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1839, 04 Jun 21

Minneapolisians (is that a word?) Suffer After Defunding Police

What a shame.

Welcome to Minneapolis, a city well on the way to eclipsing the violence that once saw it called Murderapolis.


One year after the death of George Floyd saw this city become ground zero for the defund the police movement, its people are paying for it with their blood.


Last night the city erupted in violence and flames once more as news that police had shot dead a black man wanted on a warrant was met with yet more looting and riots.




There have been 36 homicides so far this year, more than double the number at this point last year and more than four times that seen in 2019.


Car-jackings are up a staggering 222 per cent. Shootings have risen 153 per cent. Eighty per cent of the victims are black.


At time of writing, 211 people had suffered gunshots wounds so far this year. This time last year that figure was 81.


Gun theft from vehicles is up more than 100 per cent while the police department has seized 100 fewer guns this year than they had at the same point in 2020.


And while crime soars Minneapolis Police Department has lost one third of its force.


Disenfranchised and de-humanized, more than 200 police officers have either permanently left the already stretched department or signed off on disability.


1839, 04 June 2021


  1. Mar

    Minneapolis is a 3rd world city run by liberals.
    It used to be a nice city once but liberalism killed it.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    These poor Slaves to godless liberal policies…

    Awful. JUST AWFUL.

  3. Mar

    No, Kevin, they citizens voted these thugs in. They get what the voted in .
    Now, if the citizens of Minneapolis want to continue the lawlessness, that’s on them.
    If they continue to support defunding the cops and other stupid policies, that’s on the voters.
    If the thugs destroy Minneapolis, that’s on the voters.

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