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1911, 05 Jul 21

Kids Living with Both Parents Tops 70%

Here is a very positive societal trend.

The portion of U.S. children who live with both parents exceeded 70% in 2020, reversing a nearly 30-year-long trend, data shows.


70.4% of children under 18 live in two-parent households, and 63% of minors reside with both birth parents, according to the Current Population Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, Institute for Family Studies (ISF) reported.


“[T]he proportion of children under 18 living with two parents declined from 88% in 1960 to just over two-thirds in 2005” while “the proportion living with divorced, separated or never-married single parents tripled from 9% to 28%” over the same period, according to ISF.


A reversal in this downward trend started in 2006, improving from 67.3% to 70.4% by 2020, the data indicates. In 2020, the number of children living with a single parent reportedly fell to 25.5%, marking a 25-year-low.


1911, 05 July 2021


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