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0659, 25 Aug 21

Wisconsin DOJ Feeds “Violent Conservative” Narrative


Out-of-control school board meetings over COVID-19 protocols has the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Office of School Safety warning if people go too far in debates, that speech can become criminal.


The Office of School Safety spoke to school leaders about what kinds of speech are protected and when police involvement is appropriate. This comes as school board meetings have turned heated around issues like mask mandates.




Devitt says if people go too far in a school board debate, it could mean facing criminal charges.


“When it goes into threatening a person, threatening to harm someone or something, that is when we see it move into criminality,” said Devitt.

The guidance is not wrong. When speech turns to threats or violence, it does become inappropriate and even illegal. But where was this guidance when BLM was disrupting public meetings? Where was it when teachers were protesting Act 10? Where was it when lefties were disrupting Sensenbrenner town halls?

Nowhere. It’s OK for lefties to scream threats because they do so for the cause of justice and right. This is the perpetuation of the narrative that Democrats and leftists have been perpetuating since January 6th (or before). The message goes something like this… conservatives are a violent domestic terrorist cell that we should fear and quash. So we see leftist activists on elected boards running to the media to tell everyone how afraid they are. We see every conservative who may raise his/her voice in public or stand with a Gadsden flag be labeled an insurrectionist. We see leftist government institutions, like the Wisconsin DOJ, issue stern warnings about conservatives going to far. All of this comes after we endured a year of violent unrest from leftist organizations where these same people sat in silent approval.

Don’t buy it, conservatives. Show up. Be vocal. Be loud. Don’t be violent or stupid, but don’t let the leftist power structure silence you.


0659, 25 August 2021


  1. Mar

    And another list:
    “Attorney Mark Richards was responding to a motion filed by prosecutors last week requesting a list of people who donated cash to help Kyle Rittenhouse, who is accused in the shootings in Kenosha last summer.”
    Who cares who is donating to his defense, except the government.
    I don’t recall prosecutors in Kenosha wanting to know who supports BLM and Antifa when those thugs were rioting.

  2. Merlin

    Lefties are never going to give up their ‘inappropriate behavior’ as long as it’s working for them. And it IS working for them. Thinking that you can whine loud enough about their abusiveness to penetrate what’s left of their conscience is wishful thinking.

  3. Tuerqas

    You think too much of liberals Merlin. ‘Conscience’ has been redefined (reprogrammed) to pertain only to issues that a liberal is taught to care about. So nothing is inappropriate in the first place if it advances a liberal cause. There is no independent thought left and a programmed conscience is not a conscience at all.

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