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1543, 19 Sep 21

Haitians Invade Texas

We don’t really have a border anymore, and it is intentional.

DEL RIO, Texas (AP) — Haitian migrants seeking to escape poverty, hunger and a feeling of hopelessness in their home country said they will not be deterred by U.S. plans to speedily send them back, as thousands of people remained encamped on the Texas border Saturday after crossing from Mexico.


Scores of people waded back and forth across the Rio Grande on Saturday afternoon, re-entering Mexico to purchase water, food and diapers in Ciudad Acuña before returning to the Texas encampment under and near a bridge in the border city of Del Rio.


Junior Jean, a 32-year-old man from Haiti, watched as people cautiously carried cases of water or bags of food through the knee-high river water. Jean said he lived on the streets in Chile the past four years, resigned to searching for food in garbage cans.


“We are all looking for a better life,” he said.

I get that Haiti is a hellhole, but why is the U.S. responsible for it? If Haiti is that bad, what about Mexico? Cuba – that communist paradise? Venezuela? Canada? Belize? Jamaica? Heck… what about the other side of the island in the Dominican Republic?

Someone is paying for all of these Haitians to travel to Mexico to this focal point in Del Rio. Someone is opening ports and doors to get them there. This is intentional.


1543, 19 September 2021


  1. Mar

    “Someone is opening ports and doors to get them there”
    Well that would be Truck Driver Joe and his puppeteers.
    It would be interesting to see who is paying. Round trip tickets from Port Au Prince to Juarez are a minimum of $3600 for 1 person. Multiply that by 12,000 and you get about $43,000,000.
    And then you need money for supplies and other transportation.

  2. MjM

    True. It is intentional. But not for the reasons you think

    The Mexican g’vment has been holding up Haitians (and others) crossing in from Guatemala in the southern-most city of Tapachula in the Chiapas region for months as part of the quiet agreement with Babblin’ Joe to reinstate the Trump Remain policy. The difference is that Trump forced the policy by warning of sanctions and tariffs while BJ offered hundreds of millions in economic aid in return for Remain.

    But BJ has not paid one red cent since Remain was reinstated.

    And so, exactly one week ago the Mexican g’vment said, like all those college football attendees, “FUCK JOE BIDEN!” and let the hoard of people go.

    And go they did. They are crossing into Del Rio from the Ciudad Acuna area because there is less Mexi-cartels there and they don’t have to pay the “fee”.

  3. Mar

    Funny how many liberals say the US is such a racist country but funny that most of the illegals are people of color.
    Must not be that bad or they haven’t gotten the message yet.

  4. Tuerqas

    Biden admin vetting: “This is a ballot. See B-I-D-E-N? Can you make a mark next to the name with a pencil? Yes? Do this when and where we tell you to and have a nice life. Oh, and if you have a mask, wear it on the way out the door. Buh-bye

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