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1707, 09 Jul 21

Evers Signs Budget

Don’t you love that Evers is taking a victory lap for a tax cut that he didn’t propose and actively opposed? Credit to Scott Bauer for reporting this story pretty straight.

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press

WHITEFISH BAY, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Tony Evers signed the Republican-written state budget Thursday, enacting a two-year spending plan that includes a $2 billion income tax cut while making 50 largely minor partial vetoes, saying unfinished business still needs to be addressed.




Both Evers, who signed the budget, and the Republicans who wrote and passed it took credit for the tax cut made possible by a revenue surplus.

Evers, a Democrat who is running for reelection next year, cast it as a bipartisan effort even though the tax cut was added to the budget by Republican lawmakers. Only seven Democrats out of 49 voted for the budget. Evers’ original budget would have raised taxes, primarily on manufacturers and the wealthy, by more than $1 billion.


“I could have vetoed that,” Evers said of the GOP tax cut proposal. “I made a promise to the taxpayers, to the state, we would reduce middle class taxes by 10% and we did 15%. It is a bipartisan effort.”

Republicans reacted angrily to Evers taking credit for the tax cut, with the GOP co-chairs of the budget committee calling it “laughable.”


1707, 09 July 2021


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    This is a great example of bi-partisanship. A Republican legislature passed the budget bill, and a Democrat governor signed it. Would you have been happier if he had vetoed the tax cuts?

  2. Jason

    False Dichotomy is your bread and butter, little roi.

  3. Mar

    Losers, yes, but definitely cowards. Texas cowards.
    They are writing the book on how to turn a State more red.
    Coward and loser. I think that perfectly describes most liberals. Take Le Roi for an example.

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