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0757, 28 Jul 21

CDC Changes Recommendations Under Withering Political Pressure

How about “no?”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed course Tuesday on some masking guidelines, recommending that even vaccinated people return to wearing masks indoors in parts of the U.S. where the delta variant of the coronavirus is fueling infection surges.


Citing new information about the variant’s ability to spread among vaccinated people, the CDC also recommended indoor masks for all teachers, staff, students and visitors at schools nationwide, regardless of vaccination status.

The science is clear that the vaccines work and that people who have already had COVID are largely immune from getting it again. Vaccines are widely available. It is also clear that even if you get COVID, it is not life threatening for the vast, VAST, majority of people. At this point, everyone has had the opportunity to get vaccinated and whether someone chose to get vaccinated or chose to not get vaccinated, the consequences are on them. I made my choice. Other people made their choices. Now we get on with life.


0757, 28 July 2021


  1. Tuerqas

    Now we get on with life? There is no Government control in that! Dems well know how much power is in healthcare. That is why they want Government run healthcare.
    Everyone should think about that headline carefully. Last year Dems programmed their members to believe that politics was following the science of medicine. This year it is becoming crystal clear that politics is dictating the science of medicine. It is right in the freakin’ headlines, but maybe 3 Dems in America will see through it. They have been taught well not to think and given no instruction on HOW to think. I wonder if Doctors are okay with politicians telling them what medical science should believe, say and do, or if it is just the administrators.

  2. Mar

    “They have been taught well not to think and given no instruction on HOW to think.” 100% true.
    The other thing is that those of us who are not vaccinated were not yelling for mask mandates/recommendations and I don’t think those who were vaccinated wanted the mandates as well.
    Those of us who got the Chinese virus were not clamoring for the mandate.
    This is just about power for the liberal and RINO government.

  3. Mar

    So, Le Roi, are you going to begin wearing a mask, despite being vaccinated?

  4. MHMaley

    It’s satisfying to know that those who choose not to get vaccinated have the consequences only on them other than possibly spreading a more virulent form to others .

    It’s also satisfying to note that 99.5 % of the new deaths are coming from the unvaccinated .

  5. Mar

    “It’s satisfying to know that those who choose not to get vaccinated have the consequences only on them other than possibly spreading a more virulent form to others .”
    Tell that to the people who have died after being vaccinated, who have had nasty side effects from the vaccine, who have developed heart conditions and those that have gotten the Chinese virus after being vaccinated.
    And now tell that to the millions who got vaccinated and after being reassured by Senile Joe and the fake doctor Fauci that they don’t need to wear masks, now in lefty tyrannical cities, states and counties, they now have to.

  6. Mar

    And the new strain of the Chinese virus is not more virulent. Infectious but not virulent.

  7. dad29

    The science is clear that the vaccines work

    Not exactly. The vax’s efficacy declines over time, so that by 6 months or so you are liable to contracting the disease again.

  8. dad29

    Maley doesn’t keep up with the news, Mar….he still thinks that Made in Red China is really good.

    RE: the 99% jiggery-joggery number: in Britain, which locked down/masked for longer than the USA, and in which the vax has about 70+% coverage, only 2/3rds of CoVid deaths are un-vaccinated.

    More to the point, however:

    The risk of dying from COVID doubles roughly every seven years older a patient is. The 35-year difference between a 35-year-old and a 70-year-old means the risk of death between the two patients has doubled five times – equivalently it has increased by a factor of 32. An unvaccinated 70-year-old might be 32 times more likely to die of COVID than an unvaccinated 35-year-old. This dramatic variation of the risk profile with age means that even excellent vaccines don’t reduce the risk of death for older people to below the risk for some younger demographics.

    We all notice that Pee-sacki do not reveal ages, nor pre-existing conditions of all those dead people. There’s a reason for that.

  9. Mark Hoefert

    It’s also satisfying to note that 99.5 % of the new deaths are coming from the unvaccinated .

    Before you start cuffing your carrot with glee, consider that in Illinois, since January 1st, 159 vaccinated deaths have occurred, which represents 2.3% of the deaths in that time period. Not .5%

    159 Dead, 593 Hospitalized in Illinois Breakthrough COVID Cases

    According to data updated Wednesday by the Illinois Department of Public Health, 159 people in Illinois have died due to COVID-19 or complications after being fully vaccinated. That figure equates to 2.3% of COVID-19 deaths in the state since Jan. 1, officials said.

  10. Mar

    MHMaley is the perfect example of a person who just reads Facebook and the mainstream media.
    Completely brainwashed.

  11. MjM

    But science!

    “ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed course Tuesday on some masking guidelines,…”

    …. based partly on vaccines not even used here in the USofA, unreviewed reports, and unpublished data.

    “ Studies from India with vaccines not authorized for use in the United States have noted relatively high viral loads and larger cluster sizes associated with infections with Delta, regardless of vaccination status.(96) These early data suggest that breakthrough Delta infections are transmissible. Unpublished data are consistent with this, and additional data collection and studies are underway to understand the level and duration of transmissibility from Delta vaccine breakthrough infections in the United States and other settings.” – CDC, 7/27/21

    That (96) cites this non-peer reviewed report:

    Money quote: “Mathematical modelling indicates…..”

    Sound familiar, eh?

  12. Tuerqas

    MJM, it’s no longer ‘But science!’. It is now “Science, get your ass back in line with the Democratic Party!”

  13. dad29

    ….and at least one of those Indian studies was rejected during peer review.

  14. Mar

    But Truck Driver Joe will prattle on about the need for more people to get vaccinated, even though everyone who wants a vaccination can get one, for free.
    If the Democrats didn’t make this a political issue, then more people would get a vaccination.
    If Truck Driver Joe is serious about people getting vaccinated, he should graciously invite President Trump to the White House and they give a speech together. Unite the country.
    But Truck Driver Joe and his minders would never allow that.

  15. MjM

    @Daddio Yeah. Same report. After posting and further reading found out it was rejected, then changed AFTER the beans had been spilt. And the changes kept happening….

    “Archives of the study’s page on Research Square, a preprint server for unpublished research, show that it was marked “reject” on July 9 and remained so at least through the evening of July 26, Eastern Daylight Time.
    The “reject” status and review notes were removed by mid-morning and replaced with “posted,” suggesting Nature had approved the paper without revisions, which drew controversy on Twitter. The notes were quickly restored and status changed to “revise,” bearing the same date — July 9 — as the original “reject” status.
    Research Square addressed the confusion twice around noon Wednesday, blaming “a bug” and “a user interface error on our end.” It said the paper was still under review “and the current editorial decision is ‘Revise.'”

    The review notes disappeared again from the “peer review timeline” later in the afternoon, leaving only a “current status” classification of the paper as “under review.” ” – JustTheNews

  16. dad29

    Looks like the processes in Joe Biden’s* brain-box.

  17. Jason

    >Looks like the processes in Joe Biden’s* brain-box

    When Joe is handed a note that is trying to tell him that he has something on his chin…

  18. Mar

    The White House: World’s largest nursing home.
    I think the staff is trying to sabotage Truck Driver Joe.
    Who lets the President of the United States on stage with food on his chin and then sends a note onstage to tell him?

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