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1450, 29 Jul 21

China Reaches Out to Taliban in Afghanistan

Somehow, I don’t think the U.S. SOS is reading this right.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said China’s possible involvement in Afghanistan could be “a positive thing”.


He said this was if China was looking towards a “peaceful resolution of the conflict” and a “truly representative and inclusive” government.


His comments came after Taliban representatives visited China.


China said it saw the Taliban playing an important role in the peace process and rebuilding of Afghanistan.


“No one has an interest in a military takeover of the country by the Taliban, the restoration of an Islamic emirate,” said Mr Blinken, who was asked about the talks while on a visit to India.


He urged the Taliban to come to the “negotiating table… peacefully”.


1450, 29 July 2021


  1. Merlin

    The rubles dried up. Then the dollars dried up. If Afghanistan is willing to move on to the renminbi then they deserve the fate that awaits them. China will not allow Islamic nonsense to interfere with ‘business’ as China goes about draining Afghanistan of their rare earth mineral resources.

    The Taliban has yet to meet the real Great Satan. Their best hope would be an existence as a terrorism proxy for their new master. Worst case China shows them the love they have for the Uyghers. Turning Afghanistan into an Islamic emirate ain’t in the Chinese deck of cards.

  2. Mar

    Well, Truck Driver Joe really screwed the whole Afghanistan thing.
    I thought it might be 6 months before Bagram AFB fell, but it only took about 5 weeks from now the time the US left. And only about a week to take control of the country except Kabul.
    Is there anything that Senile Joe not screwed up in the 7 months he has been in office?

  3. steveegg

    Things are going just as Bid…er…Harris and Trump planned. As I type, the Taliban are inside Kabul demanding the unconditional surrender of the Afghan “government”.

    Don’t forget, it took the North Vietnamese 2 years after we pulled out of South Vietnam to get enough steam to roll through Saigon, while it took the Taliban less than a year after Trump and Pompeo declared peace in our time and weeks after we completed the Trump/Bid…er…Harris withdrawal of combat forces for the Taliban to fully take over.

  4. dad29

    20 years and $88 BILLION of training the Afghan ‘army.’ 2 months until complete fail.

    Total cost of that war estimated at $1 TRILLION 9ncluding opportunity costs.

    Umpty-millions stashed in Swiss bank accounts by Afghan corruptocrats, thankyouverymuch, sucker US taxpayer.

  5. steveegg

    Either we’ll be back there again inside of a decade or the Taliban and their surrogates will be in DC inside of that same decade all because of a(n ex-)Democrat and a pair of Democrats who notionally drove said (ex-)Democrat out of their party.

  6. Mar

    “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f- -k things up.”
    President Sparklefart on Truck Driver Joe.
    One thing President Sparklefart got right.

  7. dad29

    or the Taliban and their surrogates will be in DC

    Trying to decide whether that’s better than Congress being in D.C.

    Give me a month to think about it.

    By the way, nothing prevents you, Sykes, Billy Kristol, and Max Boot from buying AR’s and going over there yourselves. Take MilleyVanilley along!

  8. MjM

    “But the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. “ – Babblin’ Joe, White House presser, July 8.

    “Afghanistan could fall to Taliban in 90 days: Official” – ABC News, Aug 12, three days ago.

    “Afghanistan capitol could be isolated by Taliban within 72 hours” -MEHR News Agency, yesterday.

    “ Afghan President Ghani flees country as Taliban enters Kabul” – alJezeera, today.

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