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2031, 16 Aug 21

West Bend Common Council Decline to Move Ahead on Pay Raises

But are setting aside the money anyway. They are waiting for a quieter moment to slip this in when nobody notices. But, at least, it beats passing it.

August 16, 2021 – West Bend, WI – After more than an hour discussion the West Bend Common Council took no action regarding a decision to move forward on a cross-the-board staff pay raise.


After much discussion the council took no vote but indicated it would follow up on issuing a request for proposal to hire an outside consultant to conduct a salary study.


Discussion also included possibly placing $450,000 in a separate account in the next budget so once the salary study is complete the earmarked money would be available should the council move forward with the consultant’s recommendation on possible pay increases.


2031, 16 August 2021


  1. RandyK

    We did not take a no vote and we did not set money aside. The RFP and the money will be on the next agenda. At last night’s meeting we took no action, this allows time to have a complete study done that will compare more than just wages. We have some employees that definitely deserve a raise. It’s irresponsible to just go across the board purely on recommendation from our HR director.

  2. Owen

    Thank you for your thoughtful leadership.

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