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2015, 22 Nov 21

Americans Are Over COVID

I have traveled extensively throughout America in cities large and small since last summer by plane, car, and other means. This is true and has been true for a while. The vast majority of Americans are taking reasonable precautions in accordance with their perceived level of risk and going about their lives as normal. The latest spike or scare or scary headline have very little impact on most people. And it’s not a Red vs. Blue, North vs. South, or Urban vs. Rural issue. It’s pretty universal. The only people perpetuating the fear are government officials – especially schools – and the industries that profit from perpetual fear.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on, nearly three-quarters of Americans (74 percent) now say their lives have returned to “normal,” according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.


It’s a number that underscores both the progress made possible by safe and effective vaccines and the challenges ahead as the holidays approach and yet another winter wave gets underway in the United States.


The survey of 1,696 adults, which was conducted from Nov. 17 to 19, found that only 15 percent say that things “never stopped being normal” for them — a reminder of just how profoundly the virus has disrupted American life.


Yet as the U.S. pandemic enters its 21st month, most Americans now characterize their own lives as either “very normal” (21 percent) or “somewhat normal” (53 percent), considering “the impact of COVID-19.”


2015, 22 November 2021


  1. Jason

    Ah, but I’m sure our Liberal Pants Pooper is just getting started. He’s drooling because Matlock will be on when the oatmeal cools to room temperature… oh and because Austria is once again headed to full Fascism… oh and Australia is as well. Forced relocation of Covid positive people into camps via a free ride with the local Australian Army. Biden, Nadler, Comma-la, Pelosi, Schumer are all shouting with specks of spit flying to follow both A’s into the gates of hell!

  2. Mar

    But California tyrannts continue their tyranny.
    From the San Francisco Chronicle:”The revived mask mandate was scheduled to go into effect Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Under the rules, everyone regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask in indoor public settings, as well as in private settings including homes when non-household members are present.”
    So, in Santa Cruz County, you have to wear a mask in your own home if you have a friend to come and visit.
    Liberals just cannot give their tyranny.
    The Senile Joe administration is continuing to force the vaccine mandates down people’s throats, just a liberal tyrant.
    Liberal tyranny will continue for at least another year or so, when many of these tyrants retire or voted out of office.

  3. dad29

    Don’t forget Dane County!! Mo’MASK!! until sometime in January.

  4. Mar

    And in NYC, there are some schools that force the students to eat outside no matter how cold it is.
    But of course, the administrators, teachers and other staff can eat inside.
    Just more evidence of the fakers of the liberal tyrants.

  5. Mar

    So, the Wisconsin Badgers won the Maui Invitational tourney.
    The game was played in Las Vegas because of Covid restrictions in Hawaii.
    While Las Vegas is considered the 9th island of Hawaii, why continue to name the tournament the Maui Invitational if they won’t even are too scared to hold the tourney?
    It’s like we are living in the Twilight Zone.

  6. dad29

    It’s like we are living in the Twilight Zone.

    That started LONG before that tournament did.

  7. Mar

    So, there’s a new varient out there and the vaccines may not be effective.
    So, let’s see how the Senile Joe administration handles it and see if they can come up with a brand new, effective vaccine.

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