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1640, 29 Sep 21

Assembly Passes Bill Mandating Civics Education

While I support the need to teach civics, I’m not sure I trust 60%+ of the government school teachers to teach it fairly.

Under the bill, the required civics curriculum would have to include teaching the history and context of the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and “a sense of civic pride and desire to participate regularly with government at all levels.”

The bill passed the Assembly on a 61-37 vote, with all Republicans and Democratic Rep. Sylvia Ortiz-Velez, of Milwaukee, voting yes. All other Democrats voted against it. The measure now heads to the Senate, which must also pass it before it would go to Gov. Tony Evers.


1640, 29 September 2021


  1. Tuerqas

    Why are Republicans implementing this? They don’t control the school curriculum, the Dems do. Under todays belief trends this is a perfect Dem tool not a Republican tool. There is not a liberal teacher in the State that could even process the ideas that the Constitution creates civic pride for any black person or white person with any empathy because it condones slavery. And there is something there too. How is a teacher stuck on the imperfections ever going to teach this the way Republicans intend this bill? For the liberal mindset of today, the Constitution begins at the 14th amendment and no one can expect a teacher to teach something they don’t think is right (or at least not well). If this passes the end result curriculum will be a green light for liberals to teach students even further left ideas and the “…participate regularly with government at all levels.” will mean they can now teach kids to vote to ‘make’ the Constitution worthy of pride with even more impunity. Which simply means to me that the Dems can continue to re-make/re-interpret the parts of the Constitution that don’t fit their system of control. Why did they vote against it and why did Reps create this bill are my questions? It is a no-brainer for Dems, Reps shaped and made a tool for Dem use. Good job!

  2. Merlin

    I’ve always thought the history curriculum in public education was weak at best. Way back in the day K-12 government schools only taught the CliffsNotes versions of US history. There was no time for depth of context. It was all about the regurgitation of dates and events. Short term garbage in – garbage out style education. History in context didn’t enter my education until 200-series and above college classes. Depending upon your degree track some folks didn’t have to take anything more than a single 100-series history course of some sort (pretty much just a $300 review of a high school course). It’s no wonder so many know so little about US history and government.

    Back then if you snoozed through that single semester high school civics class you could still pass the semester final by watching the Schoolhouse Rocks animation episodes. That ‘How-A-Bill-Becomes-A-Law’ jingle still dances around in my head.

  3. Jason

    This is DoA on Ever’s desk. A career educator like knows what’s best for every child in the state… to hell with the parents and their representatives deciding anything. The R’s know this, they’re trying to rile up their base by forcing a Never’s veto.

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