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0841, 06 Aug 21

Evers Sits on Federal Relief Money

So the property owners and taxpayers are getting screwed by their renters and the federal government as Evers sits on the money?

When it comes to what people are waiting for, it is not a matter of money. The federal government gave the State of Wisconsin nearly $700 million. Part of that money went directly into the state’s largest communities including the cities of Milwaukee and Madison and the counties of Milwaukee, Waukesha and Dane. The rest of the money, $577 million, went to the state to cover renters living outside those areas. Of that amount, only $131 million has been spent. That means there is still almost $445 million in the state’s pot.


“We have the ability to serve folks in need. We are going to continue to take applications. We’ll continue to do outreach,” said Susan Brown, administrator of Wisconsin Division of Energy, Housing, and Community Resources for the Department of Administration.


0841, 06 August 2021


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