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2026, 31 Jul 21

Government and Media Stoke Animosity Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

If you are vaccinated, or not, and you are getting angry at those who made the other choice, you are being played by your government and the media. They are doing it for a reason.

But with Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations now surging again and officials across the US suddenly reimposing restrictions after a summer of semi normalcy, McCullough and many other vaccinated Americans are becoming increasingly angry at those who are refusing the shot.
“I did what I had to do,” McCullough told CNN. “Now, these people who are making this selfish decision are going to make me suffer the consequences.”
The average number of new cases daily is up more than 400% since last month. Hospitals are again filling with Covid-19 patients — many younger than ever before, and most unvaccinated. Mask mandates are back in parts of the country. And this week, the CDC updated guidance it issued in May and said fully vaccinated people should wear masks indoors in areas with “substantial” or “high” Covid-19 transmission to prevent further spread of the dangerous Delta variant. More than 80% of the US population lives in a county impacted by that guidance.
First, notice how they have all switched to using percentages instead of actual numbers. Why? Because percentages are scarier. If 2 people died yesterday and 4 died today, that’s a 100% increase. But looking at the actual numbers, we aren’t seeing anything close to what we saw at the peak of the pandemic. Here are Wisconsin’s numbers:
That doesn’t look as scary, does it? But our government overlords have fallen in love with their power fueled by the pandemic. If the pandemic isn’t scary anymore, then we don’t need them to take extraordinary measures like multi-trillion dollar spending sprees, do we?
But back to the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated… follow the logic. If you are vaccinated and the vaccines are effective, then why do you care if your neighbor chose to not get vaccinated? Because they might spread it to you? But you are vaccinated, right? And if you are vaccinated, you might (although it appears to be extraordinarily difficult) spread the virus to someone who is not vaccinated. So? Why is that your concern? They weighed the risks and made their own choice. If they get the virus and have a bad case or die, then it sucks for them. Stuff happens. We’re all going to die sometime.
The politicians and media are stoking division because it gives them power. Don’t fall for it. Love your neighbor whether they are vaccinated or not.

2026, 31 July 2021


  1. Jason

    > If you are vaccinated and the vaccines are effective, then why do you care if your neighbor chose to not get vaccinated?

    I’ve said the same.thing for years about the routine vaccinations that children get all over the country. There was a growing population that were anti-vaccers… people were getting upset… I said “if your kids ate vaccinated, wtf do you care?”

  2. Mar

    And from what I can see, there were not many people who chose not to get the vaccine were clamoring for those who got vaccinated to wear a mask.
    Just a manufactured crisis by the media and tyrannical li etals.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    “Because percentages are scarier”.

    Only to those ignorant or gullible. Or both.

  4. Mar

    “Only to those ignorant or gullible. Or both.”
    So, you are talking about liberals.
    Ok, got that.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again , mar. Were you paying attention, I was referring to the ignorant and gullible. And, it goes without saying,
    folks like you.

  6. Mar

    Oh, you mean the Blacks and Hispanics who are not taking the vaccine.
    I guess you are now showing your racist side.

  7. Mar

    KKK Le Roi strikes again

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I don’t. You brought up race and ethnicity, not me.

  9. Mar

    “was referring to the ignorant and gullible.”
    Except the fact is that Blacks and Hispanics have a lower vaccination rate, so you are calling them ignorant and gullible.
    Cannot spin it any other way.
    But when you just listen to NPR and CBS, you are the ignorant and gullible.

  10. Le Roi du Nord


    I made no mention of race or ethnicity in my comment. Once again you are making assumptions, uninformed and false ones, to defend your tenuous position. If you want to continue making false claims and playing the race card, that is your choice. I will choose truth over fiction.

  11. Mar

    So, KKK Le Roi, who were you referring to?
    Be specific.
    I have the facts on my side.
    You have your delusions and hate.

  12. Mar

    No matter how you twist and turn, you already lost the argument, KKK Le Roi.
    You have shown yourself to be a liberal racist.
    By chance, do you live in Tigerton?

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    “the ignorant and gullible “ is pretty specific, mar. As is “folks like you”.

    What about those words don’t you understand?

  14. Tuerqas

    Oh brother, the liberal calling the rest of us ignorant or gullible. Le Roi come up with just one or two arguments that are not right of the liberal news headlines before calling any non-liberal here gullible. Gullible is pretty much synonymous with the vast majority of liberals today and you prove yourself among the majority daily. You all say the exact same thing which happens to be exactly what is in the liberal media sources. If you are shown the lie on any subject that has been politicized, the universal response is ‘Lies!’ or ‘Debunked!’ (or silence, occasionally). No proof on most of those exclamations, but it’s good enough for you because you are GULLIBLE! Or has Miriam Webster (or facebook) re-defined gullible?

    “I made no mention of race or ethnicity in my comment.”

    You didn’t have to, the data shows that many minorities have lower vaccination rates despite higher reported vulnerabilities. You said the unvaccinated were the ignorant, gullible ones. On conservative blogs 2+2 still equals 4. And liberals are the ones crying that the COVID is back and soon to be worse than ever because; 400% increases. Your liberal masters used the phrase ‘400% increases’ because 10 cases increasing to 40 cases sounds pretty pedestrian compared to last year, but a 400% increase, yikes, right? Liberals are the ones buying it too, obviously you included even as you call us gullible.
    Apparently you don’t get the problem with percentages. A day over day increase for just 1 week at 400% would be astronomical gains. If you had just 1 new case on day one, a 400% daily increase would have 16,384 new cases per day after just 7 days. If it was a 400% per week you would have just 4 new cases over the week. If it was a 400% increase over a month, it would be a flat weekly count of just 1 new case a week. 400% increases with no context or the wrong context is misleading and obviously you are the one being misled since you believe that percentages without context give the same information as hard daily numbers. If new case/death numbers were high, the hard numbers would be used because large numbers of sick and dead have more weight. Since hard numbers are still low they use percentages to scare…you, the average liberal.

    Intelligent people (the medical scientists included) were using graphs like the one shown by Owen above where a 400% increase of one day over one other is in context. It is the Government forcing CDC guidelines to change, not the CDC urging Government to make changes.
    ‘Follow da science’ ain’t workin’ for you to good rite now is it, eh?

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    “percentages are scarier”

    My goodness t, do you agree with that? How low of a bar do you folks need to justify that kind of nonsense? A percentage is just a number with a % behind it, for Pete’s sake. No scarier than any other number.

    The irony here is the headline, “stoke animosity “. And ignorance as well.

  16. Mar

    And again, Lying KKK Le Roi is caught lying again.
    How many times is it now?
    100? 200?
    Even your dog is embarrassed of you.
    Which of course shows your dog is much smarter than you.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    What false claim are you making about me this time, mar? Come on, what nonsense are you claiming?

  18. Mar

    You’re such a racist troll Le Roi.
    I already pointed it out, moron.
    The real question is why are you such a racist? Why do you troll here?
    Now, go pour more concrete, you concrete puddler.

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, you never have, and still haven’t.

    What is wrong with honest labor? Something you probably never attempted.

  20. Mar

    Troll alert.
    I think the concrete is smarter than you.

  21. Mar

    And Troll Boy Le Roi, you still have not answered the very simple question of who you were referring to.
    Come on, KKK Boy Le Roi, just answer the question.

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    Liar mar, I answered your ridiculous question @ 1:56.

  23. Mar

    That wasn’t an answer, moron.
    Concrete is smarter than you.

  24. Le Roi du Nord

    It is an answer for rational people. Unfortunately you don’t qualify.

  25. Mar

    If that is an answer, then you areoromic than I thought.
    But it also shows your racism. It shows you think Blacks and Hispanics should have low expectations.
    But nice try, KKK Le Roi. Let us know when the next Klan meeting is.

  26. Le Roi du Nord


    Classic mar.

  27. Le Roi du Nord

    “areoromic”. Darn auto correct. My bad.

  28. Mar

    Everyday, you prove you be too stupid to be in Special Olympics, KKK Le Roi.

  29. Tuerqas

    Le Roi: “percentages are scarier”

    Well not your words out of context, no. Percentages are not scarier in and of themselves. I agree with what Owen was obviously saying IN CONTEXT and pointed out why. Percentages can also be used to make things look less scary. Perhaps the full and correct statement Owen should have used was ‘Percentages are now being used by the left stream media because they are scarier than the hard numbers currently being generated’. He did not have to explain it to the conservatives here, but I can certainly understand that he is posting to his audience, not to his trolls.
    Statistics are manipulated every second of every day to make, prove or dis-prove points. As always, you are eager to believe that any statistic that a conservative uses is an exaggeration, fabrication or out of context, but you don’t believe that liberal politicians do the exact same thing and feed them to an eager media which you then snap up like a baby bird from its mommy. Again I am saddened by just how limited your world view is.
    Wow, you honestly believe that using hard numbers for deaths and new covid cases last year to create fear and garner votes is just, what, no longer being used by the left stream media at random? They switched to percentages for convenience? Up from 100 cases to 400 cases over 1 month might be concerning, but not very scary after last year. Up 400% makes you liberals foam at the mouth. You are well and truly indoctrinated.

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