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2036, 10 Oct 21

Spy Caught

They are caught dead to rights. Firing squad for traitors.

The FBI says the scheme began in April 2020 when Jonathan Toebbe sent a package of Navy documents to a foreign government and wrote that he was interested in selling to that country operations manuals, performance reports and other sensitive information.


Authorities say he also provided instructions for how to conduct the furtive relationship, with a letter that said: ‘I apologize for this poor translation into your language. Please forward this letter to your military intelligence agency. I believe this information will be of great value to your nation. This is not a hoax.’


That package, which had a return address in Pittsburgh, was obtained by the FBI last December through its legal attache office in the unspecified foreign country.


That led to a monthslong undercover operation in which an agent posing as a representative of the foreign government made contact with Toebbe and agreed to pay thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency for the information he was offering.


In June, the FBI says, the undercover agent sent $10,000 in cryptocurrency to Toebbe, describing it as a sign of good faith and trust.


Weeks later, federal agents watched as the Toebbes arrived at an agreed-upon location in West Virginia for the exchange, with Diana Toebbe appearing to serve as a lookout for her husband during a dead-drop operation for which the FBI paid $20,000, according to the complaint.


The FBI recovered a blue memory card wrapped in plastic and placed between two slices of bread on a peanut butter sandwich, court documents said.


The FBI provided the contents of the memory card to a Navy subject matter expert who determined that the records included design elements and performance characteristics of Virginia-class submarine reactors, the Justice Department said.


2036, 10 October 2021


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    “Firing squad for traitors”.

    I’m good with that as long as we include all of them, starting with trump, flynn, etc., and all those that encouraged, instigated, defended, and took part in the attempted overthrow on January 6th.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Of nord,

    It is your leftist ilk that are traitors. Biden, Pelosi, AOC, Omar, etc.

    Corrected that for you.

  3. Mar

    And Pervert Boy Le Roi lies again. Flynn is not guilty, President Trump never was brought up on charges and there was no attempted overthrow of the government.
    You must have failed big time in history and reading comprehension.
    That you are just stupid.

  4. Mar

    An anti-Trump and terrorist supporters (Black Lives Don’t Matter) lhate America liberal.
    Color me not surprised.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Flynn pleaded guilty. You could look it up. Or is that too much effort for you, mar ?

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    But since you will never to any research on your own:

    “”My guilty plea and agreement to cooperate with the special counsel’s office reflect a decision I made in the best interests of my family and of our country. I accept full responsibility for my actions”. Flynn 2017.

  7. Mar

    Again, Pervert Boy Le Roi lies again. Flynn was never, ever convicted. But since Pervert Boy Le Roi does not anything about the law, I would never expect anything else but lies.

  8. Le Roi du Nord


    Flynn admitted guilt, pleaded guilty. All easily proved, even by someone as knowledge averse as you.

    And trump pardoned him. Why would he need a pardon if he wasn’t guilty??

    Go ahead, lie about the facts.

  9. Mar

    “Go ahead, lie about the facts.”
    Pervert Boy Le Roi, you are an expert on lying.
    You cannot send a person to the firing squad for not being guilty.
    And tell me when Flynn was convicted and sentenced.
    Otherwise, you just are spouting your hate and ignorance.
    Give the dates or shut up.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Flynn pleaded guilty in Dec. 2017. Plea agreement was dated 11-30-2017. Sentencing was delayed by Judge E. Smith while flynn was cooperating with the Mueller investigation. trump pardoned him before sentencing.

    All stuff you could have found out on your own. But facts would have upset your fictitious worldview.

  11. Mar

    Your ignorance and stupidity of the law is astounding Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    Hey Dumbass, until the judge says guilty, the dependent can withdraw their guilty plea.
    I suggest you learn law 101, or even kindergarten law.
    And read the Constitution while you are at it, your ignorance of that is astounding as well.
    But in reality, your argument is based on your hate, not logic or the law.

  12. Jason

    No comment from Leroy on the colossal waste of time and money and resources the Mueller investigation was. No Russia ties were ever found with Trump, and it’s coming out now that it was all a Clinton scam job – something that the thinking people of the country have said since 2017. I saw Hillary was on The View today continuing to waive her shit sandwich around practically begging her sheep to have a bite. How did it taste Leroy?

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, the “dependant” (sic) is admitting guilt once the plea agreement is signed.

    Wrong again, mar, my argument is based on the facts of the case. All of which you could have ascertained for yourself were you not so resistant to facts.

    BTW: flynn now says that the government is putting the Covid vaccine in salad dressing. You agree?

  14. Jason

    >BTW: flynn now says that the government is putting the Covid vaccine in salad dressing. You agree?

    Looks like you asked Hillary for a second sammich, Shit Heal Leroy.

  15. Mar

    And Lying Le Roi lies again. He said he saw it shared it, didn’t say he agreed with it. Just saying there are a lot of dumb things out there, which know quite a bit dumb things, dumbass.
    But I guess that is why you eating so much salad and salad dressing lately.
    You are really gullible. Believing in climate change, an overthrow on January 6th, Biden is competent and anything else NPR tells you to think.

  16. Mar

    I will give you this, Le Roi, you and Senile Joe have a lot in common.
    Both of you lie at the drop of a hat.
    Both you have people who tell you what to think.
    Both of you have limited cognitive abilities.
    Senile Joe can’t talk and you make plenty of mistakes when you write.
    Both of make up accomplishments you supposedly make.
    Both you are radical leftists who hate America.
    Both of you are hateful people.
    Senile Joe is a pervert and we’ll, you support liberal pervert judges.
    So, no wonder you support Truck Driver Joe.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    What are you babbling about.? flynn admitted guilt, not once, but twice. All of this is available to anyone that can read. And you have the hubris to call me a liar. Hypocrite, thou art mar.

  18. Mar

    Another reason you are like Senile Joe, Pervert Boy Le Roi is that you refuse to answer questions.
    Again, when was he convicted and when was Flynn sentenced, if you cannot answer those questions, then you are wrong again…like almost every time you post something
    So, why not admit you are wrong and move on to more important things, like when is your diaper is going to be changed, why is the Earth round and why the sky is blue.

  19. Mar

    Let’s make an example where Little Brain Le Roi might understand.
    Pretend I am a cop.
    I pull you over for speeding and the and I write you a ticket.
    You go to court and plead guilty.
    Then then you discover that I didn’t have a working speed gun and lied about it.
    Are you still guilty if speeding? Nope.
    Can you go back to the judge and say,I lied and didn’t have his radar gun with him and I made up the speeding part because of my hate for you and your perversions.
    Will you accept the speeding ticket or will demand that the guilty plea be overturned?
    Answer that.

  20. Mar

    Here’s another pretend example:
    Your hero, the pervert judge.
    Let’s say, the Feds accused him of distributing child porn, but their evidence is planted by the Feds.
    The pervert judge pleads guilty to avoid the embarrassment but in reality, the judge finds out that the Feds planted the evidence on his computer and the judge wants to take back his guilty plea and plead innocent.
    He also finds out that the Feds were going after his husband for other crimes, if he did not plead guilty and the Feds threatened to take away their kids and put them into foster care.
    Should he be allowed to do that? If he is totally innocent.
    Or because he pleaded guilty originally, he has to stick with the plea.
    I am sure you can relate to this.

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    That all you have mar, pretend scenarios? I deal in reality and facts, you got caught making stuff up again and resort pretending you are smart. Didn’t work last time, doesn’t work this time.

  22. Mar

    You never deal in reality, Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    Just a troll, a senile troll.
    You don’t have answer because you are too stupid to come up with one.
    Just like Senile Joe, you make an outrageous comment and then cannot back it up.
    What a dumbass.

  23. Le Roi du Nord

    Flynn admitted guilt twice. He pleaded guilty and signed the plea agreement. trump pardoned him before sentencing occurred. All facts, all easily verified if you were interested in the truth.

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