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0829, 02 Jul 21

US Exits Bagram

End of an era. I know a number of people who spent time on that base.

The last US and Nato forces have left Afghanistan’s Bagram airbase, the centre of the war against militants for some 20 years.

The pull-out could signal that the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan is imminent.


President Joe Biden has said US forces will be gone by 11 September.

But the withdrawal from the sprawling base, north of Kabul, comes as the main jihadist group, the Taliban, advances in many parts of Afghanistan.


0829, 02 July 2021


  1. Mar

    Over under before the Taliban take it over: 6 months.

  2. dad29


  3. steveegg

    I’ll take the under. The Left have been rooting for this since September 12, 2001.

  4. dad29

    Three C-in-C’s made it impossible to win that war. That makes Americans unhappy.

    Raytheon, however, is happy, as are many other Big War supporters. So is Halliburton.

  5. steveegg

    What’s the over/under on the next Taliban/Al Qaeda attack on US soil? I’ll take under 18 months.

  6. dad29

    Too bad Trump won’t be back in office by then. He doesn’t like fiddle-twit wars. He plays to win.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    Hmmm, wasn’t trump always bragging about not going to war? And didn’t he lose the House, Senate, and Presidency? That doesn’t sound like a winner.

  8. Mar

    Well, President Trump certainly doesn’t lie like you, Pervert Boy, has billions more in his bank account than you, more cognitively aware than you and certainly smarter than you, Lying Boy Le Roi.

  9. steveegg

    Too bad Trump won’t be back in office by then. He doesn’t like fiddle-twit wars. He plays to win.

    Which is why your god-king cut and ran from Afghanistan.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    What did I lie about here, mar? Everything I said is easily fact checked. But that would be too much effort for a low energy guy like you.

  11. Mar

    Oh, reading comprehension is such a major defect in you,ying Boy Le Roi.
    I didn’t say you lied there, I said that when it comes to lying, you put President Trump to shame.
    Compared to you, Trump is an Eagle Scout.

  12. dad29

    No, Steve–he decided to pull out because GWBush put the US into a war and mis-managed it horribly, just as he mis-managed Iraq.

    Not all that different from LBJ’s crusade for U.S. industrial hegemony in Viet Nam, by the way. Did GWBush study “Losing a War” under LBJ?

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