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2055, 17 Jun 21

Portland’s Riot Squad Resigns in Protest


Portland‘s 50-person riot squad resigned in protest Wednesday in solidarity with one of their colleagues indicted for striking a photographer they claim was a rioter.


The resignations were effective immediately, according to the Portland Police Bureau, and come after the indictment on Tuesday of Officer Corey Budworth, for assault during and incident in which he allegedly struck photographer Teri Jacobs in the head during a riot last August.


‘Unfortunately, this decorated public servant has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system,’ the Portland Police Association said in a statement Tuesday.

Here’s my favorite part:

Jacobs says she was attacked despite carrying a press card. She was not charged with any crime, and received a $50,000 settlement from the City of Portland as a result of the baton strike. Cops have continued to insist she was part of a riot which set the a government building alight with a petrol bomb.

Notice that there’s no mention of what news organization she is allegedly a part of – nor did her behavior that night indicate she was conducting journalism. She is an identified activist who was participating in the riot and she got $50k in taxpayer money for her troubles. Yet she seems to think that she should be allowed to riot at will because she was “carrying a press card” – whatever that means. She’s just another entitled urban malcontent who is happy to use the system to cash in as she rails against it.


2055, 17 June 2021


  1. Mar

    Portland is worse than a 3rd world city. Like most liberal run cities. Including Milwaukee. Kind of like South Africa after apartheid was removed and Mandela took over. Just missing the necklaceing, but when you have guns, who needs that.

  2. Merlin

    Ms Jacobs has a budding career as a professional victim. Probably pays better than journalism.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful anti-police liberals.

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