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1034, 07 Sep 21

Madison Government School Scheme to Violate the Law

To many of your government schools are no longer interested in the views of parents, the community, or even the law. Many of them don’t seem very interested in actual education anymore either. They think that their higher purpose to program their ideology into the next generation takes priority over all other priorities.

As far as the Madison school district is concerned, parents have no business knowing if their children are experimenting with alternate gender/sexual identities – no matter what the courts say.


Last year, the district’s official policy was to lie to parents if their children came out as transgender at school. Parents sued, and the courts struck down the district’s policy.




Regardless of that straightforward language about not concealing information from parents, MMSD believes it has a workaround. It’s advising staff to simply not answer parents’ questions about their children coming out at school.


“If a parent asks a teacher a question about their child as to these matters, including information about the name and pronouns being used to address their child at school, the teacher CAN choose not to answer the question.  The District does NOT have a policy that a teacher must choose not to answer that question if a parent asks about their own child.  It is within the teacher’s discretion whether to answer the question or not,” according to guidance from the district’s general counsel.


MMSD Chief of Staff Dr. Richard McGregory sent that guidance to all staff on Aug. 30th. He did not respond to requests from MacIver News for comment.


Advising teachers to deliberately deceive parents, preventing parents from knowing about a child transitioning and denying them the basic right to have a role in that sensitive and life-changing decision is not the School District’s only example pushing sexualization and very adult discussions onto children.


1034, 07 September 2021


  1. Mar

    It’s pretty obvious liberals think laws and rules don’t apply to them.
    It starts from the top down.

  2. jonnyv

    This should be pretty straight forward from every teacher. “We don’t ask, nor is it our business what sexual/gender identity a student has.” Pretty simple.

    If I ask my kid’s teacher if my child is straight, should they answer? Why would they even know? If my daughter gets to school and puts makeup on, is that something I should be able to ask the teachers about? If I send my daughter to school in a dress and she changes to jeans, is that something that would qualify and the teachers should be aware of?

    When I was in school (eons ago), there was a guy who would wear a dress to school on occasion. It was some “Little House on the Prairie” style flower dress. He did it to be different and unique, it had nothing to do with his gender or sexuality. What are we asking teachers to do about stuff like that?

    Talk about a nanny state. It isn’t the schools job to tattle on students unless it is interfering with the classroom.

  3. Mar

    JohnnyV: “If a parent asks a teacher a question about their child as to these matters, including information about the name and pronouns being used to address their child at school….”
    That’s a pretty straightforward question and it should be answered by the teacher.
    The parents have every right to know about THEIR child, and it not the school’s child.

  4. jonnyv

    Correct, it isn’t the schools child. It isn’t the schools responsibility to raise them. And guess what, kids are smart. If they can’t come out to their parents, they won’t come out to teachers or ask to be called anything different. If I were Madison school district, I would just come out with a policy that says we will refer to all people at the school by gender neutral pronouns and be done with it. Simple enough. Great, everyone is a “they”. Done and Done. Bypass the law completely.

    It isn’t the schools job to poke in on the personal lives of students unless it is a disruption or a direct danger to the student. If a child is afraid to talk to their parents about something like this, my guess is that the parents are probably not the greatest of role models or the best of parents in the first place.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful, awful liberals.

  6. dad29

    The classic description of grade- and high-school’s authority was “In loco parentis” (in place of the parents).

    By logical extension, the schools should care for not only the 3 R’s, but the formation of a student’s character and their physical and mental health—exactly as a parent would.

    Now we see that the schools in Madison have taken that one step further and have decided that THEY are the parents and the actual parents are merely providing motel-space and meals for the schools’ children.

    It ain’t only Madison.

    The Left has always, always, always, targeted families and the Church. If they can destroy those two entities, all else is theirs. It’s a power thing, pure and simple.

  7. Tuerqas

    Agreed. School has become the number one tool of Democrats, even before MSM, in my opinion. The number one Republican maker has always been reality concerning making enough money to survive and being a little pissed that others survived on their taxes just fine. Once that reality hits, MSM loses a lot of power so they had to go deeper and get them younger while still in formative years. The ‘left’ is just a construct of Democrats. There are plenty of high sympathy/empathic people who would make up the ‘left’, but it was purely the Democratic Party that programmed the less sensitive too, and then weaponized them all.

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