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1634, 11 Aug 21

Evers Supports Voter Fraud and Intimidation with Vetoes

Evers vetoed several Republican bills that would have made our elections more secure. In doing so, he is working hard to make it easier for his supporters to cheat on his behalf next year.

One of the bills would have ended a photo ID exemption for indefinitely confined voters in Wisconsin




Another bill would have limited the period of time an indefinitely confined voter could automatically receive absentee ballots to one year. Current law allows that to happen for an indefinite period of time.


Other bills vetoed by Evers on Tuesday would have:

  • Made it a felony to falsely represent yourself as indefinitely confined or falsely affirm someone else’s indefinitely confined status.

  • Limited communities to a single site outside the clerk’s office for absentee ballot drop-offs.

  • Barred the Wisconsin Elections Commission from automatically sending absentee ballot applications or absentee ballots to voters.

  • Required clerks to post hourly updates with absentee voting statistics on the evening of Election Day.

  • Required administrators at nursing homes and assisted living facilities to notify families when certified voting assistants will visit their facility to help residents with voting.

  • Made it a felony for nursing home or assisted living facility staff to “influence” a resident’s voting behavior.

  • Required observation areas for recounts to be no more than 3 feet from the area where ballots and other materials are being examined.

  • Barred election officials from adding missing information to absentee ballot envelopes, even if they are able to get the information from official state documents.

  • Required communities that provide live broadcasts of election proceedings to keep the recordings on file for at least 22 months.


1634, 11 August 2021


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