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2051, 15 Jun 21

Alarming Increase in Suicide Attempts by Teenage Girls

We have done so much harm to our children with our response to the pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported an alarming increase in the number of suicide attempts by adolescent girls during the pandemic.


Between February and March 2021, the number of emergency department visits for presumed suicide attempts was 50.6% higher among girls aged 12-17 compared to the same period in 2019.




The data is another piece of the picture showing how much youth have been affected by the pandemic, mentally and emotionally. It also likely underrepresented the true prevalence of suicide attempts among young people, according to researchers. That’s because many people avoided medical settings during the pandemic and children with less severe injuries may have been less likely to seek emergency care.


While troubling, the increase in attempted suicides follows a pattern of adolescent girls attempting suicide almost twice as often as males. At the worst point in the winter of 2021, females were attempting suicide at over four times the rate of young males.


2051, 15 June 2021


  1. Mar

    Suicided by the fake doctor Fauci and liberal governors, mayors and county executives.

  2. Mar

    And suicided by the likes of Le Roi. The extremist followers of the fake doctor Fauci. I wonder how many the fake doctor Fauci really killed. Since he was more interested in TV time than science, world wide, he may have killed hundreds of thousands of people just by his proclamations on TV when he thought he was a TV star and writing a book at the same time.
    He is worse than mass killer Cuomo, who killed thousands in nursing homes by his orders.

  3. MjM

    Mar wonders: “ I wonder how many the fake doctor Fauci really killed”

    Fraudci ‘s hand is in every CCPVirus-related death. All 3.9 million.

    Every. Single. One.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    That is some serious excuse making there, kids. Blaming Dr. Fauci, or me , for suicides is far above the limits of exaggeration and well into the realm of “intentional lies”.

    But blaming others is the MO of the modern “conservative”.

  5. jonnyv

    I love when blame is placed… yet the article states, “Even before COVID-19 hit, suicide attempts and self-harm behavior among middle and high school-aged girls had been rising. “It’s not something that began with the pandemic but it may be something that’s been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Dr. Richard McKeon, the branch chief for suicide prevention at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).”

    But SURE… without any sort of data or information… lets totally blame the pandemic situation. Is there a correlation between states that locked down and states that didn’t? Maybe data on if their parents were Trump supporters vs not? I mean, come on. Owen, you can come up with better BS than this. At this point, you are just blaming everything on the pandemic.

  6. Mar

    Reading comprehension problems Dumb Ass Le Roi?
    I didn’t specifically blame you.
    I said people like you.
    Dumb Ass.

  7. Tuerqas

    I predicted a significant continuing rise in girl suicides around 10 years ago on the grounds that texting just wouldn’t cut it. In my day it was ‘always on the phone’ when they weren’t in groups everywhere else.
    I thought and still think that teenaged women need human interaction/contact more than any other age group and the fall of the phone and rise of texting did not fit their needs. And COVID certainly exacerbated that.

  8. Jason

    I thought I read some where that there has been a major increase in “gender-morphism” in teenage girls in the past couple years… could there be some correlation thanks to Liberalism Tolerance on gender wishing?

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    If you didn’t specifically mean me, why did you specifically mention my name ?

    “And suicided by the likes of Le Roi”

    Or can’t you even recall what you wrote previously?

  10. Mar

    Yawn, Le the Pervert Boy delivers more of nothing.
    Stevens Point wants their diploma back, if you even went there.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    Still asleep at the wheel, eh mar?

  12. Mar

    Still keeping up the pace of posting nothing relevant till the next red moon, Troll Boy?

  13. Pat

    Highest suicidal rates are in red states.

    And a study showed states with the highest rates of gun ownership and political conservatism show residents are at a higher risk of suicide.

    Maybe just a coincidence and means nothing.
    But yah, pandemic.

  14. Mar

    Which study?

  15. jonnyv

    Here is a website showing suicides by state:

    And it honestly makes sense that states with high gun rates have a higher suicide rate. Seeing as how guns are probably the easiest, quickest, and most “fatal” way to end one’s life. Most other ways have a higher risk of failure. I don’t think that people who live in states where gun ownership are more suicidal than other states DUE TO the gun ownership.

    But, my guess is that states where gun ownership is higher tend to be more conservative (red) states, and rural areas have a higher suicide rate than metro areas. Possibly due to the fact that metro areas have better access to mental health care, and are possibly more accepting of alternative life styles and social choices for teenagers?

  16. Pat

    If there is a positive side about the suicide rate, it actually decreased 5.6% during the pandemic, contrary to what some politicians had predicted.

  17. Jason

    >If there is a positive side about the suicide rate, it actually decreased 5.6% during the pandemic, contrary to what some politicians had predicted.

    Guess what other prediction (or even stats) didn’t match politicians dire warnings during the pandemic. It’s a big one that doesn’t even match what the MSM still blasts on a daily basis. The overall death count for 2020 was up, but still way below predictions, and the increase is far smaller than the number of “covid deaths” reported. Odd how that is, right?

  18. Mar

    Well, the article above said attempts by girls was up, so it probably wasn’t a gun thing or girls are really bad shots.
    My guess is that it was mostly by pills.
    Of course, just just saying you’re going to kill yourself counts as a suicide attempt and they will put you in a psych hospital just for saying that.

  19. Jason

    >If there is a positive side about the suicide rate, it actually decreased 5.6% during the pandemic,

    Well, if there’s any truth to your previous statement about higher rates in certain states and homes… then statistically suicide rates dropped more in those same places. Looks like Blue States and non-gun-owner homes need to try harder.

  20. Mar

    Overdoses and overdose deaths have had a huge increase during the pandemic. Some of those may have been suicide.

  21. Mar

    As Le Roi said in the past, it’s their damn fault for being weak.

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    True that, mar. Sounds like you are one of the weak ones.

  23. Mar

    And another lie by Troll Boy Le Roi.
    Can’t go a day without lying, can you?

  24. Mar

    One reason the attempts were so high is because of the dumbass school shut, especially in February and March 2021.
    The schools should have been open.
    The girls could not talk to someone in person, could not talk to a teacher or counselor, they couldn’t talk with most of their friends.
    You can blame tyrannical school boards, teacher unions, school administrators, school boards, and the fake doctor Fauci.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    Excuses, nothing but excuses.

    What was the lie?

  26. Mar

    And another irrelevant post by Troll Boy Le Roi.
    I guess you can’t defend the position you took earlier during the pandemic.
    And you can’t defend the fake doctor anymore.
    But you support a liberal pervert judge who enjoys watching babies being raped.
    Very strange.
    And calling me a weak one. Like I am teenage girl who threatened suicide is your lie of the day.

  27. Le Roi du Nord

    What can’t I defer, mar?

    And Dr. Fauci is a real Doctor, unlike you.

    Show me anything where I said I supported the judge? You made that all up.

    That is an opinion mar, based on your continued comments making excuses for drug usage and suicides.

  28. Mar

    ” Show me anything where I said I supported the judge? You made that all up.”
    Oh, Pervert Boy, you said that the judge deserves to have a trial, be convicted and sentenced before you would condemn him.
    You also said that was false that he is seeking a plea deal. How would you know this because that is what his lawyer said in the WTMJ article I posted.
    Do you have visitation with the pervert judge? How can you refute what his lawyer said?
    You refuse to say anything bad about the pervert judge who watches babies being raped.
    You support this pervert judge, Pervert Boy.
    Do you also have conjugal visits with the pervert judge?

  29. Mar

    Violence is silence, Pervert Boy.

  30. Le Roi du Nord

    That does mean I support him, it means I support the American form of justice, you know, innocent until proven guilty”.

    I don’t know, nor care, if he was seeking, or received, a plea deal. I’ll let the DA and presiding judge deal with that.

    You whole premise, “silence is violence “ is utter BS. And so are all your bogus assumptions about my “support” for the judge. What amazing childish behavior on your part.

  31. Mar

    Keep loving him, Pervert Boy.
    You don’t give the same consideration to conservatives.
    But nice try.

  32. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry , mar. That should read “That does not mean I support..,”

    See , I apologized for an error.

  33. Mar

    Never gave it a second thought because I know you support him.
    And you don’t give the same consideration to conservatives, say like, well, President Trump.

  34. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I don’t. Your knowledge, what you do possess, is extremely limited.

    A mistake, when repeated, displays ignorance. You have that covered.

  35. Mar

    Oh, Pervert Boy, are you getting upset because the truth about has come out?
    Oh, poor baby. Oh, wait, was that the baby that was raped by your buddy the judge?
    Be a man and come and condemn the judge then I’ll shut up.
    Otherwise, Pervert Boy, well, birds of a feather.

  36. Mar

    Oh, Pervert Boy, you will at a drop of a hat condemn conservatives and lie about what people say, like myself.
    But you stick up for losers. Like Senile Joe Biden, the fake doctors Fauci and Jill Biden etc…
    So, supporting a pervert judge is no surprise. You support people who are senile, lies, commits elder abuse etc.
    As Paul said once, you are just a punching bag here. Round, soft and gets the crap beaten out of on a daily basis.

  37. Mar

    “And Dr. Fauci is a real Doctor, unlike you.”
    If a relative of yours was in cardiac arrest, who would you rather have running the code, Fauci or a doctor who practices with real patients?
    And I never said I was a doctor, so another lie.

  38. Le Roi du Nord

    Wow, you need three posts in a row to make the same bogus claims. You get the participation trophy!

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