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2051, 05 Aug 21

Governor Who?

The media is portraying this as Biden slapping back at DeSantis. I think Biden seriously didn’t know.

The president piled on Thursday during an event at the White House on electric cars. Biden had just finished driving an electric Jeep Wrangler around the South Lawn when he was asked his response to DeSantis’ criticism: ‘Governor who,’ he said and then chuckled.


The White House has doubled down on blaming DeSantis and fellow Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas for the rising rates of coronavirus infections in their state.

On another note, Biden has opened the southern border and is dumping thousands and thousands of COVID-infected illegal aliens in Texas, and then he has the stones to blame Abbott for a rising infection rate?


2051, 05 August 2021


  1. Mar

    I agree, he doesn’t know who or what a governor is.
    Dumbest president ever.
    The White House is truly the world’s largest nursing home.

  2. Merlin

    Biden has always been a wise ass, so such a comment could certainly have resulted from one of his periodic moments of lucidity, although if he had also been drooling down his shirt and pissing his pants when he said it his fawning media would still have only reported the comment.

  3. Mark Hoefert

    The correct answer to the question: “That would be Governor President Select 2024”, sir.

  4. Mar

    “You know, we have roughly 350 million people vaccinated in the United States and billions around the world. And virtually no one has died because of that vaccinations [sic],” he said in the White House East Room.”
    Senile Joe at it again.

  5. MjM

    Ya beat me to it, mar. 106.8% of Americans have be vaxxed!! They can all shut the hell up now.

    So,I’ll do DeSantis :

    ”I’m not surprised that Biden doesn’t remember me . . . The question is what else has he forgotten?”.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    You liberals elected an imbecile. Worse, you foster elder abuse by keeping him president.

    I hope you are proud owning that.

  7. Mar

    That and RINOs, Kevin.

  8. Le Roi du Nord


    If Biden is an “imbecile “, which he isn’t, what does the say about the guy he beat (who thinks the British had airplanes during the Revolutionary War), and who also lost the House and Senate in his ill-fated term in office??

    Just more sour grapes from the losing side.

  9. Mar

    Speaking of losers, Le Roi, your buddy the pervert judge who watched babies being raped and distributef child porn is pleading guilty.
    Boy,talk about backing the horse.

  10. Mar

    So, according to Le Roi’s theory, Hillary Clinton has a negative IQ because she lost to President Trump and President Sparklefart is almost as dumb because he lost the Senate and House big time.

  11. Mar

    From the Arizona democrats: “The Senate Democrats released a statement that read:
    We are deeply disturbed by what we’ve learned from recent media reports about the arrest of Senator Tony Navarrete. These allegations and arrest are serious and deeply troubling.
    “Right now, it’s important to allow for due process to take place through our judicial system,” the statement continued. “We are closely monitoring the situation and are anxious for the facts of this ongoing investigation to be revealed. At this point we do not have any details surrounding this ongoing case and we will refrain from further comment.”
    Hmm, at least they went further than Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    Not at all, mar. I case you were, or still are, unaware, unlike trump, HRC wasn’t the incumbent . And unlike trump, she didn’t lose the House, Senate, and Presidency for her party. But trump did. And you can take that to the bank.

    It’s difficult to have a rational discussion with someone like you who has no grasp of recent history, our political process,or current events.

  13. Le Roi du Nord


  14. Mar

    Ok, Pervert Boy Le Roi, whatever.
    You just sound dumber every day.
    And still no response about your buddy, the pervert judge who watches babies being raped and distributes child pornography.
    Yep, you really are a loser and a pervert.

  15. Mar

    Definition of an imbecile is the person is a stupid person.
    Yes, Truck Driver Joe is stupid and he is controlled by other people. He also resorts to lies and plagerism.
    But can a person who has dementia, which Senile Joe clearly has can also be a stupid person?
    Well, Senile Joe just hit a 2 run homer. An imbecile and has dementia.
    So, Pervert Boy Le Roi, show us he is not an a stupid and does not have dementia.

  16. MjM

    Nazi Nort luvs him some imbecile: “ If Biden is an “imbecile “, which he isn’t, …”

    Yes. He is. And it’s quite evident:

    Mars’ metaphor rings: “ Senile Joe just hit a 2 run homer.”

    Well, he certainly thinks he hit a 368 foot shot off the right-center wall (“My kids remember that!”j when in reality he grounded out and (perfect!) struck out.

    And he thinks he played College football, and I’m sure he “knows” some one who remembers how he scored the winning TD with just seconds left in some game somewhere sometime.

    And he is sure his “grand pop” (not to be confused, by us at least, with Corn Pop) was a coal miner, even though he admitted in 2004 he lied about that, but then repeated that lie again just last May in Michigan. So it must be true in his mind.

    And he knows he graduated with three degrees (didn’t) at the top of his class (was in the bottom half) and attended college on a full academic scholarship (was a 1 year hardship case).

    And he believes President FDR went on TV in 1929 after the market crashed. Except FDR wasn’t president and TVs were still experimental.

    And Babblin’ Joe eats whatever sticks to his chin.

    And Nort cheers this imbecile.

  17. Le Roi du Nord


    And you cheer a guy that thinks the Brits had airplanes in the 1770’s. Or thinks coronavirus would go away when it gets warm. Or that military members are suckers and losers.
    Pot, meet kettle.

  18. Mar

    And again Pervert Boy has nothing but hate.
    Doesn’t show how Truck Driver Joe is intelligent.
    But hey, he probably sleeps with a baby at night.

  19. MjM

    Nazi Nort lies like Truck Drivin’ Joe: “ Or thinks coronavirus would go away ….”

    “You know, a lot of people think that it goes away in April with the heat — as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April. ” – Trump, Feb 10, 2020 governors meeting, Whitehouse

    What’s missing in that statement, numbnutz?

    Or were you thinking of this remark…?

    “Maybe this goes away with heat and light. It seems like that’s the case.” – Trump, April 24, 2020

    Anything definitive there, numnumtz? No? Well why would it “maybe” go away and “seem” that is the case?

    Maybe because the pope in your Church of Science told him so…

    “ Anthony Fauci, M.D., the top U.S. infectious disease expert, has said there is precedent with other infections like influenza that when the virus gets warmer it goes down in its ability to spread,”. – WaPo,

    And golllleeee, Mr. Numbnutz, you can even see for yourself:

    Nazi Nort lies like Nazi Nort:” Or that military members are suckers and losers.”

    You have already been schooled and taken down on that lie on this board before. That you continue to repeat it is evidence of A) your putrid character, B) your Biden-esqe dementia, or C) both A and B.

    I vote C.

    And yes, Trump did say that the American revolutionaries took control of “their airports”. A quick slip of the brain-to-tounge connection when the teleprompter fizzled during a speech.

    But that’s quite a different “lie” than the Biden variety of, “I was a truck driver”, “”I was a professor “, “I got arrested in South Africa”, “I never discussed business with Hunter”, and “My wife was killed by a drunk”.

    And Trump never ate chin boogers or sneaked his used mask into some little kid’s hand.

  20. Jason

    >And yes, Trump did say that the American revolutionaries took control of “their airports”. A quick slip of the brain-to-tounge connection when the teleprompter fizzled during a speech.

    Don’t gloss over the fact, that slip from “Ports” to “Airports” came during a 1 hour long speech. Has anyone seen Joe in public longer than 15 minutes in the past 6 months? His team is hustling him “Exit Stage Left” faster than Leroy vomits some nonsense hate to a Kevin or Mar post.

  21. dad29

    I vote C.

    Keeps doing the same things, expecting someone with an IQ greater than that of a chipmunk will believe him.

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    Yosemites !

  23. Jason

    Well Dad, he is on record for honestly believing his dog is smarter than a former POTUS. It’s definitely C combined with the fact that’s he’s a completely average Liberal in every sense of being a Liberal. He surely has a shelf full of participation trophies.

  24. MjM

    Nazi Nort channels Babblin’ Joe: “Yosemites !”


    For your reading pleasure, examples of BJ’s imbecility…

    “We cannot let this, we’ve never allowed any crisis from the Civil War straight through to the pandemic of 17, all the way around, 16, we have never, never let our democracy sakes second fiddle, way they, we can both have a democracy and … correct the public health.”

    “So many of you who are in — absolutely determined, as Merfin and Ruthers are, to get this done.” [nobody knows who Merfin and Ruthers are – ed.]

    “I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate”

    “COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years, look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, it’s ju—, I mean, you think about it.”

    “You got the vaccination? Are you — are you OK? I mean, you seem — no, it works. Or, you know — or the mom and dad or the neighbor or when you go to church or when you’re — now, I really mean it. There are trusted interlocutors. Think of the people, if your kid wanted to find out whether or not there were — there’s a man on the moon or whatever, you know, something, or, you know, whether those aliens are here or not, you know, who are the people they talk to beyond the kids who love talking about it?”

    “Look, today — uh, um — today’s special guest, uh, to all of you is my honor to congratulate the 21 of you who for have earned the title of that our democracy in every is equal to being president is of the same consequence.”

    “You’re always straight up about what you’re doing, and the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you are … Why can’t the experts say, ‘We know that this virus is, in fact’ … Excuse me, we know why the drugs are approved or not,”

    And of course the infamous..

    “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure isolated punish China.”

    And Nort cheers.

  25. Tuerqas

    ”I’m not surprised that Biden doesn’t remember me . . . The question is what else has he forgotten?”.

    Nord, when all you have to defend your POTUS is saying ‘look at what the last one did’, you just don’t have that much do you? Denying that a man has some level of dementia by saying Trump said dumber things is pretty dumb. One would be tempted to ask “Where is the science in that?

  26. Le Roi du Nord


    I denied nothing, but I did point out that trump said lots of nonsensical things as well. If you are qualified to make a diagnosis of dementia let’s see the science in your diagnosis.

  27. Mar

    Well, Pervert Boy Le Roi, you say a lot of crazy things and leave out more crazier things.
    Like your support to the liberal judge who distributes child porn and watches babies being raped.
    I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to be sent to the fed prison in Oxford, so your conjugal visits may take a long time before you can visit.
    But don’t forget the baby when you visit

  28. Tuerqas

    More rancid semantics Le Roi. Exchange ‘denying’ with ‘defending’ and it has pretty much the same connotation. So to restate:

    Nord, when all you have to defend your POTUS is saying ‘look at what the last one did’, you just don’t have that much do you? That you are defending a man who clearly has some level of dementia by saying Trump said dumber things is pretty dumb. One would be tempted to ask “Where is the science in that?

    Does that make your position any better? It is still a straw man. You made a logically false comparison to ‘prove’ some point first by adding Trump as a comparison and then doubling down by presuming that the people you were talking to are Trump fans in the first place. Trump was a liar and not a good person in most senses of the word. To compare him with Biden to prove your point logically is to say Biden is a liar rather than senile. I am no expert on senility, but Biden is barely going out in public, and fumbling words and memories when he does so he sounds as ‘bad’ as Trump ever did all while still taking the salary. To make your comparison logically follow you are saying that Biden is not going senile, he just sounds bad when he talks because he is a lying selfish braggart like Trump. is that what you are trying to say? if not, stop the comparison and save it for when a Trump comparison is relevant.

  29. Le Roi du Nord


    Deny=Defend. Nonsense, you need a new dictionary.

    It certainly is a valid comparison; both Presidents in their 70’s, first term, both prone to gaffes, both accused of being senile by the opposition. Are either suffering from dementia? I’m not qualified to make that diagnosis, nor is anyone else here at B&S. Although mar will certainly claim his “decades in the medical field” make him eminently qualified. Are either “imbeciles “, I doubt it. But we are all free to defend, deny, and/opine as we see fit. Isn’t America a great place??

    Now go argue with mar about which sub is the best. I don’t care, as I don’t eat any of them., too many wasted calories.

  30. Tuerqas

    “It certainly is a valid comparison; both Presidents in their 70’s, first term, both prone to gaffes, both accused of being senile by the opposition.”

    You made the comparison because you wanted to DEFEND Biden you idiot. No one else made the comparison. That you are comparing them means you are equating them. So in your opinion Biden compares to Trump, one is just as bad (or good) as the other concerning gaffes, lying and other verbal skills. I will go with that, but i am surprised you will. Remember to praise and condemn Biden and Trump equally in the future because to date you have been very bad at it. Usually it sounds like you hate Trump and really like Biden.

  31. Tuerqas

    “Deny=Defend. Nonsense, you need a new dictionary.”
    Learn what context means and we’ll talk.

    If I said: ‘I deny that Joe Biden has any sort of mind disease.’ in response to someone else calling him senile, it can be said that I am defending Joe Biden. Do deny and defend mean the same the same thing? No, and I did not say they did. I said in the context used, the sentences meant the same thing. You made sure to point out that you never denied that Joe Biden had some sort of mental deterioration even as you continually (badly) defend him…interesting.

  32. Le Roi du Nord


    Calling me an idiot doesn’t make you any more correct, but it does show your lack of a rational argument. Call me all the names you want, ask mar for suggestions if you need some. And get a new dictionary when you have time, as you sure need it.

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