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1519, 12 Aug 21

Texas Gets Closer to More Secure Elections

While Wisconsin’s governor is supporting cheating, Texas is getting closer to better elections.

Democrats, who acknowledge they cannot permanently stop the GOP voting bill from passing because of Republicans’ dominance in both chambers of the Texas Legislature, responded to the warrants with new shows of defiance. One turned up in a Houston courtroom and secured a court order aimed at preventing him from being forced to return to the Capitol.


The NAACP also stepped in on behalf of the Texas Democrats, urging the Justice Department to investigate whether a federal crime was being committed when Republicans threatened to have them arrested.


Refusing to attend legislative sessions is a violation of House rules — a civil offense, not a criminal one, leaving the power the warrants carry to get Democrats back to the chamber unclear, even for the Republicans who invoked it. Democrats would not be jailed. Republican Travis Clardy, who helped negotiate an early version of the voting bill that Democrats first stopped with a walkout in May, said he believes Democrats can be physically brought back to the Capitol.


State Rep. Jim Murphy, who leads the Texas House Republican Caucus, said while he has not seen a situation like this play out during his tenure, his understanding is that officers could go to the missing lawmakers and ask them to come back.


“I am hoping they will come because the warrants have been issued and they don’t want to be arrested,” Murphy said. “It is incredible to me that you have to arrest people to do the job they campaigned for, for which they took an oath of office to uphold the Texas Constitution.”


1519, 12 August 2021


  1. dad29

    Just because they campaigned for a job doesn’t mean they want to DO it.

    Yes, Evers will veto any bill increasing integrity. It is the nature of Wisconsin Democrats to shun integrity, just like in Texas.

  2. Mar

    I just wonder why Abbot or the House just didn’t shut off their per diems. They were getting over $200 a day to party.
    And if they want to fight that, then come and fight in the courts, be disposed by the lawyers and go to court.

  3. Tuerqas

    Screw just the per diems. They should not be paid while they are not present, no per diems and civil crimes can be resolved with fines. Fine the maximum every day. One place every politician can be hurt is the wallet as lining their pockets is the only thing they can all agree on.

  4. dad29

    T, I believe that you’re becoming a cynic.

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