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2105, 22 Oct 21

Harris to Smooth Things Over with the French

Given her track record, I expect a major international incident to come out of this.

In addition to meeting with Macron, Harris will deliver a speech on Nov. 11 at the annual Paris Peace Forum and participate the following day in the Paris Conference on Libya. She will be joined by her husband Douglas Emhoff for the visit.



“They will discuss the importance of the transatlantic relationship to global peace and security and underscore the importance of our partnership on global challenges from COVID-19 and the climate crisis to issues affecting the Sahel and the Indo-Pacific,” Harris senior adviser Symone Sanders said in a statement.


2105, 22 October 2021

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  1. Merlin

    It’s more likely that Emhoff will do the smoothing while Kamala does the smiling. She ought to be able to handle sitting quietly with her hands folded. Blending into the wallpaper seems to be what she does best.

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