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1745, 05 Sep 21

Milwaukee Looks for Reasons to Spend Slush Fund Money

Again… slush fund. This money isn’t being spent on pandemic-related costs. It’s just a gigantic slush fund and they are making up reasons to spend it.

The push-and-pull over nearly $400 million in federal pandemic relief funds has begun in earnest in Milwaukee.


Community groups and their supporters packed together outside a Common Council meeting room Thursday morning to advocate for $200 million for affordable housing just before the finance committee inside heard from Mayor Tom Barrett and approved spending $13.7 million on issues considered urgent.




The events Thursday followed a vote of the Common Council a day earlier on a process for deciding how the first half of the funds will be spent. That process requires council members to submit requests for using the money by 5 p.m. on Oct. 1 and the compiled requests to be made public by Oct. 12.


1745, 05 September 2021


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