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2206, 30 Aug 21

“Our 20 years of sacrifice worked”

It is unconscionable how we left behind so many people and so much equipment. Joe Biden turned a planned withdrawal into a defeat and armed a terrorist regime in the process. It’s a disgrace.

The Army released an image Monday of the last U.S. soldier to leave Afghanistan as the Pentagon announced the last American forces left Kabul airport 24 hours ahead of schedule.


The XVIII Airborne Corps, whose forces go by the Sky Dragons, were among the last to step off Afghan soil as the total withdrawal of U.S. forces concluded Monday ahead of the August 31 deadline.




And some 100 to 200 Americans and thousands of Afghan allies left behind must fend for themselves now that the airport no longer offers an escape route.




Footage emerged on social media of Taliban fighters apparently making their way through Kabul airport, examining Chinook helicopters left behind by U.S. troops.


‘The last five aircraft have left, it’s over,’ Hemad Sherzad, a Taliban fighter stationed at Kabul’s¬†international airport, told the Associated Press.


‘I cannot express my happiness in words. … Our 20 years of sacrifice worked.’


2206, 30 August 2021


  1. Mar

    It can be debated if we should have stayed or went home.
    But there is absolutely no debate that this departure from Afghanistan was a total failure and the failure is on Senile Joe and his minders.
    Senile Joe is a complete disgrace as a president and person.

  2. Mike

    The Taliban are already making good use of the equipment we left behind, There are now videos of people being hung from helicopters as they fly around the city.

  3. MjM

    “And some 100 to 200 Americans…”

    This is a lie, straight from the State Dept.

  4. Merlin

    Looks like Biden has run afoul of the ‘intelligence community’ in a big way. Someone leaked both the actual phone call recording and a transcript of Biden urging Afghan President Ghani to lie about conditions on the ground during the withdrawal phase. Also released is a call to Ghani later that same day by Jake Sullivan, Gen. Milley, and Gen. McKenzie urging Ghani to ‘change perception’ (also known as lying) about the deteriorating conditions on the ground in the run up to the total collapse. CentCom knew what was coming. The Joint Chiefs knew what was coming. The National Security Advisor knew what was coming. Someone made a conscious decision not to alter the course of events.

    Despite their public statements to the contrary, Biden Inc. knew exactly how fast Afghanistan was going to collapse.

  5. Mar

    Even the very liberal media isn’t buying it:

  6. Mar

    Crap, the link didn’t work.
    It’s from the very liberal New York Daily news: “kl6wcr6fbjbxdgi7ytyphmhada-story.html”….

    It was a success that, contrary to what Biden not long ago told the American people would happen, a government we supported over the course of two decades, with $2 trillion in taxpayer investments and 800,000 U.S. troops, melted in minutes. A success that our sworn enemy, the Taliban, now has billions worth of Pentagon equipment, and bragging rights of a victorious conqueror. A success that America had to scramble to find and rescue its people and the Afghans who had helped us throughout the war, getting many thousands out but leaving who knows how many to now face likely retaliation from the Taliban.”.
    But hey, Senile Joe has Ann Coulter on his side.

  7. dad29


    Paul Ryan thinks we should have left 2500 troops in-country. That’s not a ridiculous proposal, but that leaves the possibility of 2500 targets, too.

  8. Mar

    As a former firefighter, I think of this reference:
    On 9/11over 320 firefighters died in the Twin Towers. They tried to get everyone out and it cost them their lives, including many of the top echelon of the FDNY.
    But with Afghanistan, the military leaders and Senile Joe left hundreds of US citizens and friendly Afghans behind without trying to get them out. They made no effort to get those who were stuck in Kabul and other cities in Afghanistan.
    It’s an embarrassment to the US military. It’s an embarrassment to the country.
    And the GOP needs to speak more loudly but they won’t.

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