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2057, 16 Aug 21

Afghan Refugees Head for Wisconsin

Welcome. This is an opportunity to defend America’s honor and fulfill our promise to take care of our allies and friends. Let’s welcome them with open arms and encourage them to adopt America as their new home with a full respect for individual rights and freedoms. Who’s in charge of integrating them?

Fort McCoy, a U.S. Army installation near Sparta, is preparing to accept an unknown number of refugees from Afghanistan who are fleeing in the wake of the collapse of the Afghanistan government to the Taliban.

As the United States ends its mission there, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other outlets have reported that Fort McCoy is preparing to accept special immigrant visa applicants, but few other details were available.


“We have been notified that we will be receiving these special immigrant visa applicants,” Fort McCoy spokesperson Tonya Townsell told the Journal Sentinel. “I don’t know when these guests of ours will be arriving exactly, but anytime it can turn.”

A McCoy spokesperson later declined a request for comment and referred the Wisconsin State Journal to the U.S. Department of Defense.

A DOD spokesperson confirmed that Fort McCoy is under consideration as a site to provide temporary housing for Afghan special immigration visa applicants and their families.


2057, 16 August 2021


  1. dad29

    Agreed, “wilkommen’!!

    But they still have to be vetted. Clearly, Biden*’s people won’t do it, or won’t do it well at all.

  2. Mar

    But they won’t open it up for the illegal aliens who cross our border illegally?
    Another Truck Driver Joe fuck up.

  3. Mar

    Maybe Truck Driver Joe should concentrate on getting American citizens out of Afghanistan instead. 15-40,000 Americans to get out. Plus all the Afghans who have helped us.
    But now we have to play nice with a terrorist group. Like that we’ll end well.
    What has Senile Joe not screwed up?
    Time to impeach him or get the 25th amendment involved.

  4. Mar

    Listening to a Deputy State Dept. hack.
    She must have been on some good hallucinating drugs.
    Wants to negotiate with the Taliban. Doesn’t mention getting Americans out. But Afghans, yes.
    Liberals think most people are stupid.
    There is 1 liberal here, not Johnnyv, who thinks that.
    But Senile Joe thinks getting a 3rd Chinese virus is important.
    Shit for Brains Biden.

  5. Mar

    Watching the Defense Secretary and Joint Chief of Staff.
    They are going to evacuate as many Americans as possible.
    And they have the airport secure…
    How the hell are people supposed to get to the airport when you have Taliban having numerous check points?
    Shit for Brains Biden strikes again.

  6. Mar

    Oh, the 2 pussies generals say that after August 31, those not evacuated are on their own.
    Come on, Pervert Boy Le Roi, defend this.

  7. Merlin

    Milley and Co. have to decide how much longer they’re going to be good soldiers answering to brain dead civilian superiors. Abandoning American nationals to the Taliban and continuing to wear the uniform are not possible.

  8. Mar

    Merlin, which brain dead civilian?
    Senile Joe or Austin?
    Both are very incompetent.

  9. MjM

    Q: “Do you have the capability to go out and collect Americans?”

    “We don’t have the capability to go out and collect large numbers of people. We had that capability in June, but we left all those vehicles parked over at Bagram.“ – SecDef Loyd Austin, today.

    America is in huge trouble. Our armed forces are run by abject morons and our “intelligence” agencies are nothing more that partisan pantywaste imbeciles.

    And a so-called “president” who is a mentally impaired animatronic who can barely read a teleprompter for 15 minutes without falling asleep. While 10/15,000 US citizens remain stuck in hostile territory, China is running wild in the waters around Taiwan, the southern border is in total chaos with tens of thousands of CCPVirus infected illegals dumped anonymously throughout the country, inflation soaring, this POS plagiarizing lying two-faced dickhead spends $50,000 of your money for a few minutes of pretending he’s doing something, then crawls back to bed.

    God help us.

  10. dad29

    God help us.

    Nothing is beyond His power. But this will be a stretch.

  11. MjM

    Babblin’ Joe’s Hillary moment…

    STEPHANOPOULOS: We’ve all seen the pictures. We’ve seen those hundreds of people packed in a C-17. We’ve seen Afghans falling —

    BIDEN (interrupting): That was four days ago, five days ago!

    Actually, dickhead, Just two days ago. But I guess, at this point, what difference does it make?


    I thought we could survive the lunatic woke, I thought we would overcome the BLM frauds, the Antifa freaks, the pathetic Pelosis and Schumer’s, the anti-American Omars, and the ignoramus bartenders. I thought maybe the authoritative agencies, exposed over the last four years as vindictive bitches, could be cleansed of it’s Vidmans and actually get back to for-America work. I even thought dumbass Biden would pass with some but repairable damage.

    I’ve had a change of heart.

    What we have witnessed over the last six months – the utter governmental incompetence, the obvious dain bramage, the lies, the hypocrisy, the sick illogic, the accepted fraud – is indicative of a freefall. If the top is out of control there is no stopping the freefall. And the top is completely out of control.

    The question is twofold. 1) How long can America absorb this insanity before shattering? 2) Even if the freefall is somehow checked in the future, can the depth of the fall be recuperated at that point?

    IOW, does America survive the Biden Years? Honestly, barring a miracle or divine intervention, I don’t believe so. At least not as “America”. if you catch my meaning.

  12. Jason

    MJM…. don’t forget PELOSI: “The President is to be commended for his strong leadership and exceptional focus on bringing American military involvement in Afghanistan to an end. He does so ensuring that Americans and our Afghan partners make it to safety as soon as possible and with a continuing laser focus on counterterrorism efforts to protect U.S. interests at home and abroad. In the days and weeks ahead, the Congress will continue to receive additional briefings from the Administration as we continue to work together on the evolving security situation in Afghanistan.” 8 Days ago, 3 Days ago.

    Can anyone give me an example of Biden being a better president than Trump – by focusing on what Biden has done and not what Trump tweeted? The fact that 2 days seems like 4-5 days to Biden, that just reinforces the fears that he is mentally incompetent to lead. Come on man!

  13. Mark Hoefert

    @ MJM IOW, does America survive the Biden Years?

    I hope you meant “Months”.

  14. Merlin

    The Brits are sending patrols out from the airport into the city to round up UK nationals. If you’re an American you have to get to the airport on your own.

  15. MjM

    @Mark Could be. But will it make a difference? Biden->Harris->Pelosi->Leahy->Blinken. It’s 3.5 years of continued stooopid under any circumstances. And doesn’t answer my Q2.

    FWIW, locally speaking, the Biden-esque useless idiocy rolls on…

    Dane County Jail in Wisconsin will no longer call people “inmates” and start referring to them as “residents” in an effort to “humanize and respect” the criminals. “This proactive approach to our criminal justice reform is going to allow us to move towards a 21st century policing mindset in which we treat everyone within our community with dignity, respect, and humanity,” said Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett. ”

    Why do I have Tom Petty singing in my head?

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