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0959, 18 Nov 21

Biden’s Communist Nominee Also Steals Shoes

If we can’t reject her for being an avowed communist, can we disqualify her for being a petty thief?

Omarova reportedly placed the hodgepodge of stolen items, including  four pairs of shoes, two bottles of cologne and socks worth $214, into a large purse and hid them by covering the bag with other clothing items.


A security agent from TJ Maxx who was on-duty and saw Omarova steal told Fox News that she also paid for multiple items at the jewelry counter but ‘made no attempt to pay for the items concealed in her purse’.




According to the latest report, Omarova was arrested in Madison, Wisconsin, on a ‘retail theft’ charge.


The incident occurred on June 2, 1995, a Wisconsin Department of Justice criminal background check obtained by Fox shows.


She had a ‘deferred prosecution’ for the charge early the following year, according to the report, which also states that the charge was dropped under Wisconsin’s first offender program.


When asked about the newly-surfaced charge on Wednesday, the White House defended Omarova as an ’eminently qualified’ candidate and described the case as a ‘misunderstanding and confusing situation.’




Omarova’s previous statements on banking and Marxism have landed her in hot water with some of the same senators expected to grill her tomorrow.


She’s advocated for moving Americans’ financial accounts from private banks to the Federal Reserve and for forcing banks to lose leverage on federal subsidies by becoming ‘non-depository lenders.’


It would diminish the stature of the institutions she’s supposed to regulate.


‘By separating their lending function from their monetary function, the proposed reform will effectively “end banking,” as we know it,’ Omarova wrote in a paper updated in February of this year titled ‘The People’s Ledger.’


She summed it up more concisely in a 2019 documentary film titled ‘A**holes: A Theory.’ Omarova called Wall Street’s hedge fund-dominated culture a ‘quintessential a**hole industry.’


0959, 18 November 2021


  1. Mar

    Well, she was just stealing from a rich corporation, so that makes it OK.
    And deferred prosecution from Madisobn, well, that’s norm there.
    But if a conservative did this, they would be put in gulag for at least 2 yeats.

  2. Mar

    I wonder where in Asia.its going?

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