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0751, 23 Aug 21

Afghan Refugees Begin Arriving in Wisconsin

They are here.

Afghan refugees have begun arriving at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin’s only active military installation, following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan last week, according to a news release from Brigadier General Chris Norrie, the Task Force McCoy Commander.


Those who have arrived at the base — which is located on 60,000 acres between Tomah and Sparta — are special immigrant visa applicants, their families and other individuals at risk.


“We expect these arrivals to continue throughout the day and the coming days,” the news release said.


Last week, Tonya Townsell, the spokesperson for Fort McCoy, said the base was preparing to receive refugees. As people enter the base, they will be housed in the barracks typically used for American military members, she said. Staff at Fort McCoy will also provide access to dining services and medical care.


0751, 23 August 2021

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  1. Mar

    Why not let these people go, just like they do with the illegal aliens down on the border. Send them to Brookfield, West Bend, Oconomowc , Elm Grove, or Wauwatosa

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