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1519, 03 Jul 21

Outrage Over Making Military Women March in High Heels

Meanwhile, in Ukraine...

Plans by Ukraine’s defence ministry to have female soldiers march in high heels instead of army boots in a parade next month have caused angry reactions.

Iryna Gerashchenko, an opposition member of parliament, said it was sexism, not equality.


Ukraine is preparing to stage a military parade on 24 August to mark 30 years of independence following the collapse of the Soviet Union.


The defence ministry say the shoes are part of regulation-dress uniform.


Many in Ukraine expressed shock at the plan, with a group of lawmakers calling on Defence Minister Andriy Taran to offer an apology.


“The story of a parade in heels is a real disgrace,” commentator Vitaly Portnikov said on Facebook, arguing that some officials had a “medieval” mindset.

Ms Gerashchenko said she initially thought the pictures of women soldiers rehearsing in combat trousers and black pumps with block heels was a hoax. She said it was sexism, not equality, and wondered why the ministry thought heels were more important than designing body armour tailored to women.


1519, 03 July 2021


  1. Mar

    Oh, oh, is Owen suddenly became woke?
    If the women are going to be wearing their Class A uniforms, combat boots would clash with the Class A, but high heels won’t, except they are stilettos, which may be over the top.
    And practicing in the high heels in fatigues looks funny but I guess these women warriors, said as a compliment, usually don’t wear high heels, so they have to get used to them.
    Now, if they are going march in fatigues and high heels, well, that is kinky.
    And if the men wear their Class A’s, they will be wearing their Class A shoes, though I kind of doubt it would be in high heels.

  2. MjM

    Those certainly aren’t stilettos. “Heels”, yes, but not “high heels”. Those are pumps.

    Don’t ask how I know that.

    Here’s a slightly longer version:

    Neither articles makes mention of what uniforms the ladies will actually be parading in, but as Mar suggests it will most likely be their dress unis. Funny how the “journalist” didn’t even bother to ask and, like the female pols, just assumed the gals were being “humiliated”.

    Pumps are included in the definition of acceptable female dress shoes in every branch of the US military (tho given the slide into insanity they will no doubt soon be approved for fake and semi females, too). As the Ukrainian Defense Ministry stated, they are part of their dress unis, too.

    And yes, men have been forced to march in womens’ heels:

    While the term didn’t exist, the military’s march to wokeism began long before.

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