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1738, 14 Sep 21

Parents Push Back on SEL and CRT Curriculum in West Bend

I heard rumblings about the West Bend School Board’s meeting last night, but the video of parents sharing their views is incredibly compelling. Check out the Washington County Insider for more.

Quite a few parents asked the board to call an emergency meeting to remove the SEL and CRT curriculum from the West Bend School District.


“Stop teaching SEL in Badger and the high school and take emergency action to remove it now. You are causing harm to our children,” said parent Corine Freund. “It is not safe in our school. My son got beat up last week in your school district and I am tired of it.”


Nicole Casper has two children and already removed one from the district opting for homeschooling. “Why do you think it’s ok to continue teaching something parents don’t want,” she said. “Why is there such a pushback against parents who are concerned to have this stopped?”


Jamie Dutcher read from SEL curriculum that promoted a website for 13-and-14-year-old children. The website reminded students to “clear your history after visiting this website.”


“Sex can be a fun and gratifying activity for you and your partners to enjoy together. Five tips for your first time. … You can live chat your questions to us.”


Dutcher said she asked superintendent Jen Wimmer about the site and Wimmer told her the website was stricken from the curriculum.


1738, 14 September 2021


  1. Jason

    If Social Media can deplatform people for simply sharing their thoughts and questions about a vaccine or an election – how is it possible in this day and age that a school district could allow a website like through their web-nanny filters?…. LET ALONE IN THE CIRRICULUM. We need to fire some folks over this type of crap.

  2. dad29

    If WBSchools still have “SORA” as an online library-resource, your Superintendent is running 3-card monte past you.

    Same stuff (or worse) disguised as “sex ed” curricular materials. Check out the videos where parents read portions of SORA-accessed books to school boards in Waukesha and Elmbrook.

    It’s porn.

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