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0942, 21 Aug 21

Our Virtual President

I am utterly baffled by the Administration’s actions here.

Joe Biden will leave Washington DC on Saturday for his holiday home in Delaware – exiting the White House amid the biggest crisis of his presidency.


The president will have spent only four days in the last 15 in the White House since the Taliban took their first regional capital, with the rest of the time at Camp David or in Delaware.


His vice president, Kamala Harris, left DC on Friday night for an Asia tour. She will be absent from Washington for a week, visiting Singapore, Vietnam and then California. Her office insisted she will continue to work on the Afghan crisis while she is in Asia.

The optics of this are so bad. Afghanistan and his presidency is on fire and Biden refuses to stand his post in the White House. Yes, in our modern world, a president can be effective irrespective of location, but the American people and the world need the reassurance to see the American president sitting at his desk in the Oval handling the crisis. If that wasn’t clear a week ago, the cacophony of criticism in the last week should have made that clear. Yet… off go Biden and Harris on their trips.


Harris is easy. She is responding the same way she did when she was assigned to handle the border crisis… she avoids it. Her political instincts are to run away from anything hard. But Biden is a different story. Surely he and his staff knows that he should be in the White House. Surely they know that this is an easy way for him to show that he’s on top of things. A few pictures of him at his desk through the windows… walking down a hallway with some military advisor… etc. While we all know that he’s bumbling, there are some easy ways here for Biden to try to project competence.

But he won’t. He stayed at Camp David and now he’s off the Delaware. Why?

Something is seriously wrong with our president.


0942, 21 August 2021


  1. Mar

    Remember when some uneducated cowardly liberals complained about President Trump going golfing in Florida?
    Truck Driver Joe has been back home to Delaware at least 19 times since he has been elected.
    And the uneducated, cowardly liberals are silent.

  2. Mark Hoefert

    The press pool was on the bus waiting to be transported to their plane, and then they were advised that the trip to Delaware was cancelled.

    Schedule was showing a count down to a “meeting” at 1:00 Eastern time. So, Biden is still at the White House.

    Americans were advised by State Department to not attempt to go to the airport today. Yesterday Pelosi made it sound like all the Americans needed to do is take an Uber to the airport.

    Chat indicating that ISIS is on the move.

  3. Mark Hoefert

    Now the time stamp on his schedule is showing that he is in New Castle, DE.

    Perhaps left later than scheduled, and maybe without press coverage?

    Nothing for tomorrow.

  4. Mar

    Yep, Mark, someone is lying.
    Or incompetent that they cannot update their web site.
    Typical Truck Driver Joe administration, cannot get anything right.

  5. dad29

    He’s in late-stage Big A. Really NEEDS familiar surroundings–like his house–not the crowd in the briefing room, or even the not-yet-familiar White House residence.

    He’ll be out of the office by the end of the year, if not the end of September.

  6. jonnyv

    Mar, you make it sound like 19 is a lot. Trump hit 19 in his first 5 months of presidency.

    Yes, you can be president from anywhere these days. Sitting in the oval office is just a photo op at this point. Although where you can’t get any work done… is on the golf course. But no one really seemed to complain about that the past presidency.

    And Dad29, if you have known anyone with Alzheimer, you probably wouldn’t be saying that. I made the mistake of making a bet with a buddy that Trump would only last 2 years and lost that one (Still owe him a steak). Looks like you are right on the same path that I was. Good luck with that.

  7. Mar

    JohnnyV, I think you missed my point. President Trump got ripped for his vacations and the media and liberals are silent. Especially when there multiple crises going on now.
    And I agree with you about Dad’s statement, as someone who worked with end stage Alzheimer’s, it is insulting.
    But without a doubt he does have Alzheimer’s, probably at the same level as Tony Bennett. At least Tony agreed to stop performing and being a singer is not as important as being president.

  8. Mar

    Should be liberals and the media are silent on Senile Joe’s vacations.

  9. dad29

    And Dad29, if you have known anyone with Alzheimer, you probably wouldn’t be saying that

    My mother had it. Close enough for you?

    I said “out” as in OUT OF THE JOB. His own Cabinet will initiate 25A proceedings because they look like s**t with him in the chair. They’re already going to take a serious drubbing in ’22. Why make it even worse?

    How long will he live” That’s another question. Don’t care, frankly.

  10. Mar

    I disagree Dad, they won’t.
    While Truck Driver Joe has some senility, they can easily control him.
    But if you get rid of Senile Joe, then you are stuck with Ho Kamala who is even dumber than Senile Joe and she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s.
    Get rid of her, then you got Nancy Pelosi waiting in the wings or whoever Ho Kamala decided is vice president. My guess it would be that fat ass woman from Georgia.
    You go to the dance with who you brought. They chose Senile and they are stuck with him.

  11. dad29

    Watch next month’s polling data. You could owe me a 6-pack.

  12. Mar

    Another cringe worthy news conference by Truck Driver Joe.
    Who is the EPA head, Senile Joe?
    And Senile Joe, you didn’t mention Is or Isis K last Friday. You mentioned Al Qaeda you Buffon.
    And the flights out of Kabul are averaging less than 100 people per flight.
    And what does getting vaccinated and wearing a mask have to do with the Tropical storm storm in the Eastern US?

  13. Mar

    I might be wrong Dad because his speechwriters might be sabotaging him.
    But of course, the wild card is the fake doctor Jill Biden. She love the power. She will string him up like Pinocchio just to keep on to her power and living conditions. She doesn’t care one bit about Truck Driver Joe, that’s pretty obvious.

  14. Jason

    jonnyv brings up Trump to defend Biden. Seems to be the only shining gem that Biden lovers can polish… how does it feel comparing your shitstain to your most hated President?

  15. MjM

    Mar sez:” And I agree with you about Dad’s statement, as someone who worked with end stage Alzheimer’s, it is insulting.”

    Then you should know that what Daddio wrote about familiar surroundings for those so inflicted is a well known and practiced pacifier. And you should certainly be able to recognize the tell tale signs of increasing dementia.

    Three days ago Babblin’ Joe claimed “ We don’t have military in Syria.” Yesterday Brig. Gen. Christopher Sage, flying an F-15E, shot down an Iranian drone that was shadowing 900 US troops…. in Syria.

    I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that It is highly unlikely that BJ has not sat in on discussions of said troops some time in the last six months. It’s probably been a point of discussion in every meeting of the JCS. His dementia is not just sad. Because of his position, it’s dangerous.

    I don’t know if Daddio’s exact timeline is spot on, but it is obvious to everyone – here and abroad – that the man is unfit to lead anything but his own walk to his bedroom. The 25A will have to be invoked at some point, Kacklin Kamala no matter.

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