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1712, 24 Sep 21

“This is not a gun grab”

If you have to say it...

State Rep. Deb Andraca (D-Whitefish Bay) said 19 other states have extreme risk protection order laws, and passing similar legislation could save lives in Wisconsin.


“This is not a gun grab,” State Rep. Andraca said. “This is a bill that respects our Second Amendment rights with provisions, such as criminal penalties for those who bring false charges. Only a judge can issue an order based on clear and convincing evidence of a threat. The order is temporary, can be challenged or terminated with full due process.”


1712, 24 September 2021


  1. Mike

    We already have a “red flag law” it’s called emergency detention and is found in chapter 51 of the statutes. It also looks at the problem instead of just confiscating guns.

  2. dad29

    What? You expect the Attorney General to know the law?


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