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2058, 29 Oct 21

12,000 Airmen and Airwomen Refuse Vaccine

Biden’s mandate is hurting national security.

Up to 12,000 Air Force personnel have rejected orders to get fully vaccinated against the coronavirus despite a Pentagon mandate and officials say it is too late for them to do so by Tuesday’s deadline, posing a first major test for military leaders whose August directive has been met with defiance among a segment of the force.


The vast majority of active-duty airmen, 96.4%, are at least partially vaccinated, according to data from the Air Force. But officials have warned that, barring an approved medical or religious exemption, those who defy lawful orders to be fully immunized are subject to punishment, including possible dismissal from the service or they could be charged in the military justice system.


The challenge now confronting Air Force leaders – how to address potential large-scale dissent in the face of a top health priority that has been deeply politicized – is a bellwether for the dilemma that’s in store across the military’s other services, which have staggered compliance deadlines ranging from the end of November to the middle of next summer and in some cases have experienced far greater resistance to President Joe Biden’s mandate.


2058, 29 October 2021


  1. Mar

    Proud of my fellow Air Force patriots for standing up for freedom instead of tyranny.
    And vaccine mandates will probably kill more innocent people than they save.
    The FDNY took out about 10 trucks out of service today and this even before their vaccine mandate. Many more on Monday and beyond. 150 ambulances out of service as well.
    How is that going to save lives.
    Not to mention how many cops will be lost.
    All because of petty liberal tyrants.

  2. Mar

    Remember when we talked about Act 10 and Le Roi cried like a baby.
    But now, Le Roi is silent with these vaccine mandates instituted by petty liberal tyrants who imposed them despite union contracts in place.
    Why do you hate unions so much Le Roi?

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Never happened , mar. More made up blather from you.

    Back when I was drafted vaccines were mandatory. Guess modern day troops aren’t as concerned about safety and operational availability as we were 50+ years ago.

  4. Mar

    So, you served in the military? News to me.
    When I was on the Air Force, we had to get vaccines but they were not experimental.
    And I had a bad reaction to it and ended up in the hospital for a day.
    And people are getting sick from the vaccine.

  5. Mar

    “Never happened , mar. More made up blather from you.”
    What never happened?
    You say you are supposedly educated buy can’t even write.

  6. jonnyv

    12K is less than 4%? Not bad. Get rid of them. They clearly are not a team player. Everything I heard growing up about the military is that there is no room for individuality. You either conform or exit.

    Mar, the vaccine is not experimental. It is tested and approved by all the appropriate agencies and has been given out BILLIONS of times. And there are no more issues with it than any other vaccine or shot. All vaccines that we give have a chance of having adverse reactions for a very small percentage of people, as you said happened to you when you were younger.

  7. Mar

    So, you think you can just replace 12,000 people? Most positions in the Air Force are techinal in nature: mechanics, pilots, doctors nurses, bomb technicians etc. All the positions require years of experience to become proficient.
    Look at the the FDNY and NYPD. They are going to lose thousand thousands of experienced firefighters and cops. They will close down fire house and they took 10 trucks out of service.
    How is that helping the people of NYC?
    Aand you just cannot hire a firefighter or police officer off the streets and put them to work right away.
    All because of a petty liberal tyrant.

  8. dad29

    JohnnyV never heard of VAERS nor the clotting, strokes, under-20 boys getting myocarditis, etc. The flu vax did not cause 15,000++ deaths in any one year–EVER. Maybe JohnnyV should stop reading the cartoons fed to him by the Milwaukee Journal

  9. Mar

    The other thing, Johnny, us that these liberal tyrants don’t want to consider natural immunity.
    Many studies have shown that natural immunity is better than the vaccine.
    This is another reason this more about politics than science.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    There is no evidence of long-term “natural immunity “. Natural immunity is another fictional claim brought to you by the anti-science, anti-vaccine folks on the wackadoodle far right.

  11. dad29

    There is no evidence of long-term “natural immunity “

    Actually there’s just as much evidence for natural immunity as there is for “no long term effects” of the experi,
    mental gene-altering “vaccine”. But I’ll gamle on nature. You gamble on blood clots and strokes.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    “suggests” is all that Israeli study claimed. Another example of your inanities comprehend the written word.

    Unlike you snti -science bozos, I’ll gamle on the vaccine.

    No hate here, just a quest for truth.

  13. Mar

    I know you don’t understand studiesand the written word, so I understand your uneducated views.
    “Unlike you snti -science bozos, I’ll gamle on the vaccine.”
    Your lack of ability to write is also suspect.
    And you wouldn’t know the truth if it bitch slapped you in the face.

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Ha ! You continue to amaze and astound with your lack of comprehension.

  15. Le Roi du Nord


    Did you read, or have someone read it to you, this disclaimer from the article you posted?

    “medRxiv publishes preliminary scientific reports that are not peer-reviewed and, therefore, should not be regarded as conclusive, guide clinical practice/health-related behavior, or treated as established information.”

  16. Mar

    Did you even read your article, mentions nothing about natural immunity.

  17. dad29

    Am using an apple keyboard and also not editing well but mostly apple.

    Mar, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy wants Teh Vaxx because whatever, let him take it especially if he has heart or tenal problems!

  18. Mar

    Another question Johnny and Pervert Boy Le Roi don’t answer is why vaccine mandates are good.
    It’s pretty much established that various vaccines do very little to stop the spread of the Chinese virus.
    And the other varients are pretty much done with.
    Now that they are recommending a 3rd shot, are they going to fire more doctors, nurses and police officers if they don’t get the third shot. How about the 4th and 5th shots? Where does it end?
    Meanwhile, those of us who have natural immunity go on living our mostly happy little lives not worried about getting shots.
    The liberal little tyrants who dismiss natural immunity show their cards. It’s not about the science, it’s about liberal tyranny.

  19. MjM

    Nazi Nort bites himself in the ass, again: “ ‘suggests’ is all that Israeli study claimed. Another example of your inanities comprehend the written word.”

    Oh, look! From the study numbnutz linked to….

    Our findings suggestthat a third dose of the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine is effective in protecting individuals against severe COVID-19-related outcomes, compared with receiving only two doses at least 5 months ago.

  20. Paul

    At least Owen deleted the post by Le Roi du Nord where he used the N-word and an anti-semitic slur.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    Never happened, little fella. None of it.

  22. Tuerqas

    On the slightly more article centric side, 12,000 service people is less than 4% of all Air Force personnel. I would be for a 5-10% decrease in the six branches. This is not how I would go about it…
    Overall I do agree with JonnyV in letting them go, with honorable discharges. I disagree that they are not team players, the Army is required to obey first in many areas for a better military. The Air Force requires a bit more free will in a lot more areas.

    On the other hand JonnyV we disagree that the vaccines are fully tested and ‘approved’. Even if the FDA found huge future problems with the vaccines we would not have heard about it except as a left-wing lie in the shadows. What would the FDA (A Democrat heavy and fully Government controlled organization) have said? “These drugs will all significantly increase your chances of pancreatic cancer in 5 years, so sorry for the over 200 million that have already taken the drugs at Democrat insistence to this point. And for those that have taken vaccines two and three times…well, we are REALLY sorry if your teeth will be falling out shortly, but don’t worry your pancreas will liquefy before you lose them all. More drugs will be developed soon, so wear masks and smile!”

    Like the Dem admin would have let their own FDA not approve any of the vaccines that they had been all but mandating even before they were ‘approved’ for nine months. You liberals do love your fantasy lands, though, don’t you?

  23. Mar

    Oh, Pervert Boy Le Roi responds. To what, I have no idea.
    But I guess we have to take the word of Lying Le Roi because, well, just because.

  24. Tuerqas

    “would not have heard about it except as a left-wing lie in the shadows. ”
    Heh, that would be right wing lie, wouldn’t it…

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    “..,I have no idea.”

    Exactly, you hit the nail on the head with that admission.

    PS: I wasn’t talking to you.

  26. Mar

    “PS: I wasn’t talking to you.”
    Do you even know how to write?
    Is that how they taught you to write at UWSP?

  27. Le Roi du Nord

    And you still have no idea.

  28. Mar

    And you and Senile Joe Biden have a lot in common.
    No clue and has no idea how to express yourself, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

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