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2035, 03 Jun 21


Two points. First, the glib over-made point that we can seem to name every variant after the location in which it originated but we are told that it is racist to identify the original virus by it’s origin.

Second, after the last year, the entire public health establishment and media has blown their credibility. This variant could be the next Black Death and 70% of America won’t believe it until the bodies are clogging the rivers. That is the price America will pay for the duplicitousness of quacks like Fauci.

A coronavirus variant that first cropped up in the nation of Nepal has been detected in the U.S, a health expert claims.


Known as Delta+K417N, the variant is said to combine mutations from the Indian and South African variants.


This means that, like the Indian variant, it is more transmissible and, like the South African variant, it is more evasive of COVID-19 vaccines.


2035, 03 June 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    The Chinese variant is still the worst, because it came from China.

    Yes, I said it libs.

  2. Mar

    Time for the liberals to start their lockdowns and mask mandates again and weak will meekly follow them, like say, Le Roi.

  3. Jason

    The lies and bullshit excuses that have been fabricated by “scientists” and governments on the origins of Covid make a smart person question EVERYTHING coming from EVERY LEADER. The fact that a small group of private citizens grouped together to find links and lies from a large number of scientists and government officials is disgusting. Look up DRASTIC on a search engine that won’t block the truth (Google). One of the members was permanently banned from Reddit… for sharing facts and data…

    There will be no trust until the big IT corps, the scientific community, and public leaders start being open, transparent, and honest.

  4. Merlin

    There’s no money to be made in being open, transparent, and honest. Sleaze pays much, much better. The devil is in the driver’s seat, y’all.

  5. Mark Hoefert

    Something I posted the other day in response to the Resident Covidiot Fauci Cultist Democrat Pedophile Advocate.

    Mark Hoefert on June 2, 2021 at 1:10 pm
    Roid has me confused with the other Mark on this blog – the one who sounds like he is blogging drunk.

    It is my considered opinion that within a few days, week at the most, Roid will be handed his ass on a platter by the likes of Mar.

    Fauci’s “retirement” is imminent. Receipts are being compiled. His ticket is being punched.

    Here is a typical Roid/Mar exchange from the archives.
    Le Roi du Nord on January 5, 2021 at 4:47 pm
    Odd that anyone would make the ridiculous claim “Fauchi is chief Liar…”

    WH Press Secretary: “I think we’ve spoken to this pretty extensively from here,”…..”Let me just say on Dr Fauci and his emails, he’s also spoken to this many times over the course of the last few days and we’ll let him speak for himself, and he’s been an undeniable asset in our country’s pandemic response.”

    Sounds like “brace for impact” is the underlying message here.

  6. Merlin

    Fauci is certainly going to be the sacrificial lamb here and deservedly so, but what I want to see is Mike Pence and Dr. Birx grilled under hot lights. Fauci didn’t operate in a vacuum. Let the truth start with those two.

    Pence was ostensibly in charge of the Covid response and should bear significant responsibility for Fauci’s bullshit. There’s no way in hell Pence didn’t know exactly what Trump knew. The difference is Pence’s reflexive response was to protect the swamp first and foremost. A response he exhibited more than once.

  7. Tuerqas

    “Several generations need to die off before credibility is returns.

    ICOVID-19 Has Forever Destroyed Americans’ Trust in Ruling Class ‘Experts’ | Opinion”

    Personally I disagree. As long as public schools are able to freely program kids on liberal doctrine, Dems/libs will continue to trust any expert that Dems support as long as they support them. How many comments have the liberals on this blog ever condemned Fauci in any way? I remember Le Roi saying he did not believe that Fauci lied at all multiple times, even after Fauci started admitting his falsehoods (Mark re-posted one of them above). Bald faced lies from liberal supported ‘experts’ still have a fine head of hair in liberal eyes. They have been professionally blinded, like what a cult does to its followers. Public schools, the cult of liberalism.

  8. Mar

    Le Roi is a cult follower. The Cult of Fauci.

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