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0843, 14 Jun 21

Deadly Weekend in Milwaukee

Summer in the city.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Eighteen people were shot, including six fatalities in 14 confirmed shootings throughout Milwaukee this weekend.


The following shootings span from 10:00 p.m. Friday, June 11 through 4:05 p.m. Sunday, June 13. UPDATE: One of the shootings was later determined by police to be self-inflicted and is no longer reflected in these numbers.


0843, 14 June 2021


  1. Mar

    Liberals cry about systemic racism, I actually believe there is, liberal systemic racism.
    It starts in the inner city schools. They generally get the worst and/or newest teachers through union rules. Then you deal with teaching everything but the basics there, unless you get the strongest willed principal.
    So, many kids drop out of school and many enter the life of crime, where liberals condemn and defund the police, release criminals to the streets, mostly back into the inner cities, where they repeat crime after crime, until it escalates to extreme violence like murder and mass shootings.
    So, yes, there systemic racism brought about by liberals.

  2. Mar

    Oh, we shouldn’t forget the poverty pimps either, both Black and White.

  3. Mar

    Oh crap I forgot 1 more liberal systemic racist torture weapon: according to liberals, especially white liberals, Blacks and other minorities have to think and vote a certain way and if not, the liberals will use racist language against a conservative Black person, mock them, cut down their intelligence etc.
    Yes, white liberal systemic racism is alive and well.

  4. Tuerqas

    Oh I had a much longer list once upon a time. Don’t forget my personal favorite and likely top vote getting racism, handouts over opportunities. Teach the minorities that it is their ‘right’ to receive things for free, and most will approve and come back again and again. Of course nothing that gets people out of poverty, a poor vote is a liberal vote after all.
    And we can all wonder how the long term liberal city majorities can successfully blame the long untouched generational inner city problems on Republicans with no power time after time after time. But they do and liberals of all colors continue to believe it.

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