  4. Tuerqas

    How much more damning could the transcript/recording be that they put such an unstable lifetime criminal back on the street virtually for free? is anyone trying to deny that they F**ed up royally?
    No liberal would read the transcript and no one else needs to read it to know there is a serious problem in our legal system right now, so who cares? The lack of transcript just shows another serious problem, corruption.

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