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0752, 09 Nov 21

Aaron Rodgers is human after all

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s a slice:

We cannot be said to live in a state of freedom when we cannot express opinions to make our own health care decisions without being penalized by our government whether that government is acting directly or reaching through our employers with the fist of regulation. We do not have freedom if we are only permitted to speak, pray or receive health care that is approved by our new pharmacratic overlords.


At its core, freedom means that people can speak and make personal medical decisions even if they are self-destructive, kooky, or just plain stupid. Whether you agree with Rodgers’ decision about his health care choices, it is his choice to make. In a different era, we allowed our government to exercise power over us only when there was heat created by the friction of opposing freedoms grating against each other. We no longer live in that era. Now we live in an era where we allow our government to wield direct and indirect power to regulate our personal medical decisions and silence speech that does not conform with the current government-approved canon. Rodgers has said that his thoughts on the pandemic will make the left cancel him and the right champion him. Perhaps, but for me, his thoughts humanize him because he is an American who has the same rights as the rest of us. He is frustrated and angry about the increasingly heavy boot of oppression that is suffocating our liberty with the garrote of public health policy.


0752, 09 November 2021


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    Admittedly, Rodgers is an elite quarterback. But football is, and always has been, a team sport. And now #12 has reinforced his position of not being a team player. He has for years complained about play calling, coaching, and personnel, yet pulls a stunt like this that put a season in jeopardy, not to mention the health and well being of teammates and staff.

    FYI: check out what Abdul-Jabbar had to say.

  2. Mar

    There goes poor Le Roi, babbling falsehoods like his heroes, the fake doctor Fauci and Senile Joe Biden.
    There is guarantee that Roger’s would not have gotten the Chinese virus even if he got the vaccine and there is no sign he is any distress.
    Plus he did take the risk of the vaccine side effects, have put people in the hospital.
    And put the season jeopardy? Please, I’m glad you don’t follow football, otherwise a person making that statement is just a plain hateful ignorant soccer/croquet loving person

  3. MjM

    Nazi Nort, too stupid to comprehend….: ” not to mention the health and well being of teammates and staff”

    …it doesn’t matter whether you have slurped the “vaccine” or not.

    The New York Yankees on Thursday said an eighth fully vaccinated member of the team has tested positive for COVID-19.
    Golden State Warriors player Damion Lee revealed on Thursday that he was one of the relatively rare “breakthrough” cases of COVID-19, meaning the patient tested positive despite being inoculated.

    “I did test positive for COVID about two weeks ago [April 23],” Lee told reporters. “I did get the vaccine in the middle of March.”
    Six assistant coaches, a team nutritionist and wide receiver Michael Thomas, who is currently on the physically unable to perform list, tested positive for the virus. The seven staff members who tested positive are vaccinated. Saints coach Sean Payton noted during training camp that the entire staff was vaccinated.
    June 15, 2021

    Rahm, speaking ahead of the U.S. Open this week at Torrey Pines [which he won], said he was partially vaccinated when he was pulled off Muirfield Village [3rd round, with a 6 shot lead] with a positive coronavirus test. He wasn’t out of the 14-day window required after receiving his final dose [he was 10 days out].

    July 25, 2021

    Jon Rahm withdrew from the Olympics on Sunday after he tested positive for COVID-19, Spain’s Olympic committee announced.

    This marks the second time the world’s top-ranked [“vaccinated”] golfer has tested positive for the coronavirus in as many months.

    FYI: Lew Alcindor is an ass. Check out what Tom Brady had to say.

  4. Merlin

    Both the Green Bay Packers and the NFL were well aware of The Diva’s vaccination status, so the only fouls to be called here concern whether or not Rodgers was made to adhere to the NFL’s enhanced protocols for the unvaccinated. Period. The rest of the noise is just tongue wagging.

    Rodgers might face some criticism from his lefty friends, but he’s dreaming if he thinks the right will champion his nonexistent word game cause. A cause nobody knew he had an interest in until he tested positive himself. Waving the freedom flag seems to be a very recent development for him.

    Nice to see that Kareem is still searching for the right answer to a wrong question. Kaepernick’s blacklisting from the NFL occurred because he became more of a pain in the ass than his talent could overcome at any price. He chose to earn his living as a social justice warrior rather than an NFL quarterback. Honor his choice.

  5. dad29

    Rodgers ‘word-gamed’ because the NFL insists on being stupid. But to your point that Rodgers is really a Lefty, ‘word-games’ are one of the Left’s best inventions.

    Alcindor lost his mind when he went from Catholic to Muslim.

  6. Tuerqas

    I agree with Merlin for everything on Rodgers above. I have no problem with his decision to not be vaccinated as his team/league/government had not required it. If he only shows an asymptomatic positive, I think he made a good choice for himself. If he gets really sick and spends some time on a ventilator missing the next 3-6 weeks, he probably made a bad choice for himself, and his team. The bottom line is that he made a personal choice which was for the time being his right to make. It should always be his choice, but we are currently against the tide on that subject.

    It is funny how every time we have a specific (healthy and high profile) person that gets Covid in 2021, it seems like they are largely asymptomatic. Based on timing, he was most likely infected by immunized teammates too. If you just listened to liberals it is always the other way around, but the vaccinated are the more likely to get cocky and careless in my opinion.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    You are the last guy on earth to make comments on babbling. Read your own post and see what babbling really means.

    And no, I don’t follow soccer. But I have plated croquet. But I can tell you a lot about Packer football, but you wouldn’t understand it. BTW: Keith Hernandez isn’t a murderer.

  8. Mar

    So, Pervert Boy Le Roi, you admit you have nothing.
    You probably love the game Corn Hole, but not the one with beam bags.

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I didn’t “admit” any such thing. Were you even a tiny bit literate you would know that.

    And mar babbles on, “beam bags”.

  10. MjM

    Nazi Nort swallows his foot yet again: ‘ And mar babbles on, “beam bags”.’

    After first telling us, “ But I have plated croquet.”

    So, do you sauté the mallets, toast the wickets, and just eat the balls raw, numbnutz?

  11. Mar

    Le Roi, a brain dead gnat could have made a better argument than you.
    But I do understand, when you have your ass handed to you by the likes if me, you get upset and and stammer and refuse to defend what you wrote.
    And my apologies to the gnat family.

  12. Mar

    You have to have a little pity for idiots like Le Roi.
    They cannot use President Trump anymore without sounding foolish and uneducated.
    Their President, Senile Joe, well it turns out he really is Senile.
    And their sloppy seconds, Kamala Harris is even dumber than Truck Driver Joe.
    Meanwhile, their big hero, the fake doctor Fauci turns out to be a puppy killer besides being a liar and incompetent.
    No wonder people like Le Roi are full of hate and vile.
    People like Le Roi are losing big time and have been proven wrong time after time.

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    Jabbar? He defends Kapernick. When he rips Rodgers for simple medical choice, but praises the vile, Marxist, anti-American, treasonaous, Kapernick….shows what kind of awful peole you both are. Get a grip. Get some perspective. Both of you suffer from carzy town.

  14. Mar

    I am not going to rip on Kareem.
    He is an educated man, though we have different in many things, probably in most areas.
    But he is not filled with hate, like Le Roi. He thinks out his positions, unlike other liberals, like Le Roi.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, so wrong, k. I am not treasonaous, nor carzy. Why do peole like you approve of the medical choice Rodgers made, yet are insanely opposed to a medical choice a woman may make? Hypocrisy ? Ignorance ? Or just a need to order folks around?

    mar: No mar, I don’t hate anyone. Not even a immature name-caller like you. But I do pity your immaturity and insecurity.

  16. Mar

    “mar: No mar, I don’t hate anyone”
    Biggest lie of the day.
    I am very secure with myself.
    Unlike you, who doesn’t know how to write or spell but calls out others who make mistakes, I am confident in my positions but willing to listen to other voices.
    You, on the other hand, just hate and base your opinions on hate.
    And which nickname of yours is not true. Name 1 nickname I have called you is inaccurate? Just 1,Pervert Boy Le Roi, name 1.

  17. Mar

    Still waiting for you to tell us about your military service, Le Roi.
    You claimed you were drafted, so which branch, your MOS, where you served, how long you were in.
    Or are you just another stolen Valor treasonous person?

  18. Mar

    ‘Why do peole like you approve of the medical choice Rodgers made, yet are insanely opposed to a medical choice a woman may make”
    And what medical choice is that?

  19. Le Roi du Nord


    Every name you have called me is false.

  20. Mar

    They are not false just because you say so.
    You support Pervert, you are a liar, you are uneducated, you are hateful, etc., and i have more than each nickname us true.
    Still waiting for your military experience information, Stolen Valor Le Ro.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    Nor are they true because you say they are. What amazing hypocrisy you continually exhibit. At least you are consistent.

  22. Mar

    You support a Pervert judge who watches babies being raped, Thus Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    You have been caught lying so many times, thus Lying Le Roi.
    You challenged me to compare education backgrounds and you refused to back up your claims, thus Uneducated Le Roi.
    Now, you claim you were drafted but you refuse to tell us about your military background, thus, Stolen Valor Le Roi.
    Sorry, dumbass, you’ve earned every nickname.

  23. Mar

    Oh, and I forgot, Hateful Le Roi.
    You obviously hate President Trump. That’s not even debateable.
    You show us no respect by misspelling or not writing our namedebatable.
    And then you lie about things we have said or not said.
    You are truly a hateful human being.

  24. Le Roi du Nord

    All false claims yet again. Does all the fabrication, exaggeration, and name calling make you feel more manly? More relevant? Or just expressing your repressed mental illness.

    And no, I don’t hate you, nor trump. But you will continue to make that false claim . It defines you.

  25. Mar

    And yet you offer no proof.
    More proof of you being a coward and a troll.
    You complain of my name calling Karen Le Roi but then you turn around and I say I have a mental illness.
    Hypocrite much?
    Still waiting until next year when you post something relevant.
    You’re such a sissy boy.

  26. Mar

    Since you have had many opportunities to respond, it is quite true you were never drafted into the military as you claimed.
    How do you feel like a person faking to be in the military when you never were.
    You just are a pathetic human being and a liar.

  27. Tuerqas

    Le Roi:
    “Wrong again, so wrong, k. I am not treasonaous, nor carzy. Why do peole like you approve of the medical choice Rodgers made, yet are insanely opposed to a medical choice a woman may make? Hypocrisy ? Ignorance ? Or just a need to order folks around?”

    Heh, let’s turn that around for a second. Why are Science-fearing, largely Godless liberals like yourself so fanatical about keeping choice for a woman to legally kill a baby yet equally as fanatical about giving no one a currently legal choice to not vaccinate? One definitely kills and one does not really affect you science vaccinants, much at all. It should be a no-brainer for liberals who are all vaccinated, right? Heck, getting the disease is actually more effective a means to get to herd immunity, any Doc will tell you that. You libs should be ecstatic that your virtually invulnerable vaccinated selves are al good while your conservative slack-jawed enemies are moving to herd immunity by getting the disease.

    And to directly answer the question, they think they are fanatical about saving lives just as you think you are saving lives by preaching vaccination and attempting to shame all against it. Same exact reason, really. You are at least as insane by your own mouth. I would say the biggest differences are: 1) that anyone can prove that every abortion loses (at least a potential) life, but we only have the constantly changing word of ‘scientists’ that vaccinations save anywhere near as many lives as they have claimed. 2) Anti-abortionists are doing it for purely humanitarian reasons while liberals want to force everyone to do something to either make themselves feel safer (a selfish false hope), or just for straight up power depending whether you consider yourself a lib follower or are a lib master.

  28. Le Roi du Nord


    “Science-fearing”. What a patently false accusation to make. But it is one of many you made in the post, so nothing unexpected.

    If you want to argue the pro/con of vaccines, fine. But starting off with BS doesn’t encourage meaningful debate. You can do better.

  29. Mar

    So Le Roi has nothing again.
    Can’t actually make a reasonable argument to a well thought out post, Le Roi deflects and blames Tuerqas for his shortcomings.

  30. Tuerqas

    You are incorrect as usual, Le Roi, that part of the statement was spot on. The part that was embellishment was ‘Godless’, as there are a goodly number of liberal believers and I believe you said you were one of them.

    Science-fearing, used precisely in the same way as ‘God-fearing’ is exactly what liberals are. Without actually following science, you believe a Scientist’s words if he has a liberal stamp of approval, all the time…pretty much always. Even if they are caught lying, they say they did it for your good and you believe it again, and again. Every time. If an accepted lefty scientist tells you to fear something, you fear it. Global warming? You all believe it hook line and sinker. Wait, the damn climate did not do what we said it would do? We rebrand it climate change because there has been an uptick in bad weather. Again you buy it completely, as it is part of your gospel. Scientists say vaccinations aren’t just good for you, they are a requirement for everyone? Get out the (verbal) pitchfork and stab them righties. Make’em lose their jobs, maybe they’ll become democrats. Oh yeah, you fear science, just as you have been trained to do.

    But you turn to the only thing you can ever stand upon when exchanging with me, you say I lie, then deny, then poo-poo. It is you that have left with your ideas un-proven or often even un-filled out when we have tried to discuss things in the past.
    BTW, We would not have much to discuss with vaccines, I think they help more than hurt. Where we differ is the Dem idea of forcing them on us in a ‘free country’ and blindly hiding from the obvious repercussions that the Guv power grab to force those vaccines will have upon this once free nation.

  31. Le Roi du Nord


    Once again we can agree to disagree. But calling me “Science-fearing” is flat out incorrect, no matter how want to twist and spin the semantics.

    If you want to debate the pro/con of CC/GW with actual data supported science rather than BS, fine. But your lengthy 2nd paragraph is just more flat earth jabber.

    You can do better.

  32. Mar

    Typical response from Stolen Valor Le Roi.
    That’s his Typical response to Tuerqas. Agree to disagree.
    But of course, Stolen Valor Le Roi provides no evidence to support his cause.
    Just insults with his usual gate and ignorance.
    And yes, Tuerqas is right you are a chicken shot of science your li etal minders tell you. You’ve been wrong on so many issues but if your liberal minders tell you what to say, you repeat it.
    Stolen Valor Le Roi, you are not an independent thinker. You just regurgitate what the liberal media tells you what to think.

  33. MjM

    Tuerqas paints like Gauguin: “ Oh yeah, you fear science, just as you have been trained to do.”

    A most succinct and apt description of Mr. Nortumous. ~golf clap~

    And note the angry denial. Like your average drunk.

  34. dad29

    Scientists say vaccinations aren’t just good for you, they are a requirement for everyone? Get out the (verbal) pitchfork and stab them righties.

    Yah, nope. 40% of Bai-den’s base–the blacks–will not take Teh Jab. That’s why TPTB will not ‘stab’ them.

    Smart Republicans know that, but you never see Wisconsin Pubbies making a point of it, do you? So what have you learned from that?

  35. Mar

    Le Roi wrong again:
    From ESPN: “GREEN BAY, Wis. — Aaron Rodgers has remained asymptomatic from COVID-19 and has met the NFL/NFLPA return-to-play protocols, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.’
    Looks like Roger’s will just miss 1 game and did not hurt anybody else and Packers are still in first place in the division.

    When is Stolen Vaor Le Roi ever been right?

  36. Mar

    Stolen Valor Le Roi says: “that put a season in jeopardy” again how the season is in jeopardy?
    Currently the NFC number 1 seed.
    Yeah, you know nothing of football.
    Stick with badminton and Cornhole.

  37. Tuerqas

    Dad: “Yah, nope. 40% of Bai-den’s base–the blacks–will not take Teh Jab. That’s why TPTB will not ‘stab’ them.
    Smart Republicans know that, but you never see Wisconsin Pubbies making a point of it, do you? So what have you learned from that?”

    Smart anybodies know that. If it were about getting everyone vaxxed rather than targeting the working middle class, you’d think someone might have taken the time to require everyone on the doles; getting unemployment, most or even all types of social security, even food credits, etc. to get the vaccine before their next check. The people the Government SHOULD have some sort of control over, and according to science many of the most endangered don’t have any requirements to get paid for doing nothing. Have we heard a word about programs to get all those people vaccinated?

    MJM: “Tuerqas paints like Gauguin:” Thanks:)?

    And of course Le Roi. Once again offering a fake discussion knowing you would never follow through, as always agreeing to disagree, and denying the fear in all of your comments not directed totally at Mar or Kevin, blah, blah, blah. If you don’t fear warming and climate change why are you concerned? If you don’t fear Covid now that you and yours are vaxxed, why are you concerned about whether anyone else gets vaxxed? You were told 5 pretty big lies by Fauci and the left most pretending to be the product of scientific study. All were intended to push you into doing or believing something because of fear and you have done everything they said and still have faith in them (intelligent, free thinking people start to question their sources after one lie). Your belief in science is faith based rather than fact based because you never fact check your sources, you don’t even see that as a possibility. That is not only sad for you, but frustrating for anyone who would be willing to have discussions with you. It is like discussing theology with someone who does not recognize that their belief in God is faith based. They have tried so hard to make it a ‘fact based’ argument that they now believe that faith in God is fact based rather than faith based.

  38. dad29

    Correct. LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy is a firm believer in Scientism which has many less proofs than the several that Aquinas offered for the existence of God.

  39. Tuerqas

    Le Roi, choose a liberal/conservative argued topic where you believe the difference is based in science. State your position and cite as little or as much as you like to support your faith. I will then state my position on that subject and most likely the basis of how I intend to prove that the topic is really based on politics rather than science. Then we can discuss. Interested?

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